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This little guy is trying to look like Splendeedo, our Scoot & Doodle fox mascot!
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that is just cruel pore dog lol he probably gets teased now
poor doggy what kind is the dog it's japnese something isn't it?
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i agree that hes cute but the torture to a dog. poor dog!
i think its a husky or something! i dont know but its mean to do that to a dog and the dog doesnt even know whats going on.
That's a long haired dog with 1 hec of a mowhawk!.
Gotta admit that's a pretty cool mohawk 4 a puch!,lol :)
Today is just not my day!,lol..Make that pooch!,lol
i feel bad for the dog he doesnt even know what is being done to him.
Oh!,I have a feeling he's very spoiled!,and treated very well!,lol :)
oh yes treated well but i dont think its right to do that to a pet! its cute and nice and im sure he is very very spoiled. i totally agree with u about the spoiled part. i just dont like that the dog doesnt know what happening to him or her.
i wonder what the dog would say to that if he or she could talk..?
wo incrible, me encantaria tener uno de esos jajaja
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