Behind the scenes with Oakley's AirWave wearable heads up display for skiiers team

Wearable computers that are contextual are the next wave. Want a taste of +Project Glass from Google? Check these googles out from Oakley. On Monday I visited Oakley's headquarters and visited with several execs who are doing innovative work on wearable devices.

We've all heard about wearable computers that are coming, whether the Pebble watch or Google's Project Glass. But here's a team that actually shipped a product: Oakley's AirWave Googles for skiiers and snow boarders.

This heralds the contextual age where products will make you smarter about what you are doing. These show you where on the mountain you are, where your friends are, how many vertical feet, and a lot more. 

In this video you meet the guy who runs the team and get some inside info about how they, and other products at Oakley were developed.
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