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Scott Acker (SaintAndSinner)
Catholic Convert, Gamer, and all around Geek/Nerd
Catholic Convert, Gamer, and all around Geek/Nerd

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I am making myself available. to anyone who has questions about Christianity in general and Catholicism in particular.  I'm a former atheist and now happy Catholic so I promise I will be easy to talk to and won't push.  I would hate for anyone to be curious about something though and not know they could ask me.  

The truth is out there.  So, what do you want to know?

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This is great. Will be pointing people to this in the future.

"Scientism" is the position that Science can solve all problems, or that all problems are empirical. Philosophically, it is mostly associated with the strongest statements made by the logical positivism movement, which mostly died out in the mid 20th century. Culturally, however, it is stronger than ever, and is closely tied to movements like the so-called "New Atheists".

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Atlanta Eucharistic Congress. I am in you!

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These look fun.
The shop is back up! And the new Ministry of Flagrant Papistry pins are on sale now too. Just $6! Go buy some for yourself and your friends and everybody. Better yet, share this post public and leave a comment, and I'll pick one of you lucky folks to get one for free!

Notice: I'm going to limit the prize winner selection to somebody with a mailing address in the US, Canada, UK, or Australia. If I find out you're a cheaty McCheaterPants and made multiple accounts etc. you get no prize. Also, all the usual G+ rules for promotions apply, as listed here:

Please, if you see this reshared, visit the original post to make your reshare for an entry and to see the official rules. That way I can find you. Thankee! :D

Someone I know just posted the following.

I'm offering free #webhosting #server space (unlimited subdomains and email addresses) to select #Linux and #OpenSource related companies/individuals that regularly #blog or post current Linux material. All I ask is credit in the footer of the site hosted, and an occasional twitter shoutout. PM for info.

Is this of interest to anyone?

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This needs to happen. Peer review journals have been going downhill for a while now. 

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Brave was recently recommended to me as a fast and safe browser. Anyone have any experience with it? 

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An absolutely tip top group. If going to GenCon, please consider volunteering. 
If you're planning (or hoping) to come to Gen Con this year, I encourage you to join us as part of the Games on Demand team! Just a few fun sessions with us can earn you a free badge for the show and give you a great home base during the show.

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A wonderful article that goes into why I like the character and hope that he will get better stories on screen in the future. Its not about hurting him physically. That is nearly off the table except to add tension to a situation. You hurt him emotionally. You hurt the ones he loves and he suffers with them.

"These aren’t simple issues, and they can’t be easily resolved despite Superman’s ultimate morality. Superman always strives to do ‘the right thing’, but the questions he faces in each story ought to be tough enough to match his intellect and his drive for goodness. With the right conflict, a Superman story is more than a superhero story, and Superman’s true value shines through."
Some thoughts on the man of steel from our friends at The Portalist.

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A hack/game I've been noodling about for a while. This uses modified elements from Blades, Fate, and (probably) others. Let me know what you think.

I plan to use this with my personal settings (The Void Sea, Gothelrealm University, On the Rim of the Dark, Ancient Secrets / Eternal Lies, Hearts and Roses, Blood Arcana, DAGON, etc)

Although some of this may be superficially recognizable, please note that nearly everything is tweaked in one way or another. If you play around with it, please let me know how it goes. I'm glad to answer question if anything is unclear.

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