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Professional Web Development, Search Optimization, and Hosting Services
Professional Web Development, Search Optimization, and Hosting Services

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How careful should you be about keeping your critical information "above the fold?"  Read the article we just posted on the entrepreneurial info website Exist Promise.

Small Business Web Design: Don't Make Web Users Scroll?  You might be surprised by our conclusions. 

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Watch this kethup pump from locally owned  Pittsburgh ingenuity knows no bounds!

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Search optimization is all about getting more visitors to your website, right? Not really. If you think about it, SEO should be about getting more customers, not just visitors. Optimization is about attracting and converting your target market, not just any old search. In fact, a badly optimized site can attract all the wrong people.

Learn more in our article about Optimizing For More Customers, (and maybe) Less Visitors on the Entrepreneurial Social Network Exit Promise. 

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How do you play the "Keyword Match Game?"  These days search engines are fairly sophisticated and look not only for keywords in meta-code but for keyword phrases used in natural language throughout your website, even for synonyms.  Learn more in our article about the Keyword Match Game on the Entrepreneurial Social Network Exit Promise. 

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The latest website I worked on launched today. The goal here was to boost the professional image of a local caterer that has been serving our county for over 25 years.  An elegant graphic design and some carefully considered marketing text should help. Content was writted with the dual goals of being readable and informative for visitors and arranged to catch as many catering related keyword searches as possible.  We also adjusted meta code throughout the site

Anomalies Happen.  This past week we received a worried call from one of our industrial manufacturing clients.  On a typical day they receive multiple orders and calls for products like industrial guardrail and pallet jacks.  Over the period of a week or so, their incoming orders declined sharply and then stopped.  The phones went silent and the web orders ceased.

When we looked at server stats and Google Analytics, both showed the same story - traffic was on the rise, and the days of "no orders" were as high or higher in terms of visitors and page views.  We reviewed their Pay-Per-Click campaigns and saw much the same story.  The numbers looked fine, showing increases, not declines.

Still, the no orders panic continued for another day or two, and then slowly started to reverse itself.  During that time, we were even coming up with theories about our client being a leading indicator for the effects of sequestration, but a more likely explanation is just "that's the way things go."   

Sometimes when you flip a coin 20 times, it lands tails every time.  On the humble side, we need to remember that sometimes when the client is excited about the new sales that happened the day after we made an adjustment, well, that's nice, but we probably just got lucky.

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When talking about Search Engine Optimization techniques, many articles leave out an obvious truth: SEO is a competition! There are only 10 “natural search results” on the first page of a Google search. If the best web developer in the world could guarantee first page placement for a given search, there would still only be 10 results for that phrase on the first page. (What do they do for the 11th customer?)

Building a business by getting your website to show up in a search is like preparing a thoroughbred for a race. Only the best prepared is going win, place, or show.  Read the full article at

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Want to know how to make a website that will never show up in Google?  We've seen lot's of developers give it their best try.  Often, websites are developed in the worst possible way for search engine optimization and then handed over to an SEO company in hopes of getting some search engine results. This is much like buying a Hummer and taking it for a tune up in hopes of significantly improved gas mileage.

Learn more in my article How to Make a Website that Will Never Show Up in Google on the Exit Promise website

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Novices tend to think SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is all about getting your website to the top of the first page of Google Results. Unfortunately, focusing solely on what happens when you type your favorite phrase into a search engine can be both frustrating and misleading.

Did you ever hear the story of the businessman who was pulled over by a State Trooper? When told he had been going more than 20 miles per hour over the limit, the man gestured toward the traffic zipping by and quite reasonably observed “Officer, everyone out there is doing the same thing!” Unimpressed, the trooper asked a question of his own. “Sir, have you ever gone fishing?” “Yes, of course,” the speeder answered, somewhat confused by the turn of conversation. “Well,” continued the officer as he handed over the ticket, “did you ever catch all the fish?”

What does fishing have to teach us about SEO?  Read my article on the entrepreneurial networking website, Exit Promise.
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