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This is on my Christmas list. Big deal, me thinks.
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Details on Amazon Kindle Tablet emerge

According to +MG Siegler over at TechCrunch, the Kindle Tablet will be 7", $250, full color, runs Android, have deep integration of movies, books, music services and Amazon's Android appstore. That app store strikes me as a potential big deal. It may be coupled with Amazon Prime. Release targeted for the end of November...just in time for Christmas.

At the moment, it's hard for me not to want one, despite the love I have for my iPad2. I bet this will sell well.
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7" is too small for a tablet. Amazon needs a rethink.
I think I'm going to have to seriously consider this.
Will it have Google's Market? Current Amazon Store is a non Trusted source. Will that confuse people or will it make it more mainstream?
What's prevent me from buying an Ipad or a Kindle, is that I'd like to get a tablet with comfortable reading , plus multimedia use. So e-ink + colors. Don't know if this is coming anytime soon, but I'd wait for that!
No e-ink? Doesn't that defeat the purpose though?
I think I'd take that bet.....knowing amazon they'll probably cripple it and it'll only be useful once it's rooted. This is not the ebook market with e-ink and they are late into the game.
hmmm... sound to me like all the manufacturers of HP's failed tablet just picked up a new customer.
I got my wife a 7" tablet (archos) last Christmas because she wanted a ereader and it was just $25 more than the nook color. she didn't like the color screen so much for reading in bed. I ended up getting her a Kindle and she reads a lot more now with the e-ink. What are you going to use it for +Robert Scoble an e-reader or full tablet because I would rather the 10" for full tablet use after taking the Archos from her when she got the Kindle.
I'd much prefer a straight-up Android pad that is easily mod-able. Why buy an Amazon'ed version of Android when Lenovo and others will be coming out with similar tablets running regular Android?
No, not a big deal. It is a Nook Color competitor, not an Android Tablet.
I believe that 10" tablets are too large and infringe into the laptop range. A 7" tablet is more portable and useful in how I use it. Your mileage may vary.
+Robert Scoble I took to long to beat me getting it up. I believe this is a game changer for two reasons.

1. I believe in seven inch tablets...write about it on my blog...its the paperback of tablets. Historically, the paperback changed the publishing industry. Being called a Nook Color is not an insult but a compliment...

2. Amazon understands retail...only way to face off with Apple (my favorite company by the way)
I think it's a big deal because of the Amazon App Market.
I hear that Amazon is going to kill Kindle DX when it launches its 10 inch tablet in 2012. Now that's sad.
+Russ Ewell likely poor specs, no true Android experience, this will just be a Nook Color competitor, not a viable tablet.
Does this mean Prime subscribers get the tablet for free? That would be fair in my opinion :)
Price will prob. drop to $149 when the 10-inch tablet comes out in 2012.
A big deal until you read it will have a single processor, only 6GB, no cameras and only wifi (and as such probably no gps chip). I'm gutted. This sounded like a really big deal, now I've read the article, it is a crushing disappointment.

How hard is it for iPad competitors to come up with a good piece of kit? I have been waiting for ages and they all seem to fail. Here is what I (and I am sure many others) want....

1)10 inch Super Amoled Plus display
2) Dual core processor
3) At least 2GB RAM
4) Minimum of 32GB with SD extension
5) USB port
6) Stylus
7) GPS
8) Gyro sensor
9) Accelerometer
10) WiFi/3g/4g
11) and of course.....Android

I would be willing to pay a premium for a device like that....and it is NOT unachievable. So WHY is nobody producing one??!?
When Amazon started this project, they probably weren't considering the newest enemy on the horizon...PATENTS! Since they are distancing themselves from the Android Market and whatnot, Google probably isn't going to feel the need to defend them, and to everyone else they'll be a competitor. I think this may end badly!
I believe the way to look at this device is not as a tablet, but rather as a way for Amazon to get its content to you.

It's all about selling books, music, and movies. Not apps.

To paraphrase Magritte - ceci n'est pas une tablet (this is not a tablet)
I was hoping that it would be the tablet for me but I guess not
This will be exactly as big as any new Kindle would be, no more, no less. It's not competing with the iPad and sounds like it will be so hobbled as to not even compete with actual android tablets. It's a Nook Color competitor. Amazon chickened out.
At that price, it may sell well. This could lead to a Cyanogen ROM being made for it and give us a stock Android experience.
I love Google and I love Amazon, why cant they work together better... Sigh... Why is there now a google book store? I already have hundreds of Kindle books and it would be stupid for me to swap book stores... I really think they should team up and take over the world :)
I know what I'm getting for Christmas!
+Robert Scoble, I would definitely need one the size of the current crop of tablets, though. My tired older eyes would appreciate the upgrade. Thanks for the share.
Just sounds like a color nook to me. Not at all what I was expecting. 7 inches is too small for a tablet, and back-lit is not great for reading books. I guess it will do well in the market of people, that can't afford an ipad, and don't want a nook color.
Amazon treats Canadians like red headed step children. So does Nook. We're not really part of the family. This makes the Lenovo 7 inch IdeaPad look like the best choice for me.
Why in the world would they release it without honeycomb or ice cream sandwich!? big mistake im thinking...
Seriously? This thing "runs Android" but only in the most basic sense. It's an Amazon UI. It doesn't run any Google app, it doesn't allow access to the Google Android Marketplace, it has it's own Amazon video, music, search, etc.. I wouldn't call this an Android tablet, not even close.
So is anyone else theorizing that RIM is just refinishing PlayBooks for Amazon's Android-friendly operating system? They've gotta move em somehow.
Everyone has an Android tablet. Amazon wants to differentiate themselves. The fact that it's some version of Android under the covers is interesting to us geeks, but not very important to the rest of the world. I believe the current Kindle runs some variant of Linux but who know/cares about that?

My advice, don't even think of this as an Android tablet. Think of it as a color backlit Kindle with a whole bunch of extra functionality. From that perspective $250 sounds really good.

Add in the fact that one or more groups of clever people will almost certainly figure out how to port and install Android on it and what's not to like?
I think +Cormac Long is suggesting one thing that would increase the sale of these. If I got 'proper' Android on decent hardware for that sort of price, I might get one. I would definitely want the Kindle App on it then.

The big no no for me will be the price. $250 sounds good until you remember that 96% of us are not in the USA. For Brits, that comes to about £155. I bet they will go for £199 - about $322 - not such great value. Why do I think this? The basic Kindle at present cost about $180 - how much do you pay?
If Amazon is really forking Android 2.2 without merging new Android updates, it's a fail.
Even today, there are apps that are not compatible with Android 2.2 ... just imagine in 1 or 2 years when most interesting Android apps will not be compatible Android 2.2 ...
the screen size of my Streak 7 is ideal for me

from the article, looking like it's aimed at Nook, rooted even before it comes out
A back-lit device is, well, sub-optimal for reading. Hence I will be keeping my Kindle. Though colour would be nice to have to enjoy some magazines. My guess is that in mid next year there will be such a gadget with an affordable price tag.
It will be the most successful Android tablet for the next 18 months or more. Developers will view it, not Honeycomb, as the prime target platform for Android tablet development. 
if its Amazon UI on top of Froyo or Gingerbread, it's no different than any other UI that's replaceable by LauncherPro, etc. If no GPS, camera- no AR, that would suck
+Da Ge I agree. I am not impressed -- waiting for a Samsung/MOT/Sony ICS to come out.
Is it possible to do e-ink plus touchscreen?
Tried buying a 7" tablet for the wife to read on, that lasted one week. Sent it back and got her a Kindle and now she reads constantly on it. Bad move amazon.
Last year I got a Kindle for my wife for Christmas. This year she can get the new Android Kindle for me I think. 
It has to have the e-ink screen or it isn't a Kindle, so I hope that they can work out how to integrate the e-ink with the colour touch screen. 
E Ink much better than LCD for reading a book.
+Ian Betteridge I completely disagree. Developers will hate it. Only 6GB space, a single processor, no camera, only WiFi (and therefore probably no GPS).....there is very little for them to work with. I actually think that now the leaders in the Android arena are Samsung or HTC. I am waiting for the HTC Puccini as that looks like it might be the first real iPad competitor.
I'm with you on that.....I'm going to have to get this!
Pixel Qi screen's are what you looking for if you want e-ink and color touchscreens.
Notion Ink tried to release a twofer but it seems to have fallen flat.
I have an ipad... i still want a 7 inch tablet. There IS a market for it. It's also much cheaper than iPad. If the success of the NOOK COLOR is any indication that people want this. Don't know why people keep insisting there's no market when every one but apple is making a 7" tablet. I think the rumors about samsung not releasing the new 7" MAY be because Sammy knows they can't compete with a $250 tablet.. now there will be 2. I'll go with the nook color though
+Vance McAlister En route when read your comment dashing my hopes in Amazon Tablet. My hope is they will include Google voice engine, because if they do that we can make software run on it. Here is to hope, and do know I will circle you for tech for your astute observations.
Will it run a navigation program? It needs GPS to do it. If it doesn't have GPS, forget it. If it does, I am in. 7.7 inch is perfect.
There's room for a small, less expensive tablet, but no one's going to be able to build one and successfully sell it if it has to carry all the heavy-duty features being called for in this thread. That would price it out of contention.
A small, simple tablet for reading, web, email, and media could sell if backed up with a decent interface for the average person and the marketing power of Amazon.
Unless, of course, Apple decides they WANT that end of the market. If that happens, as I noted earlier, such a tablet project could be made into an expensive lesson for Amazon.
Amazon press conference in NYC on September 28. Perhaps the Tablets will come into the light for all to see.
Hmm. Apple Event imminent. Bet your boots.
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