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Just arrived in China and can't post to Twitter or Facebook but Google+ works.

Rumors that my Facebook was hacked are not true.
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google + accessible randomly! 
Thats what goverment control can do for you, they decide what you can say and post
sorry for that. both i want to use facebook but can't.anyway enjoy china trip
How do we know that your Google account was not hacked and the  "My FB was not hacked" message wan't posted by a hacker :-P
Enjoy, is this your first trip to China? 
Making your way up to Beijing? I'd be happy to show you around if so!
Use some proxys China does not care if foreigners post to Facebook. :)
+Robert Scoble Here is a workaround: Each Facebook & Twitter account have email addresses that publish status updates, when a message is sent to.  If you share your Google+ posts to these email addresses, Google's servers will in effect allow you to bypass the firewall.
Robert - I just returned from Pudong / Shanghai last week. I wasn't able to get my Witopia to connect, but found that some wifi connections already bypassed the firewalls and allowed FB / Twitter.

Will you be taking photos? If so, if you've never been I'd be happy to recommend some great spots.

I just posted some pics here: (or via my G+)

Enjoy! I loved Shanghai and definitely need to return soon.
i recall wanna be in China right now. Have fun 
Kam Siu
Have fun over there!!
Get some sleep first. It's a very long flight. Thank goodness you're getting in at night. Turn off your computer until tonight, our time. OK? OK
FYI, +Robert Scoble if you have access to any sort of VPN service you should be able to get to FB, Twitter, etc. that way.  Access via your US-based mobile phone should work as well, but may be a little spotty.  Enjoy your trip!
welcome to my home
Amila G
U can use a VPN... thats wht I do... ;) 
Ob Mon
Tor Browser Bundle!!!!!
+Alsan Wong Take a look at your FB/twitter account settings and take note of the email address, that you can use to post.   Create a contact for both of these within your google account.  When you want to share to FB/Twitter via G+, just pick the FB/Twitter contact you have created, when creating the post on G+.  
+Robert Scoble if you would like for me to cook you up a quick howto on setting up OpenVPN on a Rackspace Cloud instance and tunneling your laptop and/or mobile phone connections in order to bypass the firewalls, i am totally down. :) 
Ah hah! So that's why China is ahead in certain areas... They aren't glued to Facebook at work like us Americans! Ha!
Robert ... Well, keep posting, and congratulations on your endeavor.  Wow! Florida to China.  That's range!   Dennis
Use your US SIM phone and you can get to all of the sites.  VPN to a US pop gets you in also.  
+Vishnu Suresh I get the joke (good one), but it actually highlights how Google is inherently more trustworthy than FB or Twitter because of the two-step authentication.
额。you need a Goagent here
Funny just arrived in China just now. Transfer to Amsterdam. And facebook and twitter are not the only things you can't access. 
Coz China likes Google+ :P
One of my colleagues recently returned from China.He was permanently sharing is location with me and with is wife. 
In China,there is impossible to use Twitter and Facebook,I don't know why.
+Robert Scoble I'll be there next week near Beijing. Let's go find the the best iPhone knock off we can! Also, have you tried a VPN service to gain access to the outside?
For those of you not using Google translate on the above, it comes out "Welcome to China." Some nice folks over there. Y'all take care of our Robert, and send him back home safe. I know you will. 
Sounds like you need a FB liaison outside of the Great Wall.
Use The site is also blocked. Have a friend or family set your account up and then ur good to go with regular OSX's VPN software if you have no other VPN..
man 放松点,这就是中国
would like to visit the google office in shanghai
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