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The video from the Yosemite New Year's Photowalk

A group of Google+ photo enthusiasts met in Yosemite on January 1st, 2012, to celebrate the New Year and make photos. Here's some clips (not always in order) of that Photowalk).

Here's the clips:

00:56 +Thomas Hawk showing us his 8mm fisheye lens. He was shooting the roots of a giant sequoia redwood tree.
01:53 +Trey Ratcliff goes "off trail" to make a photo of two fallen logs and we talk about how he "sees" in 3D, thanks to playing Quake.
He also shows how he shoots in HDR, with seven images. Later he talks about the importance of putting something in the photo to show a sense of scale.
05:56 +Thomas Hawk uses his 8mm fisheye to make weird images of me. By shooting my face literally a few inches away from his lens it gives a distorted view.
07:13 , +Tony Payne who works for Google on the Chrome Team, says Happy New Year, before Thomas Hawk shows us his images that he made on New Year's morning at Glacier Point. Then +Scott Jarvie talks about his images and the importance of getting up early in the morning to catch the best light.
10:09: +Scott Kublin and Trey Ratcliff have a fun conversation about SEO (Scott helped Trey get better rankings on his website). This was while we were shooting at the Mariposa Grove in Yosemite. Later +Dustin Bess, who works for Smugmug (great photosharing service) explained how he got his job there.
17:01 +Karen Hutton, who does voiceover (her voice is heard in Denver Airport's trains, in Las Vegas' elevators, jokes around with Trey (her voice is in Trey's iPad app). Later Thomas Hawk comes into the shot at 21:00 and talks about when you need a model release.
23:57 Scott Jarvie talks about wedding photography. Later Trey Ratcliff shows up and directs +Kimberly Shoemaker who plays the group's model.
28:40 Kimberly Shoemaker models at Glacier Point on New Year's morning as Thomas Hawk shoots her along with Scott Jarvie.
34:07 Tony Payne shows me his Sony SLT camera, which Trey Ratcliff says is the future of photography and explains that there's a world coming where the DSLR is going to be old news soon at 35:26. This is an interesting discussion with Trey that goes into how people see HDR and why some people hate that technique.

Sorry to everyone who I didn't get onto the videos, I was mostly there to shoot photos and did this for fun, to try to capture some of why Google+ Photowalks are so interesting and fun.

Some things I learned here:

1. Shoot a lot. See how many images Thomas Hawk shoots.
2. DSLRs are going to soon be obsolete. See Tony Payne show me his new Sony camera, which kicks Trey off into a whole discussion of why he may never buy another DSLR again.
3. Photographers need to think about marketing and SEO, see the conversation with Scott Kublin.
4. Learn how to do HDR if you want to create images that'll grab people on Google+ (Trey has a whole tutorial about how to do that at )
5. Photography is about light, and that means getting up early and freezing your behind off. :-)
6. If you go to a Google+ Photowalk the other people will push you to increase your skills.
7. What separates the great photographers from the rest of us? They both are pulled toward great image-making opportunities, but they also make both more images and better images once they are there.

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45 minutes? Thank god I have my Transformer Prime. Taking it with me on the train... :+)
Wow, that looks like fun! Happy New Year. :) I started the new year by doing dishes at my apartment... not worth a 45-minute video blog. Unless you're interested.
I take it you guys filmed it in the morning? Too bad I missed it.
+Trey Ratcliff Wonder how the RED Scarlet will help or hinder the death of DSLR. $10k for 4k video. Also seems to blur the line even more between "photography" & "video".
Ohh DSLR obsolete! darned it, time to upgrade :D

Now where are the funny photos of +Robert Scoble at? :D
+Robert Scoble hah! that is awesome! and i love the sky behind you! :D

I always figured mac hit the nail on the head with that photobooth app. I mean people sit for hours taking distorted images of themselves. I installed Cheese on all my kids Linux PC for the same thing - even teenagers love it :D
How does one get in on these photowalks? :-)
When +Trey Ratcliff says he's not investing in DSLR lens anymore due to the new translucent technologies (SLT for example), I'm not sure I follow. I thought an advantage to translucent mirror was that it used the same lens system as DLSR permitting migration. Maybe the early to market products like Sony's Alpha/SLT body/lens systems are proprietary. No thanks. Any ideas +Robert Scoble ?
I know you always bring the goods +Robert Scoble. I've never seen +Trey Ratcliff in video, so this will be my first impression of him. Hope you caught him in a good light (pun intended)...

+Jose Castillo are you implying Robert shot this on a Scarlet?

Is that what this is? I followed Red for a while, but haven't kept up with what's going on with that company in a long time.

I'm a video guy...
The +Trey Ratcliff rant was fascinating. The acquisition of images, the tools to do so and to process afterward, all changing in the near future. But in the end, still requires a human to know how to see what's all around us. Excellent piece, Mr. Scoble.
Anyone here doing a Photowalk around New York at the end of May? I won a one week trip over there from Microsoft Austria and I'm going there with a friend +Sascha Einspieler and there is already a page +G+ NY Photowalkers ?!
agree fully with Trey Ratcliff. Also waiting for the post DSLR phase. The same happened to audio recordings where in a live event you don't do much more than a rough premix (if that) and save all the channels for post production. concentrate on getting the best shots you can and pick the best moments later. +Robert Scoble what equipment (especially the mikes) were you using to make the video?
Rob - thanks for this it was really a great look into the way various people shoot; very useful approach to sharing knowledge.
+Robert Scoble thanks for taking us on the (video)trip! For someone like me who is always trying to learn from the more experienced and hone my photography stills, this video is immensely informative. Learnt so much not only by listening to photographers like +Trey Ratcliff and +Thomas Hawk but also observing them in the video. Thanks for asking awesome question!

Hope to join you guys on of the upcoming photo-walks!
Great Video, loved it! Only wish I could of been there with you great photographers to learn some stuff!!!!
Total side note here, was just reading the post and noticed that where you mentioned Dustin his last name is incorrect so it links back to the wrong person. Not trying to be nit picky or what not just thought you might want to get it changed :)
Great insights on HDR and the next evolution of DSLR to SLT from +Trey Ratcliff at the end of the video. When someone can explain something clearly and the listener/watcher is able to absorb it then you know that guy/gal seriously knows what they're talking about.

+Robert Scoble It would have been fun if you had taken your camcorder during your diner with Trey and Tony.
Great Video! Thanks for letting us see what this amazing gathering was like.
Great video, Scott!! Very fun, interesting and educational!! Thx so much guys!! You rock!!
Great video. I learned a lot.
Thank you, +Robert Scoble, for putting this video together. It's an unusual thing to see how photographers dig in and get out of their surroundings the art they create. I now have a deeper respect for +Trey Ratcliff and +Thomas Hawk and their work. And, yours too!
.......This is so kewl. I thoroughly enjoyed watching this photo session-video. Thank You for being a sharer Robert Scoble. The "rest of the class" out here learns through you and your great work.
Awesome insights into your Yosemite photowalk! Thanks for putting such a fun, informative video together +Robert Scoble and for sharing it with us! Always fun to see the behind the scenes stuff & learn tips on how photographers capture & envision the world around them! Happy New Year everyone!! :)
This is such a great video piece +Robert Scoble. Very entertaining, lots of information and just plain fun! Great to see the "big" G+ photogs at work... and play!
+Robert Scoble People are calling the mirror in the Sony SLT cameras a "translucent" mirror, but that doesn't seem correct. An actual translucent mirror would let some of the light pass through, but it would be hazy and not allow a distinctly focused image to pass through. For example "opal" glass is translucent. It allows light to pass through, but you can't see clear images through it. I think it was a mistake on Sony's part to use that term.
Great video! I enjoyed it and learned some fun things! Thank you!
That was the best video I've seen in a long time! You've definitely got some Hollywood filmmaker in you +Robert Scoble. +Karen Hutton was so funny, +Scott Jarvie so nice, and +Thomas Hawk so cool to watch shooting. I really enjoyed hearing what +Trey Ratcliff had to say about seeing photographically and about the future of photography toward the end of the video. Thanks for making this for us all to enjoy. I hope you do more like this in the future.
thanks for this. very informative. I think you should use Thomas Hawk's fisheye view of you looking up from the ground at the trees, as your profile!
+Robert Scoble I really enjoyed watching this - thanks for capturing it and putting it together. Sorry I wasn't able to join you - I think I missed a fun event! But it would be great to shoot together if you come to Yosemite again.
Ted S
Heading to Yosemite in a few weeks myself and it's really amazing how social can influence decisions. I wasn't sure about my trip [vs other destinations given that I was in Yosemite this fall] but seeing a few great shots on Google+ and it's booked. Thanks for sharing!
+Robert Scoble

That did not feel like a 45 minute video. Actually, I was hoping it would go on and on... Well done.

As a wedding videographer who actually loves working with photographers (I heard it can be difficult for video and photo people to work together, but not for me...) watching these pros at work gives me the same feeling as when I'm on a shoot. Which is something along the lines of "Wow, I get paid and get to work with these peeps?".

I think the way photographers can activate the left side of their brain and the right side of their brain at the same time that makes them enchanting, as Guy would say...

And the Death of the DSLR rant was very enlightening. Putting that info in my back pocket.

p.s. who was the Little Red Riding Hood?
Very nice video +Robert Scoble , I really enjoyed it. Glad someone asked about your microphone as I was about to do the same, but I'll raise that and ask about your support as the footage was very steady. From the shadows and your cool new profile photo, it looks like you have the camcorder on a monopod which I presume you're holding with both hands when walking for stability? You were also fairly close to your subjects when talking to them but they weren't too huge on-screen, so were you using a wide conversion lens or anything like that? Always good to hear more about the equipment and technique. I always try and be careful about using mics and steady mountings, but for my Queenstown photowalk video I was more than a little under-prepared to shoot video hence the rather poor quality audio and shaky footage. But then I did add Christmas music...!
Looks like a lot of fun - Sort of The Google+ Yalta Conference of Influencers/Photographers
This looks like it was a ton of fun! I originally wanted to jump to the 35:25 mark to hear about 3rd gen cameras, but I simply couldn't stop watching once the video started playing. Thanks for the share!
Great video, have a fantastic 2012 and thanks for sharing Robert.
Thanks for the videos, very nice to see my top 3 photographers on google+ all showing up on 1 videos in action. I was amaze of : 1) explanation of +Trey Ratcliff , he explain stuff very good, even on live field that mean that he's got those skills that make good teachers. 2) The used body of the Nikon D700 that +Scott Jarvie, i !! that was used a LOT :) 3) The number of pictures that +Thomas Hawk take... wow! i knew he took a lot, what i didn't know is that he must take like 4-5 FPS per pictures, that is a lot of pictures to process afterward, higher than i expect him, so...i respect him a lot more than i did before seing this video. My final words is that we should see more of these live action videos, 45min was NOT enough for me, haha... +Robert Scoble, you should make a longer version or a special edition...something! :) but thanks for sharing this again with us!
Good stuff +Robert Scoble. As a video guy, I have to say, you did pretty good. And anyone who knows Audio is the most important part of video is a pro in my book.

+Robert Scoble I guess you already know, that if you hang a weight from the bottom of your monopod, it will make a much better steadycam rig.
Thank you for this great video.
Really interesting conversations about cool topics.

Hope to see this Nationalpark soon. :)
chaz b
thank you for sharing, a great insight!
Beautiful park, thanks for sharing
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