More database innovation: this time for streaming services

In the Age of Context we're going to see tons more streams. The most famous stream is the firehose feed coming from Twitter. More are coming like that from sensors and other behaviors we do with our mobile phones.

Ye olde SQL Server or MySQL isn't gonna do everything we need to do, so that's why when TempoDB came along it caught my eye.

It is purpose built to store and analyze time series data from a number of sources like sensors, smart meters and more. With features like a powerful and flexible API and with a guarantee of your data being available and protected against loss through 3x data replication, customers can be assured TempoDB can fit their needs.

It is projected that there will be 50 billion connected devices within the next decade and TempoDB wants to make sense of the measured world.

Listen in as I discover what TempoDB is good for.
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