The Olympic-Sized Tech Tour

Technical Architect +Paul Bunnell gave us a tour around the London Olympics Technology Centre this afternoon. This is a massive effort, with 4,000 employees (Rackspace has about the same number of employees, except the Olympics employees were hired only for one to three years). These computer centers are where all the official results will be kept track off, along with other things like traffic. 

On Google+ you can watch the Olympics at +London 2012 

They don't include where the press will be housed or their technology, which is a massive effort too. Did you know that there will be more media at the Olympics than athletes? 

When you visit a headquarters like this you realize just what kind of economic impact the Olympic games has on a city and what kind of effort it takes to keep it all up and running for the few days it's here. Paul has been working with his teams for three years now and is about to see his job end.

Thanks Paul for the fun tour and hope all of your architecture works well! (He planned many of the computer systems you see here, along with the team he works with).

This is a London few will get a chance to see (within a few days this centre will be locked down and no visitors will be allowed inside for security reasons).

One thing that caught my eye is the Web analytics. I hear that we should expect to see many millions of visitors to the website every day, instead of the hundreds of thousands that it's recording now. This one place tech startups played a role, hopefully he can get approval to talk about more.

Some things I learned at the earlier Facebook event: athletes will be allowed to do photos, and text posts from inside the venues, but they are asked not to do video inside the venues because that would infringe on video licenses that broadcasters have paid for.

Thanks, Paul, for the great tour of the Olympic "brain center." This is a place few of us will be able to see, very honored you got us in.

Over the next hour I'll add more on each photo about what we saw, just wanted to get these up.
June 18, 2012
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