America's most important startup?

This is a really long video. More than an hour. Why is it so long? Because Techshop could be the most important startup to United States' manufacturing industry. Here we spend an hour with CEO Mark Hatch. 

What is Techshop? It's a place where you can make things. We get an in-depth tour. You can learn more here:

In this video you'll also meet several startups that call Techshop home. 

This is why Techshop is so important to our economy. It's providing a place for many other startups to get going, meet cofounders, and make the things that need to be made to startup companies.

At about 13 minutes you meet the founder of Emotimo, which makes robotic heads for photographers to control their cameras. Learn more about that here:

Don't miss the discussion of 3D printing at about 36 minutes into the video: America's most important startup? as we visit one of the startups located at Techshop San Francisco, Type A Machines. Learn more about this 3D Printing Startup at

At about 45 minutes into the video we meet SF Made, a non-profit that is helping the growing manufacturing sector in San Francisco America's most important startup?

At 54 minutes into the tour we meet ProtoTank, a startup that makes unique signs. America's most important startup? Learn more about ProtoTank here:

At 62 minutes into it, the founder of ProtoTank shows me a cool wearable LED system he built. America's most important startup?

This tour gave me great hope for the future of USA's economy. In a world where we see so many negatives of jobs going overseas, here you see how real jobs are coming back here.
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