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One of the joys of my life is every Friday afternoon I get to talk to a few other geeks I like about, well, the week in tech. It's called the Gillmor Gang. Yesterday I explained why Mark Zuckerberg is brilliant and why his billion-dollar purchase of Instagram is going to seem like pocket change in a few years. But that's hardly all we talked about. Thanks +Dan Farber (he works at CBS news), +Kevin Marks (he's forgotten more about technology than I'll ever know), and +Steve Gillmor for making Friday's so fun!
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Sounds great. I haven't watched GG in a while... bookmarking this one.
Zuckerberg didn't buy Instagram , he bought it's users.
What makes you think he didn't already have 'em?
Would be a good show except for the fact that Gillmor is boorish and intolerable. Ditch Gilmor and I'd subscribe like I did before Leo understandably parted ways with him from the Twit network a couple years back.
Gilmor is pretty much unwatchable. I'e tried in the past but the man is a bore and has zero voice inflection. Sorry, tis true tis true
I love the Gilmore Gang, really insightful conversations. I look forward to it every week too.
I don't think this move was as nearly brilliant as google's purchase of YouTube for a similar amount, if i recall, but i haven't listened to your cogent analysis yet, Robert, so i will watch the Gang and see if you changed my initial take that it makes little sense with your usual insightful and persuasive commentary.

BTW, you are basically the only serious promoter of Gillmor Gang that i run into — +Steve Gillmor doesn't seem interested in promoting his own show. He certainly doesn't do it with your zest; he seems only to reluctantly admit that a show is coming up with a timid tweet. So i'm thanking you for myself and Steve for reminding us about the show each week. It is becoming a highlight of my week.
+Dale Dietrich and +Greg Hines, no offence, but if I gave you 20 clues each, you'd still be clueless. Pay attention to the Maestro of Dead Air at work.
Thank you Robert for turning me onto the GG show. First time watching, and great discussion.
Brilliant move? Not really. Defensive move? Definitely.
Great episode. Placeme is an interesting app.
Only just 'discovered' Gillmor Gang' - yet another benefit of G+ ... Scoble and from Scoble to so many others - I find it very entertaining and thought provoking - it is done well!
+Robert Scoble, does Instagram have patents on special data that gets encoded with instant uploaded photos? I just don't understand why Facebook uploaded photos can't also provide the same valuable data. Are the 30 million Instagram users leading-edge types like you that are worth paying $33 per head?

Seriously, i don't understand this move at all, even after you explained in terms of information on users to leverage for merchandising. This is nothing like the YouTube synergies that Google got from its $1 billion purchase, is it?
Leo G
I can clearly see the advantages of taking more and more independent products and through open graph or any other system, collect more data to better serve a registered user. That has always been the essence behind Google Search. YES the masses are at FB but for me the total sum isn't worth a move, diluting my current efforts.
...I rely on a service that provides me with so many products that I use daily; email, shared photos, shared videos, shared calendars, tasks, private sharing, public sharing, navigation, check-ins, pages, spreadsheets, presentations, news, documents, phone OS and sharing, personal and shared maps, 3D modeling, transcribed voice mail, search alerts, etc and I use them all with regularity.
....What I get from the service that I use is pure ownership of my shared data. I can edit and/or remove anything and everything at will and every day the service I use becomes more integrated and more interesting.
...Unless there's some must have app that isn't available on my current service (Glympse for instance) it's tough to be pulled out of line. I don't use FB or Instagram or 4SQ or Ning or Twitter because I already have their equivalents already tied in to my one core service that does far more than this new FB/Instragram combo.
....Hats off to Robert for covering all these news articles and as-yet to be discovered new companies and apps. It's always worth reading and watching Robert's feed to see what will hopefully be incorporated into the system I'm banking with now. Back to the GG (playing in the background at the moment)...
I wish there was a audio version of the GG podcast.

The video podcast can ballon to near 1 GB which is weird & unpractical for people on limited b/w. 
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