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Why don't Google employees wear their Glass?

I finally got one to admit that they quickly get tired of people asking to try them on and then asking for help with something Google related.

Me? I love meeting new people this way.

This guy at In-N-Out asked me tons of questions about mine when I drove home from Los Angeles the other day.

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Love me some In-N-Out
Hmmm, Google Glass on employees might inadvertently leak some 'sensitive' things... We are their 'guinea pigs'...
I wonder if that is the same reason so many Google Blogs don't have Plus One buttons on them! :)

But I still want Google Glass... Even if random strangers do bother me about trying them on! 
I recently took a vacation in Stockholm and Copenhagen with Glass. I, too, enjoyed meeting people due to the fact that people were curious about Glass and asked me about it.
True Story:
I was trying to sell a copy of Skywward Sword on Craigslist and was emailing back and forth with someone who was interested. The sale fell through but the next day the guy emailed me asking if the profile pic in Gmail was of me and if I had Glass. He wanted to know if we could meet up so I could let him check it out. Tonight I met up with him and a few of his buddies so they could check it out... they loved it and took pictures of each other wearing it. They were really nice guys, just super excited about Glass. It was cool.
I broke the ice with an entire train car with mine.
very happy man, mirror double,  makes me also feel happy :) he should get closer so he can see
You too, will finally grow tired my friend . . .
: - )
انا  بقول الولد دة مصرى  اكيد
All I see in this post is IN-N-OUT
One day is fine..but every single day ..same after another..
One have to get Rob have a big run on questions and explaining all the features of glass for a lot of people.Google have to send you a paycheck.
Get me a 4x4 animal style with a order of animal style fries and a Neapolitan shake.
Unfortunately for most Googlers Glass is unavailable. So every time you ask a Googler to get you one, you remind them that they can't even get one for themselves. Then it is very tiresome to always deal with your friends requesting Glass and be excited about it because you still don't have one yourself.

PS I am unsure why Google does not give Glass to the majority of their employees, but my guess is that logistics (Google has offices around the world and each country has different import laws and it almost impossible to distribute Glass equally across all employees) and the fact it is too experimental (Google loves to experiment but for the whole company to experiment on one untested thing may be too risky) have a lot to do with it. 
It can be fun, but it can also be a HUGE distraction. There are times when you want to engage in conversation that's NOT related to Glass and there's no way around it. Other times when you're in a rush and don't feel like explaining and answering tons of questions. 

Perhaps most of all, when you're with a group of friends there is sometimes the unintended effect of stealing the show and seeming like an attention whore, even if you're just wearing Glass because you enjoy it.

I've stopped wearing mine as often for the reasons above, but maybe I should say forget 'em all! It's definitely a great way to meet new people, that's for sure.
I got stopped at the Birmingham Barons game tonight about a dozen times by people asking about it.  :) I love being a local celebrity.  #alabamacyborg
+Robert Scoble has there been any other word as to when this hits the market and a more realistic price point yet!?
So $299-399 seems to be the consensus! Hopefully +Google is listening!

Now we wait!
Hmm this would be no different to someone walking up to me with a video camera in hand.  A very fine line to invasion of privacy....
+Fili Wiese One of my Googler friends told me that they had to apply the same way as the ifihadglass explorers. They needed to submit a statement of what they would use Glass for. My guess the difference is that they don't have to pay.
Why? Because of the NSA, FBI, CIA mining your data and storing it permanently for analysis at anytime, without any public oversight.
Well that's good news! There were rumors saying that the launch price would be around $1500. $400 or less sounds much better.
Hey +Robert Scoble was he that enthusiastic about your order before he realized you had on your glass? 
My experience so far is that most people want to try them on, but are too hesitant to ask.
For the last few weeks I've been teaching at an academic summer camp for gifted middle and high school students, and I get swarmed with kids saying "Is that Glass?" every day on the quad and in the lunch room.

I love seeing their faces light up as they start to experience and imagine what the near future holds =)

I've let my students play with my Glass, and I've been compiling pictures and videos of their work here:
+Robert Scoble yeah i definitely agree Scoble, its been fun meeting people this way. It makes people really happy seeing it and showing/informing people how it works
Google Glass opens doors all around the world. I love the interactions and conversations that get started because of Glass. It's the best icebreaker ever! 
Oh you poor thing having to answer questions
That dude truly looks like he met his full potential in life.
Don't worry, once Google Glass available to the public. It will be back to normal.
I can imagine with myself working in the cattle industry that Glass would not be allowed in the feed lots. Now that I'm thinking about it... we should probably make a policy on that. 
Makes me wonder what goes on in the cattle industry now?! Lol
+Robert Scoble I chose black, are you still liking the shale color or are you wishing you had picked another?
so google glass isnt available to the public in general?
Not even most employees have Glass TO wear, darn the luck. 
I'm going to try not to be too clingy when I run into someone with Glass. BTW, this guy is super photogenic! 
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