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Here's my first uploaded photo of STS-135's final flight.

Off we go! Godspeed Atlantis! This is a photo of the final launch of Space Shuttle Atlantis.

I'll be honest, the tears were streaming down my face. It's unlike anything I have viewed ever before and I've viewed some awesome things.
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Oh, that's an wonderful photo. Great flag placement!
doesn't get much more american than that. Flag + Shuttle
Wow, this was a lot more emotional than I expected. Nice pic
This real time thing is SO cool! Great shot!
Great photo Robert. Liftoff lifts our hearts and spirits.
It is nice to see Google+ being part of the action...
Safe Journey Atlantis, and great shot
That was the first and sadly last launch I've ever seen live.
Cool shot. Almost as cool to watch these comments fill in live.
I saw one of the first night launches, amazing! Like it was daytime all over again; even the birds came out! Glad you could be there to see it; enjoy it Robert!
You're trying to make me cry, aren't you? Thank you for the great shot!
Watching a newscaster cry about the launch. Beautiful and powerful.
I'm using that photo for my phone wallpaper.
Thanks for sharing. Nostalgia in spades.
Great job Robert. Glad you were there to capture it.
Awesome! Congrats to the successful launch.
Amazing photo, and amazing the way the comments update in real time!
You did plan that one beforehand, didn't you? ;)
A fantastic advenure indeed. A big lump in my throat, but it's more joy than tears: the Shuttle has been an icon of the better part of my life, it's not easy yet to realize that this is the final lift-off.
Thats awesome man.. totally appreciate the framing there..
Awesome! And you're so lucky to be able to be there!
Amazing shot. I also teared up while showing my infant son the final shuttle launch.
Matt S
watch out +AshtonKutcher , Cannon has a new poster boy
After this picture was posted, dozens and dozens of users made comments, making the page slow to a crawl and become virtually unusable. Reported to G+ as a flaw.
good thing they waited for Google+ to launch first.
+Robert Scoble I watched the first Man get launched into space on a black and white TV in my elementary school as a child - Now I'm watching the live video streaming to my computer in color of the last shuttle launch - thanks for taking an iconic shot -
congrats and all the best for US.. bad to know there is no further plan for next space shuttle
Awesome photo Robert!! Wish I had been there. We are now going to become irrelevant, as our space dominance fades into history! If US politicians were men of vision, just imagine what could be accomplished!!!
Excellent! Hopefully instead of just the end of an era this is the beginning of bigger, better, greater space exploration things!
Thanks for sharing such a nice picture!
Mo Hall
That's a good look.. sweet!
Are you going to sell some of these photos?
Now when is Virgin Galactic going to be scheduling its 1st passenger flight? I'm looking forward to private corporations endeavors of space travel.
It makes me sad to think that, the next generation of kids won't want to be astronauts anymore.
Absolutely awesome shot, Robert. And I agree--you should make posters and sell them.
Awesome photo! Congrats!
Great photo Robert! Go Atlantis!!!
How incredible a sight - and, frankly, it's not even a very good photo, more of a snapshot. But still, what an incredible moment captured, and how fascinating it must have been to be there, rather than here, in front of a mere monitor.
You're so fortunate! Chills and watery eyes here as well. Cool shot.
True devotion brings true emotion! A bitter sweet day as there will be 7,000 job losses in Brevard County, FL... and this on top of the already bad job numbers today. 9.2% Unemployment... so much for the recovery.
+love this shot, great great great!
That picture gave me goose bumps. Beautiful.
Really awesome shot, Robert. Thank you.
Beautiful! I wish I could share that on Facebook ;)
Thank you for sharing this stunning photo. It gave me goosebumps.
I watched an early launch when I was young. But to watch the last, I can't imagine. Go Atlantis!!!
Epic shot Scoble. You should sell that one to all the major news outlets
Anyone else see the Atlantis launch home video from commercial airline flight? Humbling. HDNet just played. Can't find link anywhere...
Arguably mankind's greatest ever achievement.
I have to admit that I got a bit teary, also. I remember watching the first Shuttle launch when I was in the 4th grade.
What a shot. Bittersweet. What space program will inspire kids now?
The Shuttle's been a part of my life since the 80s - it's more than a chapter that will be closed soon.
Scoble was this the first launch you have seen?
Great picture. I love how u got the American flag with the shuttle launch
A fitting salute to this amazing 30 year journey.
Great shot, especially raw right from the camera. Looking forward to seeing more and some from +Trey Ratcliff as well.
You weren't alone with the tears :)
Beautiful image, Robert. It was emotional for many of us who have lived from the birth of the space program to now, I'm sure. I'm happy for you, what a wonderful experience!
Please keep us updated on where we can order a print of this photo. Amazing, perfect, beautiful... speechless.
You can criticize NASA for being inefficient, but there is something about taking on an audacious, literally "reach for the stars" goal and accomplishing it that makes me hopeful for the human race.
Much too cloudy here at home to see it, had to rely on NASA TV.
+Robert Scoble we were there (Kennedy) just last week with my 4 1/2 year old son who is of course enamored with rockets, planes, trains etc. It's a very special day for him and I'll be sure to share your awesome photo.
Get that ugly flag out of the way.
Vocês nos proporcionaram hoje uma grande oportunidade mesmo. Parabéns e obrigada!
great shot! Goodbye Autobots! We will miss you!
This photo has been done, done and done again. Something original next time?
Awesome photograph. I can't wait to see your other shots!
You start crying when you realize humans are flying into space in front of your eyes.
Am I the only one that thinks this isn't really that good of a picture?
Craig: It isn't. But it obviously isn't about the picture, but what it depicts.
What a beautiful shot! So appropriate that it's kind of draped by the American flag.
Am I the only person who had his fingers crossed that it would launch for the last time safely? The last thing I wanted to see was a tragedy on the final flight
Glad you had such a wonderful experience Robert.
wow... this must be the record of "+1's" congrats!!!
Pretty cool shot I love it! glad the lens worked out for ya!
Nice pix indeed for the end of an era, but if it only were for your tears, how much had the US taxpayer paid for your drops now? ;)
Give Trey his photo back ;) j/k nice pic.
It doesn't get more American than that shot... lol
Visually stunning. Thanks for posting. Makes me feel extra proud.
Man, this is one awesome photo.
Great shot! Wish I were that good at picture taking!
Awesome shot! Powerful and sad at the same time.
You ever notice that when you line up a perfect shot with the flag, the wind is always blowing it backwards. Lol. Great shot though.
A memorable moment... captured great in the pic!
I want to thank you Robert, you did a great job! Godspeed Atlantis! Praying for a safe voyage for the crew of the Atlantis. Very emotional to see! Thanks, for taking us with you! 
I guess people have loved the Shuttle as much as they loved the Zeppelins in their era.
Nothing beats a Shuttle launch. I have been lucky enough to have seen several!
What would Walter Cronkite think of our now-abandoned space program?
Beautiful shot. Love the composition. Can I use that as my wallpaper?
That's a pretty impressive photo, Robert. Pretty inspiring.
Ok frankly after a certain threshold the sharing.. become akin to spamming.. Seriously G+ needs a method for user to Click on a thread , pls dont display again.. Gosh.. 598 share.. guess what ..with us early adopters .. its like a mirage over and over again !! jus saying...rant over !!
Fantastic image, thanks for sharing. What an extraordinary experience, I listened this morning and it brought tears to my eyes.
Just look at the flag flying in front. I am an Indian, but I can definitely feel the emotions running across your mind while taking this pic! Awesome is the word! :)
I just wanted to comment about how nice this shot is before it ends up on every other website and all of tomorrows newspapers. Thanks.
An historic moment for USA.. thank you for being there on our behalf and sharing this pic here on G+ :)
Kevin H
Priceless photo, makes me wish I were there.
Amazing snap, thanks for sharing !!!
My +1 status was #1776. Total irony. Not a coincidence! Rock on!
The amount of raw power is something that has to be seen to be appreciated.
Amazing photo! I wish that I had the good fortune to have attended one of the launches in person....a true regret...
I was in Orlando for a technical conference in the late 80's - I ditched the conference and managed to see a launch. You cannot appreciate it unless you see it.
I was also gifted with the opportunity to see a shuttle launch myself (STS-122 Atlantis It is VERY special! It gives this 'to-infinity-and-beyond' feeling. :-) You feel pride for mankind as a whole able to do this, so... on the composition... why did you put up the flag of the country that is happy to spend 1.2 trilion on war since 2001 and tries to cut costs on the shuttle programe?
Wow, you got two fading icons in one image. Stirring and sad simultaneously.
Very cool Robert. Great job framing the shot.
:) at the photo and the sentiments.
I'm sure it Helped having Trey over your shoulder on this one. Still an excellent shot.
Matt C
Very Cool thanks for the Pic!
I'm getting teary eyed just thinking about it...sigh...hic...sob
Very beautiful picture. Thanks for sharing.
Great pic.. and yes seeing the Space Shuttle launch is like nothing else. I saw the first one launch when I was a kid.. and the force and sound of the rocket engines are still vivid today.

I will miss you space shuttle... as I do my childhood dreams of space.
This is a +1 photo in my book. Godspeed Atlantis, Godspeed Atlantis!
That pic says it ALL!! We can't stop investing in exploration. The returns have been enormous . . . so much that we take for granted every day was born from our commitment to the space program. Without that field of innovation, our future will bleak.
Great pic. Photoshop it so the flag is flying in the right direction....
Awesome photo!! I knew that must have been a most glorious event to be at!! Wishing those brave astronauts all the luck in the world!!
Was lucky enough to be there for a launch way back in 1996 or so. Incredible isn't it?
Tim K
Truly an amazing shot
last time we will see that
That's a great photo and insight. Thanks for sharing.
That's the first photo that you have ever taken? You're a natural!
Amy Do
A picture is worth a thousand words. Breathtaking.
You're so lucky to have been there! I got pretty misty too... The photo is gorgeous!
This is the best picture I have seen in a long time.
That is a great picture, really helps me understand why you'd be crying!
Thats an amazing shot !! you caught it in all its glory..!
nice shot american flag and all
U couldn't of timed the shot of that pic any better, great pic.
Excellent photo. What timing with the flag!
What an amazing picture. Frame worthy!
Great shot. I share that emotion.
A bittersweet day for America... Excellent pic!
thank you for this picture -- a lasting tribute to a program that started when I was a boy
Does anyone else think there's more than one +Robert Scoble running around the planet? How the heck does he show up everywhere? Next photo from Scoble: Inside space station. #totallyexpectit
The most dramatic photo! Breathtaking image. Thanks for sharing!