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Genealogy, History, Writing, Social Media
Genealogy, History, Writing, Social Media

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Any chance that Sling will reach an agreement with PBS before the fall? Where we live in PA we can't get a PBS signal without a huge antenna, which is not practical. 

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I wrote this back in '03 during the run up to the invasion of Iraq:


You rally, you say, in
Support of our troops.
You carry signs
Wave flags
Shout slogans
Intolerant of even thoughtful dissent
And take part in disc jockey-inspired
Cultural lynch mobs.
All in support of
Our troops.

I wonder, though:
Where were you,
My American brethren,
When I wore the uniform?
Where were your letters of support
As I served on an aircraft carrier
Far from home?
Where were your rallies
When our pay shrank?
Did you gather in town squares
When my comrades’ families
Went on food stamps?
Did you wave signs
When the retirement pay
Was whittled down to
Nearly nothing?
Where was that energy
You show now
When I couldn’t get the money to go
To college?
Is your voice full of slogans
As the benefits of those who served
Are cynically slashed
By those in power?

I hear your cheers now.
I read the signs you bring to the street.
Yet how many of you
Voted in the last primary?
Attended a municipal
Or school board meeting?
Served on a jury?
Wrote your lawmakers?

To these questions
I sadly know the answer:
You, my American brethren,
Are what Tom Paine called
Sunshine Patriots.
When this war
Is done
And the killing
And 24-hour news coverage
is over
You will retreat
Back into your own lives
And not give a damn
Of the consequences
Of your cheers
And your flag-waving.
And your apathy.
You will not have to live
With the ever after.
The vets will.

A while back, my agency, Children and Youth of Lancaster County, was selling a used laptop for $25 at a yardsale. So I bought it (proceeds going to the United Way of Lancaster County) and found out that it was locked - no one knew the password. The XP key was erased from the bottom. So now my son and I - in a wonderful moment of father-son bonding - are installing Ubuntu 14.04. So far, so good. I might have another laptop yet!

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I have this affinity for hopeful times in history...
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