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Yippee! Our latest product, Scoodle Jam for iPad®, was named a Best New App by the AppStore℠.  If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out. 

It’s a fun way to work creatively together. Connect face-to-face with Facebook Friends to write, draw, brainstorm and do homework together, using a collaborative whiteboard with video chat (13+only). Or use the new solo mode to create on your own -- without WIFI or Internet.

#creativity #videochat #drawing
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And is it only facebook or can u use it with other types of social media
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#Creative  use of transparent screen technology.
Best use of transparent screen tech!
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That is neat!
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Could you create this drawing starting and finishing in the same place, without ever taking the pencil off the page, and without the path ever crossing itself? It's possible according to the Jordan curve theorem. 

Show us your Jordan curve theorem creations using Scoot & Doodle on Hangouts or Scoodle Jam for iPad.

+Richard Green originally shared:
Michelangelo and the Jordan curve theorem

This picture by Robert Bosch, which is based on a detail from Michelangelo's famous painting The Creation of Adam, is remarkable because it is made from a simple closed curve. That means that it is possible (in principle) to draw this entire picture with a pencil, starting and finishing in the same place, without ever taking the pencil off the page, and without the path ever crossing itself!

A result in mathematics called the Jordan curve theorem proves that any simple closed curve drawn in the plane (such as the one in the picture) splits the rest of the plane into two connected pieces: an inside, which has finite area, and an outside, which has infinite area. This means that it is possible to colour in the “inside” of this picture so as to form a connected shape with finite area (and no holes).

I think this picture should be printed on children's menus in restaurants, with instructions to colour in the inside. That would keep them busy for a while.

Relevant links
This picture comes from the artist's website:

In three dimensions, the analogue of the Jordan curve theorem is false and things are much more complicated. Here's a post by me about that:

I am unable to look at this picture without thinking of the credits of The South Bank Show:

(Found via +Patrick Honner.)
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Happy Monday Scoodlers. Should we start "throwback creative Mondays"? Share our favorite childhood activities? How many of you have tried this?

Send me your favorite throwback activities  and I'll post them on our page. +Patty Chang 
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that is so cool. I will definaltely use these for my friends and teach them. Thnx
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Thank you +Alice Keeler for creating this fantastic and inspiring tutorial. 
Created a tutorial on how to use Scoot & Doodle to create slides for a Google Presentation. 
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Happy Monday Scoodlers.

Thank you +Michelle Cordy for kicking off our week with some creative humor. 
Image: Tim Whyatt
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lol I love this
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Happy weekending Scoodlers. Mistakes happen. What's important is learning from them and using them to empower you. 
Mistakes Don't Define

Your failures, shortcomings, missteps, and mistakes don't define you. Unless you let them. 

Creative people tend to be their own worst critics. I know first hand. But we have to realize that we are not confined by the past. We can make the most of today, pushing forward, doing better, and making a better tomorrow. 

Don't look behind, look forward and up. Make today awesome and tomorrow even better. 

Thanks to +Christopher Nicely for the quote!

Originally published here:

#DailyKickInThePants   #creativity   #inspiration  
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We're excited to join the conversations at +EdCamp Silicon Valley     tomorrow in Palo Alto. We love Edcamp because educators set the agenda the morning of the event. Educators choose the issues & ideas that will be discussed for the day. Our definition of  #eduawesome .
As a proud sponsor, we’ll be giving away some eduawesome prizes, so keep your ears tuned for Scoot & Doodle at the raffle. Thanks to +Alice Keeler +Brent Catlett +Sam Patterson Ed.D. +Kyle Pace +Jamie Greason +Jaime Vandergrift our Educator Ambassadors for prize recommendations! 

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yhea ur a computer that process information and than you go to conclusions and so ON.
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Scoot & Doodle

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Today is a great day to start coloring the world with our imaginations. Show us what you're dreaming of using Scoot & Doodle on Hangouts or Scoodle Jam for iPad.    #scoodle
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