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I sense an Angry Elf in the presence of this thread.
yes...very angry.

SamsungMobileCA messaged me early april saying the Yakjuux rollout would happen mid april. I am still waiting.

I have far too much stuff saved on my phone to up and flash the Yakju build. I wish I had known this before I started customizing my phone, and saving all my app data and such.

Frustrating ya know? Not that there is anything wrong with 4.0.1...but there is so much more to 4.0.4 that we all (nexus owners) deserve
I think there would be far less frustration among Gnex users if Google would provide proper changelogs for ICS. Do these updates have mostly device-specific bugfixes, or is it something else that's worth getting worked up over?
+Damon Devitt Yes I know. As I mentioned I do not want to lose all my data (application data within apps) and all my settings.

It's not a matter of just backing up my apps which the gnex does automatically. But all the settings within the apps.
root the phone? Aka lose all my data? Ughh you're missing my point
Odd, I have Yakju - but not the build number it's showing. So no update here... :o/
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