Exclusive first look at a very interesting new video camera technology. OUR STUDIO IS OPEN FOR BUSINESS AGAIN! Thanks Rocky Barbanica!

This new camera, from Altia Systems, joins three cameras into one package for a "super wide" mode. Their first product is aimed at business conferencing rooms, but don't miss where this really is going to be important: on drones and for virtual reality.

See, I'm carrying around a 360-degree camera not for today, but next year when virtual reality headsets become far more commonplace. This camera technology will bring us video for the Oculus Rift.

Why? GoPro cameras simply aren't wide enough for those new uses. This $999 camera (which is cheap for what it does) brings us into the future where we'll use an Oculus Rift headset (or Hololens, or Valve VR, or Samsung's Gear VR, or Meta).

Thanks to the magic of video processing and some unique hardware, this takes us into the future. http://www.getpanacast.com/
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