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I like this photo of +Trey Ratcliff before he shot the Space Shuttle launch. He is about to go collect his other cameras, which are still sitting right next to the launch pad (three miles away over Trey's right shoulder). I can't wait to see what he gets. He is holding off posting anything, says "I only can upload one photo and it has to be the best. People don't follow me for speed." Absolutely right! They make photographers wait two to three hours before they can go collect their cameras, so we'll be waiting a few hours for that really awesome shot.

I interviewed Trey yesterday. You can hear that here:
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Will those cameras near the shuttle survive? Get's damn hot down there I would think.
nice pic...great scenery..thanks for sharing
Cant wait to see what 'the' shot will look like!
I imagine thats a Nikon D3x or D3s.
Jeff: actually, the flame plumes only goes two directions, and doesn't go near the cameras. They just need to survive the shockwaves, which are mighty strong. Yesterday an astronaut told me they would kill you if you were standing where the cameras are.
The camera is a Nikon D3x. I used a Canon 5DMKII to shoot the photo of Trey.
Hehe thanks Robert - I got one of you too - but I'm not as fast as you uploading... No one can keep up with Scoble! hehe
Dueling photographers, love it! Thanks for the camera info.
Great picture. Can't tell he's thrilled (LOL).
+Paul Clarke Trey says he had a timer that fires his camera. He started his cameras shooting at 11:24, two minutes before the shuttle was scheduled to launch (it only had a 10-minute window) They are shooting one frame per second. He's using an intervelometer to do that. He shot a video at the launch site, which will show how he did it.
+Robert Scoble +Trey Ratcliff What an incredible experience this must have been for everyone fortunate enough to be there and I can't wait to see your picture Trey. Was the mood solemn being this is the last launch?
Thanks for the info +Robert Scoble It's going to be one helluva buzz if he nails 'the' shot!!
Cool, looking forward to the video of how +Trey Ratcliff set everything up. The Geek in me loves to see how things work.
No, the mood was excited. Several cheers. I was very emotional, but not sad. It's the end of an era, though. Now onto new things.
Love how you guys are having fun and sharing the experience with us. Thanks !!
Go get them, we want to see the real nice shots!!!
Nah those cameras anywhere close to the launch pad either got vaporized or partially melted at best. I hope he's using a Eye-Fi :)
+Robert Scoble Emotional....yes, that's the word. I enjoyed listening to your interview with +Trey Ratcliff. Thanks for recording and sharing it. So cool that he got you to attend.
Very cool can't wait to check out the pictures!
I was there as part of the #NASATweetup STS-134
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