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Scot Ranney
Web consultant, Miva developer, jazz pianist.
Web consultant, Miva developer, jazz pianist.

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Had a little fun today :)

I woke up this morning and my phone had lost power. After charging I turned it on and my phone screen was blank. Is there any way to get my setup back? And why would this happen? It's not the first time.

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I've been flying my drone around over grassy fields without any problems (apart from the ridiculously poor aerodynamics when the camera and rotor guards are attached) and have a pretty good feel for it.

Yesterday I took it out for the first time over rocky ground out in the mountains in order to get some nice mountain/cliff shots and all of a sudden while it was hovering it started to drop, got caught in prop wash, flipped over, and landed on it's back in rocks and broke one of the prop axles in the process.

I have to say, this kind of behavior in the drone sucks. My switches were all in the right place, I had invert off, slow control selected, and the drone simply decided to fly like a wounded bird. There was almost a gentle breeze, conditions were perfect.

Now I have to wait three bloody weeks for a new part.

I'm beginning to regret purchasing this drone. I've now spent $24 on new motor arms, $16 on extra props, and $3 or whatever on a bag of cables worth about $.01 a piece.

The worst part of this recent episode? I got about 30 seconds of flying time in and a few seconds of video and now I'm going to be in some super cool places with a broken drone and no vids to show for it.

Can someone recommend a real drone? One that flies right? One that takes vids every time you press the button? One that lets you know when the batteries are dying? One that comes back when it gets out of range? One that doesn't have a mind of it's own and does what it's supposed to?

What I've come to realize is that I've paid for someone's drone experiment, and now I'm paying for it with a totally unreliable drone. What a waste of money.

I've had my drone for a month and a half. It's the first thing I've ever flown with a remote control and now I'm ruined- all I want to do is fly things. Here are some observations from my first day as a total newbie flyer to today where I can do pretty much what I want within it's limitations.

Prop Wash/Vortex Ring State

I find that it's not possible to fly it properly with the propeller guards on because of prop guard prop wash issues that cause it to drop out of the sky when it really shouldn't. This limits where I can fly it; I am not confident in flying over any surface where I can lose the drone, such as water, rocks, a cliff, whatever, which is too bad because those are just the places I'd like to take vids of. If I remove the guards it flies like a hot rod (without camera), but it's way, way, way too easy to damage the props and/or break a motor arm (had to wait three weeks for a replacement.)


I also have had multiple problems with the batteries running out of juice during times I can't see the blinking lights. I find that the batteries last around three to seven minutes depending on flying style, and since there's no real way to know when the battery is going to die unless the drone is very close or it's dark out, it would be cool if the remote control had a blinking light or warning sound for a low battery.

Camera Cable

The cable to attach the camera broke almost immediately at the connector so I am limited to cell phone vid framerate which is... less than desirable, blurry, and about as non-hd as you can get. I'm waiting for some sort of replacement connectors that I ordered a couple weeks ago, but they haven't arrived so not sure about that.

Camera Weight

I find that with the prop guard on and the camera on that the drone flies like a boat in the water. Nothing is crisp and weaving through obstacles, FPV or otherwise, at any sort of speed isn't really possible at the kinds of speeds you'd expect for racing.

Fun Factor

On the other hand, it's fun and it's helped me find a new passion to explore. I'm saving up for a high end speed drone which is more my style and will do the kind of FPV racing that I'm looking forward to.

I'd still recommend this drone to anyone who enjoys a chill flying experience but doesn't have a need for high performance.

I ordered parts and got an email to say they were shipped on April 20th. Nothing has arrived and emails to the site's official support email address,, come back with an invalid email address error.

If anyone from extremefliers is watching, I'd love to know what's going on, thanks.

My order code is EMMD1829

Where can I find a replacement camera cable?

Radio Shack doesn't have the connector and I'm unable to find a part number or sizing spec that I can use for ordering one. The wires broke at the connector and it doesn't look like I can get the old end pieces out without destroying the connector.

I think there's a design flaw in the motor arms. The hole where the wires come out is a major weak spot, which is a problem because I've learned that the only way to really fly this thing is to take the prop guards off.

Did you know that the vortex ring state that gives this drone uncontrollable wobbles before it falls out of the sky is virtually non-existent with the prop guards off? Plus, without the prop guards, the thing flies the way I imagine a drone should- zips, swoops, fast sweeping turns, it's a lot of fun.

The problem with taking the prop guard off is that when the lights start flashing, sometimes I'm too high to get down safely in the 10 or so seconds I get before the drone shuts down. That happened today and when it hit the grass it broke a motor arm right where the hole is for the wires.

This drone is fun, but nothing seems to go together right. Putting the camera on removes the fun factor- there's no way you can "drone race" with this thing with the camera unless you're in a field because of the poor handling of the drone with the camera, and you can't do anything crazy with the prop guards on yet you need the prop guards to save the drone when the batteries run out and it falls.

I'm in love with flying this thing, though, and my first week of drone experience has been a blast. Does anyone have any recommendations for a better drone that's not much bigger than this one?

Quick question- is it normal for the Micro Drone to sometimes get "speed wiggles" and drop out of the sky? If I do any quick banks or descents, the drone often starts dropping and doing a wiggly kind of dance, even if I have it on full throttle. Is there a flying technique to get out of this when it happens? I've only been doing this for a couple days so I'm sure there's a lot to learn.

Followed the directions for using the handset to start the video, twice, but no videos on the SD card. My SD card is class 10, 64 gigs, exFat formatted. Anything wrong with this setup?

1. Connect camera to drone
2. Connect battery to drone, wait for LEDs to flash slowly, then sync to handset.
3. Connect camera to battery and wait until green is solid and red starts flashing.
4. Click the "function" button to start recording and click it again to stop, before battery is disconnected and/or runs out.

Anything I'm missing here?
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