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Oh, Google+ has a problem. If you start a full-on blog post from a Share of someone else's post, it isn't collapsable or sharable. Sorry about that.

So, here's my tips for Google+ new users:

My tips for newer users of Google+:

1. Learn what circles are and how to put people into them. When I first started out I went crazy with circles, opening up something like 20 of them. That wasn't very smart, it turned out. Now I'm back to seven. Simple ones like "friends, family, coworkers, geeks, VCs, tech press." Etc.

2. Learn how to distribute content to circles, or public, or certain people. When you post here you don't need to send it to everyone. You can send it just to people you've put in a specific circle, like "friends" or you can send it to a specific person, like me.

2b: Learn not to use your home feed as your main place to visit. Start a circle called "my home circle." Now when you add people you can add them to multiple circles, but if you don't want to see someone everyday you can keep them out of your home circle (unfortunately if you follow people they will always be on your actual main feed).

3. Find a few "seed followers" that you like to follow. Then look at who they are following. You'll find lots more people to follow that way. For instance, I'm following 3,200 geeks, including most of the execs, tech press, VCs, etc. If those kinds of people float your boat, look through my list and pick and choose who you also want to follow.

4. Remember, posts with photos or video do better than just text posts, so see if you can figure out how to get other media in here.

5. If someone gets too noisy, let's cover how to handle that.

A. Too many posts. Sometimes you'll follow someone like +Chris Pirillo who posts a lot. What I've done with those folks, is put them into a "Noisy buttheads" circle. That way they don't pollute all your other circles, although they still will show up on your home feed. Feel free to put me in that circle for now.

B. Too many comments on some posts. Some posts will go viral here. It won't just happen to me. For instance, it might happen to you now that I've pushed you into 33,000 people's view by resharing your post (more on that in a second). If this happens to just one post, you can click the drop-down-menu over to the right of a post and choose "mute." You'll never see that post again. This is a good way to get rid of some things that are cluttering up your feed.

C. Consistently high engagement noise (there are already about 50 people who are consistently getting high engagement, folks like me, Trey Ratcliff, Leo Laporte, etc etc) and for us you just need to segregate us into our own circle. Or just put up with that kind of noise (I enjoy engaging in a lot of rapid-fire comments).

6. Turn off email notifications, or learn to filter them with Gmail's filters. I have turned them off. Too much email, too fast, especially if you get hit by one of the whales here (sorry for hitting you on the first day).

7. Setup your profile and make sure it's hyper complete. Look at mine at and then go set yours up at (I've spent a lot of time on mine).

8. Try to talk about something other than Google+. Try to say what you'll be doing with this. Post something original. Or, start a good debate about something that you care about. Etc. I'm really trying to do this because I'm getting bored with talking about Google+, but I see a lot of new people coming in here, so wanted to write down my thoughts based on my first 13 days.

9. Try using keyboard. J moves down. K moves up. I'm sure there's others coming.

10. If you use Google Chrome as your browser, there are a bunch of extensions you should try:

11. Learn how resharing works. For instance, I took your original post and reshared it with my audience. Right now that causes some duplication noise (folks following both of us will see your post twice, once from you, once reshared from me) and there will be separate comments under both. Fragmentation is gonna be a problem until Google fixes that here. But resharing is how things are getting very viral. For instance, I just reshared your item with 33,000 people. Now, what if 10% of those reshared it with THEIR audiences? This is why things get crazy very quickly.

Anyway, that's some things. I'm sure you'll hear lots of other advice today. Have fun and looking forward to seeing what you post here.
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That is definitely a bug that should be submitted for feedback. Seems like something they could fix easily
That's a known problem. It's a pebkac.
already discovered the Shared Post editorial disconnect
Yes, thank you thought I was missing something.
What about posting this in an actual blog somewhere then share that?
Thanks a bunch ;) Spent last 5 minutes trying to figure out how to share you and not the nice lady who shared ;)
Thanks for the singular post with the tips. Easier to share.
Hi Robert. Can I also suggest that because posts are editable, we can also advise people to save links and revisit them when we announce that they are updated? [edit - did I sound peeved in this comment? - lol]
Thanks for the repost, Robert. Awesome guide.
thx for the reshare - now shared
Just like the iPhone, I should be able to set a preference for the number of lines/comments that show up in my feed. Not a knock, just a suggestion to help Google with their UI/UX.
Thanks, Robert -- I was wondering how wild to go with Circles. My reticence to increase them is affirmed ;)
Is there a way to see all posts that you've muted? Like you want to mute it now, but may want to go back to it after things have died down?
didn't know you worked for
I go to school right next to rackspace here in SA, gonna intern there next year! thanks for some great advice
+Robert Scoble You may be right about the posts on top of reshares not collapsing, but I am noting that the "Share" link is active on your original post, at least in my view. That said, I have noticed some instances of posts where the Share link is missing. I assumed at the time that the person opted to not allow reshares.
Great tips Robert. I'm starting to like a few more things about G+ ... although am still trying to understand how to recognize and have a private one-on-one conversation without all the circles? (in time, I'll just have to dig a little more) Thanks for the informative post.
If someone's "tips for new users" post for your service is 11 items and like 1,000 words long, with sub-items, you have a serious problem. My mom ain't gonna sit through that.
When you use circles to "send" content to people, you are not sending it to them. You are only making it available to them. You are giving them read permissions.
hey +Robert Scoble I wasnt digging at you earlier with my post about too many comments. It just so happens you're one of the popular people I follow who has something useful to say, so you were a good example :)
I just noticed the limitation on sharing when I tried to share this from an earlier posting.
Great advice Robert. One thing I do on all networks is that if I see something is popularly getting reshared I avoid resharing it. I can guess my friends will get it anyway. I say use reshare sparingly focus on your own unique content to contribute. I'm more interested in people original thought that someone who retweets every popular news item and cat pic.
They also need to collapse comments by default. Wya too long for some people.
stop breaking stuff Robert, gosh!
Yep, can just mute your old post... much nicer for my feed.
It feels like dealing with these issues using Circles is a hack. Its not using the Circles as intended (providing control over the scope of sharing). While obviously you CAN use Circles to avoid prolific posters its a bit of a kludge. Google should provide a solution to this instead.
Not sure how to re share this post from the android app.
168 likes 306 shares. wow spreading live virus :)
Keep breaking stuff Robert. 'Cause it ain't fixed until it can't be broken again.
What I've done with those folks, is put them into a "Noisy buttheads" circle. :) I will do the sameSmack :)))
hahaha, I just saw this after I re-hosted your text on my website for my own use/sharing. Thanks for putting this up, I'll be using it now.
Regarding # 7: I thought I had done this in the past but I guess that I may not have. Where would you set that up? Can't see it as an option anywhere...
Agreed, how does one create the short name aka /scobalizer .. I dont see the option anywhere
Thanks Scoble! I am an education blogger and high school teacher working on tips for G+ in the classroom. This helps! 
+Robert Scoble great posts so far. I think that an extensive video guide should be made by Google with users' help once G+ opens up to everybody. This way they would have enough feedback and would make it easier for "my mom" type of users to get used to it. Also, a searchable FAQ should be provided as well..
Lol! 'Noisy Buttheads circle' classic!!!
To expand on point 2b - it would be great if you could choose a circle to have as your default so that would display when you first come here.
From Roberts Profile.. 'I shook Steve Jobs' hand. ' That is the geek versions of 'I shook Sinatra's hand.' right? Reminds me in a funny way of Oceans 13.
Yeah, doesn't look like it's available any longer. I thought I had done this for mine in the past but it doesn't look like it any longer.
Is there any difference between a regular short post (a-la twitter/facebook) and a full-on blog post like you have here?
Hi Robert. I'm new to Google+. I get notifications that someone just added me to Google+. However, my profile doesn't show them as "Have in circles" yet when I look who they have in their circles my mug is sitting right there. Any clues? Bug?
15 More Comments and you hit the Social Triple Double 100+1s 100+ Shares and 100+ Comments its the +Robert Scoble Effect
Thank you!!! and next time do keep this in mind :P
Thanks for the info, off to work on my profile now...
My sentiments exactly need to work on my profile...
how long until advertisers start "gaming" the resharing system to intentionally launch a viral post? perhaps even offering payment to those with many followers..
Robert, anyone able to bounce Twitter posts in an automated way to Google+? A few of my circle were wondering.
i did a simple copy/paste and it rendered everything correctly.. #workaround
+Robert Scoble Know anything about linking previous videos on Youtube to your G+Profile? I noticed you didn't have any in yours... :P
+bradley fitzhenry Not all the time, but every so often I want to make sure I post something important to multiple streams. So a code-based selective bounce is helpful. But I get your point.
Pretty awesome you wrote this up for everyone, think this will help a lot
I wish there was a way to keep posts you like. Why have the plus one button if it doesn't show up in the plus ones in your profile?
+Norris Hughes G+ is like Twitter. People can follow you. Unlike Twitter, however, G+ gives you control over what those people can read. Post Publicly, anyone on the Internet (not just your followers or people on G+) can see it.

If you don't want just anyone to read your stuff, you can set the read permissions on a post-by-post basis by creating a Limited post. That content will be readable by invitation only--by the circle or individual people you sent it to.

However, people who you sent it to can invite other people into the conversation. They can Share the conversation (if you've left Sharing enabled). Or they can invite someone new into the conversation.
dude, make a video/post explaining any changes to g+ and we'll viral this together. I personally recommend better reader/g+ integration after bug fixes.
great post Robert. "there will be separate comments under both" it's this feature which creates parallel trees (a forest?) out of one "seed"/post. imo, that's the unique viral differentiation vs. retweets
thanks some sense in the chaos
chaos is the best way to explain this fresh faced g+ atm. brilliant
+Robert Scoble great advice, but am sort of perplexed now, to share this great post or not to share this good post?
Robert, great ideas, indeed...Hangouts are fantastic. Will use that for some serious communication with my fellow physicians.
Great info. Thanks. Now, how do I Star it so I can find it again...
Adding now = "Noisy buttheads" circle lol :)
+Rich Gee create an empty circle called favourites, and share this post with only that circle. You can go in any time to find posts that you've shared there. 
Great post. Myself personally I got carried away with the Circles thing right from the get go and realized I didn't need all that much.
Thanks for the list, most of the things I had gotten others are always good to know.
Yes, thanks for helping with the usage tips!
Phil A
Robert I appreciate your comments, but perhaps some self-censorship would be in order. I've gotten more posts per day from you than from any other source.
Fantastic, especially the extensions. Thank you!
Please stay a Post-oholic! You are
very insight full
+1 for suggesting talking about something other than Google+ or Facebook. Yes, there are other topics in the world.
Yes, I agree with Robert. I have been using circles for a few minutes now and I have to say there is a bit of a learning curve. Even for a Web Developer/Designer like me but is a small one
GREAT post. "Noisy buttheads" circle made my day! 
Yeah, I remember the debate you started a couple of days ago...
+Robert Scoble I think point 2 will be much better if Google allows the ability to exclude circles. It would be nice to post publicly, but exclude people I know do not like my tech related things.
I didn't notice this read until just now. Great read Robert. As a "noisy butthead", I agree with your assessment, don't forget to cruise the Incoming tab on occasion! =)
Love the mute idea, and using the J/K keys. Simplification! Thanks for the tips.
Many thanks Robert - it's interesting that the world's greatest search company displays all everyone in a circle as a long list without the ability to search. Has anyone seen a work around?
Robert, great tips. I would add to your tips about circles that users need to decide how they are going to use them before they have too large a list or too small of one. I have 16 circles at this point. Some are so that I can focus on specific people such as those from Lifehacker, Google, TechCrunch, etc. Some have special functionality such as one I use for posting to my Facebook status and one I use to hold stuff that I want to read later. Other circles are used for how I want to distribute information, some is professional, some just for friends, etc.
Thank you, very useful post ! I'm gonna follow your suggestions !
That is an awesome read. Thanks for sharing
Is it possible to put circles in circles? Would be nice to make the home circle work better.
Thanks, Robert, great tips for a sixties bloke (age and a teenager then) like me.
I've been happy to be a dedicated fan of yours since 2008 or so. This post only confirms that.
Thx, Robert. I've been here for 1 hour and starting to get the hang of this.
Okay, so wait... if you put everyone except your close friends in circles you don't look at, then what are the odds I'll post something that you'll repost and put out to your 30k+ followers? Seems like it's pretty slim. ;)
I got a positive influence from reading this post and seeing your profile +Robert Scoble. I edited my own profile to a level of acceptable completion. Thank you!
printed that off for further digestion, Thanks Robert :-)
will it be by invite, let's hope not...can't wait
Yeah I now have a circle just for you famous geeks.
Qi Guo
I think there is another bug: why i cannot + someone in the reply column? frustrated= =||
thanks for great tips. Why you say is not good to make many circles?
I use arrows up and down for scrolling..:))
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