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This is my report on having a front-row seat to Steve Jobs career, as seen in

What Steve Jobs stories do you have?
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sad to see him step down. even though i have never owned any mac it was a true joy to see him present the next 'insanely great' product to the world. It will be truly missed.
just happened to be two on one day, we rarely do them tbh
<snif> Nice. Cancer so sucks.
+Zee M Kane not talking about TNW only....just in general. I'm not against them at all.
young Steve Jobs looked kindof like Tom Cruise ;)
Nice piece, Robert. Steve is such an inspiration. BTW, one of my favorite books on the man was written by Mike Moritz, back before he became a legendary VC. It's called The Little Kingdom, and he had unprecedented access to the team developing the Mac.
Glad to see that I'm not alone in the industry when erm, "software piracy" played such a large role in my start with computers in the 80s ;)
That was lovely. Thanks for telling your story—it's nice to see the human side of such an icon.
Great post, Robert! I've never met Steve Jobs, but I have a ton of respect for his accomplishments. He successfully faced challenges and learned how to execute on a vision. Hats off to everyone who has got the fire and is on that quest.
But not too early to consider his legacy. Thanks for sharing this. You chose well to sit up front at the iPad 2 launch.
Finally a post not trying to figure out Apple's future.

Thanks Scoble

The rest should simply read " nothing to see here, move along"
I've been to exactly one Steve Jobs Keynote in my life - WWDC 2007. I remember that he was demoing the latest updates to Leopard. It was clear how much time and effort he had personally put into what went into this version of OS X. It was a great moment for me and one that I will never forget.
Cancer does suck and his battle is only going to get worse. He has all the material success anyone could ask for, but it's family that matters. I just found that out the hard way, watching my mother be devoured by cancer. I wish him the love of his family to help him during this horrible fight that will ultimately not have a good outcome.
+Robert Scoble Yes I do agree with your article and its tone and I totally agree to praise his accomplishments and his enormous contribution to our lives, just got this nagging feeling reading the enormous outpouring of sentiment that many of the expressions were tantamount to funeral eulogies. Did not meant to imply that your article falls into that category, I apologize.
Excellent article, Robert. I especially like the "Future of Apple" section. Apple will still go on. The company isn't over.
With so much attention to detail, what happened with their batteries? Either the industry for developing computer equipment batteries is horrendous or at Apple it was out of sight, out of mind. But every piece of Apple equipment I owned was elegant and had the best user interface, but battery issues galore!
Excellent story. Jobs has given us a rather powerful and clear persistence of vision, while perhaps not as grand as Edison's, still something which places him with the giants of technology. A powerful legacy I hope that Apple can maintain.
+Robert Scoble Reading your many insightful comments, it's easy for me to forget that you are in the early prime of your life at 48. Thinking about mortality comes, or should come later, after you hit your stride, like I did, at 65.
He ain't dead yet. But for sure, he's lived a full life already. I respect him for his amazing turnaround of Apple and his clear vision and passion.
This article made me sad,but thank you still
Good one +Robert Scoble Similar feelings.. Just that I have not been lucky enough to shake mands/see the man.Ur lucky enough. One of your best posts ever.. Stunning piece of journalism..
When I worked at Apple's Claris software division, Steve came to our campus in Santa Clara, and gave us a sneak peek and demo of the Think Different ad campaign. He was very proud of it, and he was right on about how it would resonate with people.
His contribution to our generation (actually a few generations) will be unmatched for years to come. I hope, though, that we see someone as charismatic and enigmatic as him in the Valley soon. Though, he will never be replaced.
I have an Apple IIc in a box right next to me. I learned AppleBasic at the age of 13. So, in a very odd fashion, without Jobs + Woz + Apple, maybe I'm hauling trash instead of making films today.
I have to admit from 3rd generation of iPhone on things seemingly got better, but I'm going back to early Macs and iPods
+Robert Scoble I seem to be doing nothing but apologizing this morning, AGAIN! You see, you exhibit the wisdom of a man of much more advanced years.
Wonderful piece of information from every angle of the post... Awesome work Robert!...
I just hope he can still be a force in strategy and direction for Apple. If not I worry Apple five years from now.
Hi Robert. I rise with Apple. There are a lot of mixed stories behind me. When he left Apple, in 1985 I just try to see what NeXT from him. @NeXT Steve out-execute his Apple's plan: A true multitasking OS, a postscript screen. And when NeXT fail, in a extraordinary move he sell the hardware division to Canon and... The Software to Apple [ With Tim Cook inside and other key guys] to Apple. Dr. Amelio did his best decision. Bought it. [ and save Apple from Sun takeover]. The rest is history. He start as interim CEO [ iCEO ! as you watch in his outstanding keynote when stay as CEO ] and the saga begin. 
PS: some keynotes of Steve from @OM [Why Google does not invent + sign to denote +Om lol] 
If there is anyone that I can trust to uncover a gem in the Valley it would be you +Robert Scoble . So, with more interviews and then some tours, I am sure you will be in the front row of a keynote that you will remember for the rest of your life, albeit the presenter will be different that time around.
I don't know Steve but I believe that regardless of 
Nice article. I have kept my stories quiet and will continue to until I feel appropriate. Although I did give a little bit to Walter Isaacson for his upcoming book. Just a little bit.
I don't know Steve but What he has done had affected the digital and web world in which we are all swimming today. You like what he did? You didn't? He is a man that will go down on history and will always leave a solid track in the developmnent of digital world as we know it today. Steve, I am a nobody in the world's audience that is applauding to your achievment but I humbly give you here my virtual STANDING OVATION
My first computer at work was a Macintosh. As a direct marketing copywriter at ad agencies, I used it primarily for word processing and loved it. Later, at Grey Advertising in NYC, we switched to IBM computers and it was a total nightmare.
A remarkable story that I wish I could have the benefit to experience. Apple is the reason I learned to code, break hardware, and learned the inner working of PCs even before the 8088 processors. I just hope that the legacy continues.

I don't want to say it's funny but from articles that I've been reading about Steve, it sounds like people are mourning his departure as CEO at Apple.
I hope that Mr.Jobs can rest a lot more and fight his cancer and other health issues.

People are insecure about Apple without Mr.Jobs. Hope that Apple can continue the current success for longer period of time so that the world can see better products.
+Robert Scoble Great piece of writing and a wonderful tribute to a man who rose up to be all he could be and who changed the world. I don't know him personally but it seems like he has brought his passion and drive to the table in every single thing he has done, not holding anything back. If we could all say the same thing what would the world be like that we live in?
Niece piece +Robert Scoble - thoughtful, personal, insightful...I spent much of the 90s with Intel, watching Apple's share of the computer market diminish to almost nothing- even remember defending Apple once when a TV reporter was ridiculing it (vs the PC). It was widely dismissed, business users didn't take Apple seriously. Then Jobs returned and we witnessed one of the greatest turnarounds in corporate history...Wouldn't be surprised if Apple's market value is more than Intel & Microsoft combined now.
Thank you +Robert Scoble for sharing some of your personal experience of Apple with us. I wish Steve Jobs the best, he is one of my heroes. 
Thank you Steve, for the inspiration, I don't own an Apple product but I love the man's drive...
One measure of a great CEO is how they've positioned the company, starting with the leadership team, for continued growth & prosperity post departure. Apple's stock will take a dive Thur and Jobs was known as a dictator, but I'll bet (as you say in the article) this company will continue innovating and flourishing for many years, thanks to Jobs' leadership; the house that Jobs built will stand a long time. Some Wall Streeters agree
Great insight into a true visionary. It's hard sometimes to realize when we have those experiences truly how important they are. Glad you had the chance. It must have been hard to keep the lens down!
You made an Excellent work Robert that touches everyone of us!

I think that day, you changed the taking “the outer” photo´s section for the “inner scanning” of a human being. By taking such an introspective view, you are not only sharing your personal experience; but being self-conscious about the legacy and meaning of a human being. To fulfill one´s dreams, to live a passionate life, to be both a leader and a visionary, even to be an inspiration as Steve Jobs ACTUALLY IS. Because as JFK said “For the final analysis, our most basic common link, is that we all inhibit this small planet, we all breathe the same air, we all cherish our children´s future, and we are all mortal”

"Stay hungry stay foolish" -Steve Jobs
Great read! Says so much about what an extraordinary person Steve Jobs is and the role he has played in your life. One of your best.
I'd like to be able to reshare this post (mobile blues), good stuff Robert.
Thanks for sharing a great personal story.
Very nice Robert. Thanks for sharing
Great piece Robert. As you say I think the culture of Steve is well engrained within the company. They just need to find a new showman to sell their products
Excellent. Great post to read. One hell of a story, for one hell of a guy!
Robert, the piece is wonderful, and that profile shot you used at the top is a very personable and perfect catch of Steve.
Steve Jobs resigned yesterday .. Kudos to one of the great minds!
Check out that sweet apple belt buckle! How can I get one of those?
I don't have one... :~ (
I hope I bump into him somewhere...
Fascinating read. Lol @ "What would Steve Jobs do?" mentality at Apple. He has cemented his status as a god. haha!
Many memories back to the Homebrew Computer Club before the Apple I and then with Steve and Woz showing off the Apple I... and then the early days when Apple was in one building with Steve excitedly showing me a great new watch he got in Japan.

As I posted, "good luck, old friend".
nice comments +Robert Scoble, thanks for sharing them. still looking forward to the day when i can meet him and shake his hand as well…
Thanks for sharing your thoughts. That distinctive virtue of Steve Jobs, the desire to serve up the very best, is his greatest contribution to humanity.

The two very inspiring movies on the subject:
Pirates of Silicon Valley
The Social Network
Nice article +Robert Scoble . I usually lose interest in an article mid-way if it is this long but that did not happen with this one.
Great article. Worth taking a break from holiday to read!
JP Snow
Very interesting, my friend!
Great article Robert. I went from Windows to Chrome/Android however I bought my wife a Ipad and my children Ipods so I can be close to the action.
Thanks, +Robert Scoble, for sharing a bit about yourself. In 1984, I convinced my then-husband not to buy a Mac because of (a lack of) interoperability. Then in the mid-90s, I ran a fan site and was an Apple demo rep. ;-)

I hope your vision of the future comes to pass, and I agree that it will be harder for Apple to convince us about the merits of the "really different" product. I am also thinking about Father, Son & Co. and the legacy of Thomas J. Watson Sr and Jr. It is very hard for a company to survive when its visionary moves on -- the problems are compounded by the short-term thinking that is endemic to American corporations. Apple is the only "tech company" that has successfully married engineering and aesthetics - and the beneficiaries have been all tech customers. That's the role that we need Apple to continue to fulfill.
In 1987 Steve Jobs was meeting with them president of Aldus, Paul Brainerd about desktop publishing and Paul pulled out a marketing piece I'd created on the Mac using his company's software (I’d won some award Aldus was throwing). Jobs kept it and then popped it out at the next Seybold Convention making the statement, "When we invented Macintosh we never dreamed it would create things like this." Suddenly my phone started ringing and didn't slow down for weeks. He altered my life irrevocably in 10 seconds. Thank you Steve.
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