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Google Glass explorers: +Rackspace wants to feature one of your apps

Anyone working on a kick ass app for Google Glass? Let me know, especially if it's hosted on Rackspace Cloud.

We're working on a little project and are gonna make some noise for you.

I promise, no more shower scenes! 
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Next time I see you naked on my page, I'm gonna have to de-circle you...
If only google would let me buy a pair I would totally work on some stuff using our infrastructure :/
Robert, your Glass "expose" was the awesomest thing I saw last week. Kudos for the courage.
1. We are using API without proper testing as we have no access to hardware.
2. Is there a private way to submit our app description?
I've been working on a Glassware app since the Foundry event in January in SF. I'll be ready to deploy once I get my Explorer edition (hopefully within the next couple of weeks - I signed up at I/O) and can test it. I planned to deploy on an EC2 server but the AWS console is horrible so I'd like to try another solution.

+Robert Scoble I'll try setting up a Rackspace Cloud instance and deploy my app there. Anything specific you need from me? I'm assuming the URL for the app and the email address for my Rackspace account at a minimum.
I also salute you for the shower scene, and for the promise not to repeat it.
+Robert Scoble  Hi! I strongly believe that one of the most valuable aspects of Google Glass will be "Accurate Augmented Reality". I believe I have a unique solution for deploying such capability, almost globally. This "enabling app" may have global importance as it can be deployed almost anywhere, and if implemented "correctly" it can be a "self improving" feature - as the more it is used the better it gets. In order to launch it. I need few hardware sets and small "focus group" to test it. Can it be done in Israel? (maybe together with the local Google R&D center?).

 Will it interest you to test it?

Just imagine that each "Geo-pixel" can be transformed into "Hyper-geo-transfer-protocol" - You can dive into the "internet world of knowledge" - just by looking at something. "Always on Google Goggles" feature:-) 
+Vic Gundotra 
+Thomas Olson , +Matt Abdou - would love to talk..i work on rackspace mobile dev initiative - lets explore featuring your app here and well as highlight how build on rackspace....