Why Silicon Valley doesn't launch platforms: from one of the people who launched the iPhone

+Andy Grignon  was one of the 10 people who built the original iPhone and then went on to run software at Palm. He's been a platform builder for a while, built Dashboard on MacOSX, then iPhone, then WebOS at Palm. 

Today he's giving a sneak peak at Eightly http://www.eightly.com on stage at LeWeb (at 6:45 a.m. Pacific Time or 3:45 p.m. Paris time) and here I talk with him on audio (listen below). It's a new platform for the contextual age. Watch it live at http://live.leweb.co .
This morning I watched Steve Jobs launch the iPhone and not a word about the platform the iPhone represented -- remember, back then it didn't have an app store and no one knew that there would be more than a million apps that would be built on top.

Here I talk with Andy about that time and about his new company and the challenges of explaining why people need a new platform.

Eightly will come next year and you can sign up to hear more at http://www.eightly.com See you on stage at LeWeb in a couple of hours.
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