The video from the Yosemite New Year's Photowalk

A group of Google+ photo enthusiasts met in Yosemite on January 1st, 2012, to celebrate the New Year and make photos. Here's some clips (not always in order) of that Photowalk).

Here's the clips:

00:56 +Thomas Hawk showing us his 8mm fisheye lens. He was shooting the roots of a giant sequoia redwood tree.
01:53 +Trey Ratcliff goes "off trail" to make a photo of two fallen logs and we talk about how he "sees" in 3D, thanks to playing Quake.
He also shows how he shoots in HDR, with seven images. Later he talks about the importance of putting something in the photo to show a sense of scale.
05:56 +Thomas Hawk uses his 8mm fisheye to make weird images of me. By shooting my face literally a few inches away from his lens it gives a distorted view.
07:13 , +Tony Payne who works for Google on the Chrome Team, says Happy New Year, before Thomas Hawk shows us his images that he made on New Year's morning at Glacier Point. Then +Scott Jarvie talks about his images and the importance of getting up early in the morning to catch the best light.
10:09: +Scott Kublin and Trey Ratcliff have a fun conversation about SEO (Scott helped Trey get better rankings on his website). This was while we were shooting at the Mariposa Grove in Yosemite. Later +Dustin Bess, who works for Smugmug (great photosharing service) explained how he got his job there.
17:01 +Karen Hutton, who does voiceover (her voice is heard in Denver Airport's trains, in Las Vegas' elevators, jokes around with Trey (her voice is in Trey's iPad app). Later Thomas Hawk comes into the shot at 21:00 and talks about when you need a model release.
23:57 Scott Jarvie talks about wedding photography. Later Trey Ratcliff shows up and directs +Kimberly Shoemaker who plays the group's model.
28:40 Kimberly Shoemaker models at Glacier Point on New Year's morning as Thomas Hawk shoots her along with Scott Jarvie.
34:07 Tony Payne shows me his Sony SLT camera, which Trey Ratcliff says is the future of photography and explains that there's a world coming where the DSLR is going to be old news soon at 35:26. This is an interesting discussion with Trey that goes into how people see HDR and why some people hate that technique.

Sorry to everyone who I didn't get onto the videos, I was mostly there to shoot photos and did this for fun, to try to capture some of why Google+ Photowalks are so interesting and fun.

Some things I learned here:

1. Shoot a lot. See how many images Thomas Hawk shoots.
2. DSLRs are going to soon be obsolete. See Tony Payne show me his new Sony camera, which kicks Trey off into a whole discussion of why he may never buy another DSLR again.
3. Photographers need to think about marketing and SEO, see the conversation with Scott Kublin.
4. Learn how to do HDR if you want to create images that'll grab people on Google+ (Trey has a whole tutorial about how to do that at )
5. Photography is about light, and that means getting up early and freezing your behind off. :-)
6. If you go to a Google+ Photowalk the other people will push you to increase your skills.
7. What separates the great photographers from the rest of us? They both are pulled toward great image-making opportunities, but they also make both more images and better images once they are there.

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