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How I made myself into an asshole

Oh, boy. Here's how one comment can really change how people perceive you.

First, this comment was made over on Facebook on Kevin Rose's feed: Here's a screen shot of my comment that kicked this all off:

Second, that caused to take to Twitter. She's a popular Twitter user and her followers kicked into action, I've been seeing message after message calling me "dick" or "asshole" or worse (see the screen shot of a small part of my inbound Twitter stream for past few minutes).

So, that caused me to go back and look at what I said and why I said it.

It was the heat of the moment. I get passionate about my observations. But here I went way way way over the line of passion. On second reading (and 10th and 100th) I had turned into an asshole.

I'm sorry about that and apologize to +Aimee Giese. I was way over the line and did just what I preached against earlier today. Double bad.

Aimee, I owe you one.
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public opinion aint what it used to be ;-)
LMAO, i'm just now reading your article on the Business Insider. This is all too funny and good stuff! Healthy disagreements I'd call em, no worries
Bad news travels faster then good news
asshole might be a bit harsh. passionate yes... opinionated... absolutely. but that's WHY you are in the position you're in today. there is no room for pansy-ism.

i do however deeply respect your ability to acknowledge when you act in a way that doesn't "fit" with who you are. thanks for being an example.
LOL well I cant say I haven't stuck my foot in my mouth a time or two.. I'm always trying to piss you off and you haven't booted me yet. So for myself even though I don't have a dog in this fight. I understand and your apology is excepted..
When you goof, you apologize fast. That's rare
I know it won't stop you from speaking your mind, right.
very cool Robert, good save
I find it easy to make myself into an asshole!
Was your comment deleted? I don't see it on his feed…
Asshole or not, Scoble is awesome.
It happens to the best of us... don't catch me while I'm driving on the road.
When you mess up, and an apology is warranted, give it and move on.
if you're thin-skinned get off the internet. That comment wasn't even bad in comparison to what gets said to me.
Aren't we all assholes at one time or another? Redemption is a heartfelt and unequivocal apology. Something many of our politicians need to learn.
+Liza Fox-Mills A really good insult is to say that somebody is missing their village idiot when you talk about them
I realize how that could be read wrong, but really people need to realize it is the net. Laugh it off and move on.
It takes a man to admit he's wrong. And to do it so publicly is awesome. Good work
One network to stream them all.
One network to find them.
One network to link them all
and in the darkness bind them.
I read Kevin's post and my first thought was, a smart person would be on all 3 sites. Being on just one would mean you lose out on 1/4 to 2/3 of the action.

I think Twitter and Google are better for discovery by strangers. Facebook might have more engagement due to nature of "friends" and frequent visits.

I'm just amazed that we now have 3 big players. What happens if iCloud offers some of these features?
So confused...what did he say?

*Update* Got it
Robert how about giving a summary of what was said instead of links next time? We're totally confused.
Sh*t happens .... no reason to perseverate.
+Robert Scoble I told you this last night. (scroll down for my comment)

You really need to step back and realize that you are taking criticism of these platforms way too personally. It's frankly odd. I have no vested interest in G+ or Facebook, or Twitter beating one another.

I realize you seem to have some preference for G+, which I can't quite figure out, and it's an odd evangelical crusade.

I find value in each of those networks for different reasons, I have no desire for any of them to 'beat' the other. Not sure why this is so important to you.
I'm thick skinned so I wouldn't have thought twice, but as a "public" figure you're more likely get to grilled over a slip.
Im using this app =D
+Anthony De Rosa Totally agree. Multiple use cases, multiple networks. These things are tools, nothing more.
You need to start quoting Denis Leary. "I'm an asshole, and proud of it."
+Robert Scoble Everyone makes a mistake once in a while. Yours wasn't even a major one. In fact, the people who read your comment and became seriously upset about it, made a mistake at least as large as yours. :) It's all a silly misunderstanding. I'm sure people will eventually realize that.
Ouch. Funny someone said something similar to me recently. I posted publicly that there was better content on Google than Facebook and someone responded that perhaps it was because I wasn't interesting enough to make friends on FB.
Thank you for apologizing. It's good to know that people can be humble and learn from their mistakes.
+Aimee Giese should have you give a presentation to her alma mater or something. If I was one up on you, Robert, I would have to try to take advantage of that somehow cough space shuttle launch cough cough Metallica concert cough. You're a good guy, Robert, thanks for setting an example of civility even when you're not being all-so civil.
I laughed so hard when Leo blurted out on TWIT... FB is for ignorant people... i mean normal people... LOLZ
Tsk tsk, Scoble. You can't make Internet insults when your Klout passes 75.
It's great to be human. We err and we emote. I wouldn't have it any other way!
"Drama" - and there will always be queens that dwell on it. Did somebody offer her counseling yet?
+Robert Scoble It's the Amplification, man. She took that barb and cranked it to 11.

Seriously though, it's big of you to apologize this quickly and publicly. Hopefully she accepts, and no harm no foul.
Words can hurt: that is why assholes are assholes and people like Robert apologize...
For what it's worth, full on assholes rarely, if ever, realize they're assholes.
Interesting that the original was on Fb, while those who wanted to roast you went to Twitter, and you came here to G+ to apologize.
You apologized nothing more you can do.
Good for you Robert. You were not at your best when you responded to Aimee but you are human and we all make mistakes. It takes a big man to admit he was wrong, especially when you admit it in front of such a large audience. There is so much going on now in this online world, someday we will look back on it and have a laugh. In the meantime you are doing a great job helping us all make sense of this rapidly evolving world of social media. Keep up the good work.
+Robert Scoble There's a reason I have a great respect for you. When you make a public mistake, you take no pains to try to correct it privately with the ones you have offended. You go right out and make a public apology. That's what makes you a great man. This is the second time that I remember recently reading an apology by you before I knew there was a problem. I greatly respect and admire you.
+Robert Scoble Seriously that wasn't that bad. Even if it was meant to be negative, its like a three out of 10 on the scale of 'Assholeness' When people start to bitch about comments such as these I laugh. We say what we think.
That would make one heck of a headline for sales copy
Well... your comment was: 1) plain wrong and 2) funny. The internet is fun. People get offended easily. Shouldn't. Anyways... I get more traffic on FB than Twitter, but I have way more engaged people on there then on Twitter. They both have a purpose though.
We all mistakes and say something stupid. Just part of being human Mr. Scoble.
+Robert Scoble ,
Love following you. I like reading from passionate people who know when to take a few steps back. I wish Google+ was working for me the way it does for you. But none of my friends really care for it. I love it, and will continue to share, make observations and participate as well as follow you. Good on you.
I'll just take it as awkward levity that Klout of less than 74 would have made it any less 'wrong'. I'd rather admire that you had the character to let the apology expand to the general scope of the offense.
hmmmm.... another first for me on Google+.... arrogance=uncircled
Humor is insulting yourself, or a group of people. Not singling out another person. =/
You did the right thing Robert.

I, on the other hand, have never actually made a mistake. Ever. 
Keep yer chin up mate, this too will pass, If you're a "dick" or an "asshole" then what does that make %50+ of the comment posters on Youtube?
I dunno, jokes at the expense of Paris Hilton are pretty good.
Kudos to you +Robert Scoble for admitting to a mistake. Clearly, you should have added a smiley to the comment so she would know you didn't really mean she has no friends. ... You didn't really meant that, did you? ;)

Personally, I would say she has massively overreacted. But we've all been there, on both sides.
+Robert Scoble I believe you are very animated and excited about your opinions, and that's good. You just fell into what most people do, attacking the person and not defending your idea. It's ok. :) She'll forgive you if she can.
+Robert Scoble All the good stuff you've done won't be negated by one small comment. It really was nothing. I'm not sure what the fuss is all about.
You probably did more to publicize her feeds/blogs than you did harm to her fragile ego. She is now seeing a rush to her sphere.
Wow that was an unScoble like pop. I guess we're all guilty of that at one time or another (or more). Props for recognizing it and apologizing. I know a phone book of assholes that would never recognize or say they were sorry.
When I read it, I thought it was indeed a total a-hole thing to say. But hey, I do say stuff like that sometimes, too. Passionate people do things we love and sometimes things we hate - that's why they are passionate = interesting, right +Robert Scoble ? You did the right thing though here. We all deserve second chances and you've done WAY more good than harm, so time to move on people. Nothing to see here :)
Also, my Klout score has plummeted since Google+, because I no longer use Twitter. /just saying
Hopefully that will change now that Klout is measuring G+ as well.
Ohhh dear! Maybe you have too much time on your hands? Here I go making an assumption about your life I know nothing of... that's where you went wrong.
11 people didn't think you were an asshole.
If those people are offended by the original comment, it's just as well that they missed days of usenet. What you said wouldn't have even been noticed.
It's always great when insert foot into mouth is recognized and corrected promptly. As for the conversation, I like FB a lot more than Google+ and I haven't given up on Twitter yet. Although the next couple of months, I'd like to see how Google + fairs. I think that a lot of people in the industry like it, but I'm not to sure how the mainstream will go for it.
In general, it's unwise to comment on other people's social networking experience because they have a different social network than you. I can understand that some users on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter don't see much activity, or they see lots of juvenile posts, etc. but that's because they don't have the same network as I do. I recognize that I have put in a lot of effort to building a network that meets my interests, and I don't judge other people who don't see the same things I do.
I understand where you were coming from +Robert Scoble... just could have picked a better way to say it ;)
I do agree with what you were trying to say, though maybe it wasn't the best way of saying it!
+Robert Scoble you get a plus for recognizing your mistake and another plus for doing something about it. It's been a hectic day...We have all been there... Have a glass of wine and relax. No one will remember it tomorrow.
Seems her reaction was a bit over the top as well. Personally, I am using Twitter less and less. My friends and family are mostly on Facebook, while I am interacting more with fellow photographers and tech folks on Google+. Twitter is too restrictive for serious conversations. An example is a NASA Tweetup I attended in July. Initial communication was through Twitter, but eventually a group was created on Facebook where most of the interaction took place. During the tweetup we returned to Twitter because it was a quick way to send out short messages. Twitter seems ideal for temporary events like conferences. We used it a great deal this summer at ISTE and Discovery Education events, but afterwards most people went back to communicating via Facebook and email.
I'm a bit confused by this discussion thread, Robert. First off, I don't know why we need to have a "winner" here: I think Kevin's spot on with his suggestion that you use the different services simultaneously, based on the different constituencies you're trying to reach. Further, I'm an avowed fan of +Aimee Giese and think she's exactly right too in that her experience, with her networks and circles, is that Twitter works better for her. What I don't understand is why you reacted defensively to that, Robert. I can totally appreciate your passion, but I don't understand your motivation in the first place, my friend. And then there are the ridiculous, crass, insensitive and plain troubling comments here on this comment thread. PMS? Really? Can't we agree to disagree about things, honor that Robert apologized, and keep our discourse civil?
Get some exercise, clear the head, walk the dog, disengage. What brought you to making that comment is the question, not how great it is that you apologized. Cause you just turned it into a story about you.
I know what would make you feel better, brazzle berry
Just curious as to why you reacted that way?
Leo G
He he he. So now that you made yourself into an a-hole, how are you going to unfollow yourself? Pretty funny. The only thing that you actually risked was brand damage at Rackspace. I read a number of "I hate rackspace" replies. You know you can't play elitist when you're representing a company and you have to be really nice to people if you're to do your principal any good (I know you know that). Start-up video interviews mean nothing if you're not building goodwill in your posts and responses... ;^)
You were high off the Google + koolaide till you hit the "You have no family and you have no friends." bit then you swerved off course and crashed into assholia.

To be honest I can see how you get into these spots. You're involved in such a Internet exclusivity arms race you bypass your own filters. Who knows though, could work for you. The tech crowd might like having its own variation of "shock jock" as long as you apologize afterwards the masses will accept you back into the fold right? I mean at your level of exposure you'd have to do something pretty awful to tarnish your reputation with your audience.
Actually, if you take my twitter stream it supports what +Robert Scoble said 100%. The people who are constantly (more than a few times an hour) talking on twitter, sharing small thoughts and saying things like "time to eat, see you in a few" happen to have no friends nor families outside of twitter. And they talk about that as well... I believe that is quite typical and understandable. Still, even if it is true, and especially since it is true, it is wrong to verbalize it like that just for the sake of argument. Good apology.
Exactly +Matthew Books it's a Robert apologized story. In a post earlier today, I compared this arms race to bucks in Rut. People are saying all kinda crazy things right now.
I've had beers with both of you. You're both intelligent, great minds and good people. Sometimes we don't express ourselves exactly as we mean to; sometimes we have differing experiences. I think this blew up more than it needed to, but that's actually also something of interest. Unfortunate that a lot of people decided to run with rude comments, both here and on Twitter, extending the facepalming agony. Hey, I know! Let's just all go to Hooters and have some wings....
Don't worry - I think what you said was funny =)
Impressed with how you handled this Robert. Nice job. Of course now I need to go back and comment on the other network where the conversation took place. This was a classy move and I commend you for your human and humble response.
I admire how quick you realized your mistake and send out apology! You'd make a great CEO :D!
Thanks for the clarification, +Robert Scoble and I understand where you're going with the engagement level of followers/friends on the different social networks. Hmm... a separate topic for a separate thread, perhaps?

And in terms of having to delete the crass comments? Sometimes I think that I don't want to hear the "vox populi", if y'know what I mean...
Sign of a pro. Love your response to this. We all get to be assholes at one point or another.
not your finest moment....but you do a lot more good, and very little made amends....forward ho....
I just defended you. You are an asshole about many things, but not toward women:-)
You can always write it off to testosterone poisoning. That should be good for a free pass or three.
Right. And it's inevitable, because no one is perfect.
+Robert Scoble I think your apology was nice and I respect you all the more for it. I also think there's perhaps a larger object lesson here that you, +Aimee Giese, and all the rest of us might take to heart: when we're making observations about these huge networks with millions of people in them, we're of necessity commenting on what we each see as the biggest trends. There's no way anyone could succinctly represent the diversity of ways these things are used. Thus your experience and what you've learned talking to people may trend one way, while Aimee's clearly trends differently.

We draw coarse-grained conclusions, and yet we live day-to-day in very fine-grained reality. That's a hard truth to reconcile with our culture that values strong opinions and eschews anything so wishy-washy as detail or ambiguity. Yet it's the truth all the same.
+Robert Scoble I just read what you said to her. You must be jones-ing for a tank slapper. Ya, that's a motorcycle term. Trying to get my message across without being too explicit. You can figure it out, I'm sure. Why you wanna put the boys in harm's way like that?
+Robert Scoble well done on the apology. Anyone can misstep in a public forum but it takes a class act to recover with grace and a dose of humor. Plus it rounds you out as a though leader who is also, alas, human.
Um, I won't aggravate this conversation beyond what has transpired. In the scheme of things, this is pretty unimportant (though of course, in the immediate here and now, people's feelings [everyone's] are important). What I would like to point out is how I can be responding to this about a half-hour after it was posted, along with hundreds of other people, and the whole event to now took place in less time for the same amount of people using the conventional word-of-mouth gossip scheme to catch mere whiffs of the affair for the first time, let alone think about and respond to it.
+Robert Scoble - I agree. I can see the topic title: "Can THESE Social Media People Destroy Your Brand?" (News at 11, obviously).

But honestly? Would be more fun than trying to debate ROI for the millionth time, or whether blogs without comments are blogs, etc.
I have to say Robert, I am appreciating very much how you are handling to commentary on this. I really don't care if people think I am thin-skinned or not, I did find your original comment highly offensive. What person tells someone they don't know (we have met before, by the way, but I do understand you meet tons of people) that they have no friends or family? Whether they have high or low Klout score, or anything? Having said that - again, I appreciate the apology. I wish you the best, Aimee
+Robert Scoble - I'm not technically going, but would go just to have that bar panel. Hmmm... I smell a change of plans for me. : )
I will hand it to +Aimee Giese that I went through 50 of her Tweets and saw only 2 links... the biggest problem that I have with Twitter is that I can't seem to get 2 Tweets in a row on my news feed that don't have some bitly or tinyurl in them that I have no idea where I am clicking through to... to her point, simply providing links is not providing good content or good interaction...
having said that, because of the abuse that I see in my Twitter feed of those shortened urls, I can't see how I could ever get the same level of interaction there that I do on Google +
Just the two cents from someone who probably has a negative score on any "clouting" site out there
First, you're right, Twitter's conversations suck and are the worst to follow.
Second, it was a funny comment.
Third, if someone's opinion of you changes that quickly over something that insignificant, they are not someone to be friends with.
Fourth, who's the bigger man now? I don't see the Twitter people apologizing for flying off the handle at you. Oh, maybe that's because they're saying it on Twitter and no one can find their conversation.
Ouch. I didn't think it was so bad until the final statement. Good on you +Robert Scoble for apologizing though and realizing your mistake.
There was a poster in one of my high school rooms that I remember to this day: "When I'm right, nobody remembers. When I'm wrong, nobody forgets. "

You made a mistake and apologized, let's move on. Robert, I remember and appreciate your good work... as well as look forward to more! 
Well, I think your first comment was right on the mark. Your second comment was a little harsh, but seriously? Those Aimee fangirls are a little too sensitive, no?

I truly do believe though that Twitter is for following and worship, and google+ is for engagement. Twitter makes it difficult to engage conversation. This thread is a perfect example of that. Yet it is all about who is sending out content. I don't expect Kevin Rose or Gary Vaynerchuk to engage that much. They are comfortable sending content, and I have the choice to listen or not.
Is he human or is he dancer?
I think everyone is an asshole at one time in their life and some people may think that about you now Robert. I personally look at it differently. You apologized and that shows more about you then anything. Everyone makes mistakes but its how we react to them that defines us as a person. 
The posts regarding "I am never using Rackspace again" they are the ones to worry about.
Regarding threats, Darren McGavin made an interesting observation: People who make threats do so because they feel they have no power to do anything else. It's the people who are going to take action that won't be making any threats.
I would say you did, but way to man up on the apology.
Leo G
"As to someone who said I risked brand damage to Rackspace. Now THAT is something to unpack." eh hem... THAT is something I'd like to watch on the new Hangouts On Air. Should draw a decent crowd, no conference required...
You're a very good person and people overlook this. PS If someone finds a way to organize comments well (beyong simple threading) they will make a fortune. So much hidden value (information) to extract
Like +Max Sperando comment, say's it as it is. Twitter, FB, G+ are different animals, used for different purposes
+Robert Scoble I caught this buzzing around Twitter before it headed this way. Glad to see you addressing it because I saw some people I know and respect tossing it around and I wasn't sure what to say. +Tanis Miller +Casey Mullins
Wait... apologize, justify... apologize, justify... if you were the only person that thought you weren't an asshole, would you behave any differently?
This proves conclusively that +Robert Scoble is not a cloud-based social media robot, but an actual human being. Case closed!
+Robert Scoble is HUMAN? You're kidding, right? Do we have medical evidence, or simply conjecture at this point? LOL
+Wesley Faulkner what? Am I the only one that did the math? All you have to do is count the number of characters +Robert Scoble types in one day across the Internet and divide that by 24*60*60 ;-)
This is the general downside of social media. Everyone is "entitled" to overly express themselves and think it has merit or some validity. See I just did it too.. validate me
The answer is 4815162342. God that was so geeky.
I am more sure what I would say is normal. You would probably have to do a multimillion dollar research study (by sector) to truly measure that. (Until this spring I co-owned a health research + web development firm, so I understand looking at data) If you look at the "funny" people of Twitter via - several of whom are being launched into TV shows from their writing style on Twitter, they would say Twitter. If you look at my high school friends, who only want to talk to people they know, they would say Facebook. But I still would not trust myself to make those assumptions in say, a presentation, I would go looking for data to back it up.
+Steven A. Lowe Okay I just did the math and got 666! OMG, I think I found another branch to the "not human" theory that you might not have explored.
Well, Blogworld Expo is coming up in LA, so a panel with +Chris Brogan, +Robert Scoble and myself could be most interesting. Or better yet, let's add a few women to the discussion too. +Aimee Giese, you going? :-)
+Robert Scoble, we've all stuck our foot in our mouths at one time or another. Your intentions weren't to be a meanie. We all forget that the written word misses the smile, the inflection, the passion and the intention of what we type. You may be a lot of things, but I think first and foremost, you're just human.
I would never stop following +Robert Scoble because of his passion. While I think he writes too much and goes overboard on his deep seated love for Google+, I occasionally find nuggets in his many (and I do mean many) posts. That said, I do think it is funny that this is the second Scoble apology thread in the past month (The Twitter one was the first) to be featured on Google+.
Looks like you need this: (How to Recover from a Faux Pas), but it doesn't sound that serious to me, so not to worry.☺ I like their first suggestion: pretend nothing happened, or the second: make a joke out of it. Another one is "leave the room", but I think a little humor before leaving might work too. Besides, we all know you're not an asshole, so, after leaving the room - make sure you come back in!
Just like FB people, drawing broad generalizations and only surmising a situation from the last few comments on the page. You monster!
How could you hate families!
+Robert Scoble Fuck that, I'm completely with him.

It's rare to have a large tribune to speak and have balls to still let passion speak.

Plus Scoble was right, 90% of people get more activity and subscribers through Facebook, this is statistical AND obvious...

I have nothing against Aimee but...I have to say the 140 characters suits the little she obviously has to say so...
well, after reading, what started it all and what came after, must say Robert, I found that "no-family thing" unnecessary to say, but You are right on link activity and more awareness about plp on face´puke´, cause everybody is now on there and that s EXACT the fact, why fb changes things for the worse all the time without caring for plp s wishes & thoughts!
they do what they want and cowardly don t even have an email address where to complain about things; at least I didn t find one after one hr search!
so lots of link activity doesn t compensate my frustration about destroyed work and effort by fb ( archived groups etc.)!!!
Not again Robert !!! Only kidding, we all say things wrong at some point that we regret. I think you are a nice guy !!! Keep up the good work. :-)
We live in a world were being too concise is a crime. I don't see anything wrong with what you said, only to whom you said it. The very idea that we are to be "sensitive" to an unknown person's entire life is ridiculous. Your comment, about a lack of family and friends, is perfectly natural, as Facebook is based on family and friends, which is illustrated perfectly by the family and friend functions of listing people.

Obviously, she has no concept of the abstract, and is only showing her lack of cognitive intelligence.
Wow, in the old days she would have thrown a drink or slapped you. I pine for those interactions. 
Cross-posted from Facebook because I really wanna drive it home:

Not only was it a really cruel comment on any level, Robert, it was most disappointing because you managed to eek out this highly offensive remark about someone you don't know with seemingly little to no consideration of how fast your words spread or how big your influence is. And it's rather ironic considering how self-conscious and self-aware your general manner of speaking is, because you do typically understand your role in your sphere of influence. What really makes it disappointing is I'm not sure if there is in fact an irony there; maybe you did understand that what you said was terribly off-base, yet you hit submit anyways. Is passion an excuse for that? Certainly not, and you don't necessarily blame passion, but you insert it into your defense. Thank you for apologizing to +Aimee Giese, but I find you apologizing - whether it's to specific people or your general readership - more often than you should have to. What gives?

On that note, Aimee is one of the first people I think of when you unite the words "friends" and "family" and her family has done a wonderful job of being my friends.
It's what we can call a big #fail... #sad
Oh sure - you guys go and do this on the day I'm trying to fix borked sites so I miss all of the good conversation. +Robert Scoble it's weird to me that you and +Aimee Giese don't know each other - I swear I've been in the same place with both of you 10 feet away from each other at least once. (SXSW a couple of years ago I think?)
Needless to say... Good to see you working on fixing it. But I'm with Aimee on this one - I get more engagement on Twitter than FB. But that's because it's still a 2-way medium for me. The thing is - Kevin's followers are more likely to reflect yours than Aimee's - demographics are important in that case. It's a case of communities and how they behave.
Still - interesting conversations coming out of this. I'm with +Dave Taylor - Aimee? Will you be at BWELA?
I'm glad you apologized to her as well, knowing you were way over the line. So many people follow what you had to say and we know you'll misstep here and there, as most people will, but when it comes to stuff like this... just gotta be more careful.
+Robert Scoble Being a public person is hard however I think your PR guy/gal must be smiling from ear to ear now...

First, the negative publicity with strong emotions then positive apology (Which seldom people do nowadays) create another great marketing opportunities for people who don't known you to get to know you & your other contributions.

However, you may get many enemies in the process.

Putting marketing aside, I do hope everyone here keep their cool & stop all these name calling attacks which have no purpose in all social is short...stay happy! :D

Glad that you apologized and now it's time to move on to better topics :D
Sucks dick you can't make the photo full size to easily read it as if it were actually on the application. Don't trip haters gonna hate.
9000 comments +Robert Scoble? Sheesh. I thought I was on here too much. This makes me feel way better. Have to show my wife this so she doesn't think I'm spending too much time here.
We all have our bad moments. The fact you shared the moment in photo AND apologized...much more respect for you.
+Robert Scoble, you missed my point. I'll spell it out again: you're in an influential position. You apologize a lot. Not that apologizing is bad, but you push yourself into corners where you are forced to apologize. Instead of wielding your influence to right a wrong and get back up, why don't you wield your influence to do right in the first place? Your whole point about x-number of comments and mistakes would be valid if your mistake was a typo, an error citing a spec, or misconstruing a comment. This remark about Aimee, however, was pointed at single person, auxiliary and unnecessary from your initial point, and does not fit the context of a "do the math" defense much less passing it off as "everyone gets offended."
Your comment reminded me of a conversation I once had with a liberal psychiatrist friend of mine where she said to me that if I was a supporter of George W. Bush that I must be an uneducated person thereby inferring that I was just a dumb ass in her mind which deserved no respect. Gee, now that I think of it...she was an asshole. LOL... I'm over it and I didn't run out and post to the world what I thought of her. Oh wait... I just did. Oh well... See what you started? Asshole. :-)
+Robert Scoble Yep I read them, but finally you're getting to understand what I said with "I need to be more careful." Oh and "fine line" between engaging and entertaining? Come on now. The difference between "I disagree and I can articulate it" and "I disagree so let me insult you" is pretty thick, if you ask me. One can be extremely interesting and not boring whatsoever without digging at someone personally, so please, be better than "I'd rather be interesting than loved by everyone," because that's the tenth excuse I've read in this whole thread.
People sometimes say things they didn't mean to say, or say things that they meant to say but they come out the wrong way. Haven't we all been guilty of that? That is what an apology is for. If someone apologizes for something they say, you can either accept their apology or not. If you chose not to accept someone's apology, that is your prerogative but I have always found that it pays to accept an apology and move on.
He made a mistake. He said sorry. Can we move on to other things, please?
Over-reaction all around! Seen much worse but I guess this just happened to people with big online followings.
So it really is just one of those things that happens, and has nothing really to do with penis size at all?

I'm joking. I can see her reaction (somewhat), but I think it's gone a little over the top. I actually think you are being overly apologetic, and that's problematic. It really empowers this modern "he hurt my feelings" mentality and sense of entitlement. I mean, it's not like you actually insulted her. From what I read, you expressed incredulity about her dubious statements about the level of engagement on Twitter, which to all but the most intense Twitter fanboys/fangirls, is a platform for one way self promotion. It is the broadcasters social network. Their whole platform is designed that way.

I'm not saying you are never a dick, so don't get too excited. I just think in this case, she misunderstood what you were trying to say moreso than you mistated what you intended to say.
+Robert Scoble It's ok.. I kinda like following assholes that actually have a point and an opinion!
There's a lot of really good dialogue on this thread. kudos to you all
Where is the -1

Glad you apologised though.
Sorry is the simple answer. The more we justify, the more ridiculous we become.
It takes a true gentleman to admit he was an asshole and sincerely apologize. Of course, without a sincere apology, he'd just be a bold asshole. But an apology, it is, and a public one at that. When you're internet famous like Scoble is, people are watching every word.
Good on you for apologizing, on the other hand "conversation on Twitter"? is there such a thing?
I must be spending too much time in the gaming community. "You have no family and you have no friends" might as well be a greeting in that community. What is this internet utopia where people are supposed to be nice?
People with no friends tend to not like being told they have no friends. But I think someone with a Klout score that high has friends, as demonstrated by the Twitter backlash. Even if you didn't apologize, she sure did make you eat your words though. I can imagine the thinking... "You don't think I have friends, well watch this Twitter flame war come at ya!" Lol. Gotta love an old school flame war in new media.
Everyone makes mistakes +Robert Scoble, what makes you a better person is when you realize it and seek to rectify it.
Good on you for being humble about this and apologizing, I'm not sure I could handle so many thousand people criticizing me like that...
Oh, Robert. Some of my best real life friends are friends with you online. I'm also friends with them on Twitter, FB and G+. Each medium will dictate what conversation we'll engage in, and who will also participate. I have more follows on Twitter than FB and G+ combined, and it's a lovely mix of both family, friends from real life, and online "friends". I find I want to talk about stuff here no one is interested in for the most part, so I don't often come to G+. Will that change in the future now that G+ has opened up the door? Probably not for me. Those who were interested accepted my invite, created their account and never returned. Amiee was talking for herself, just as I am now. Bad form for you to slap her down like that. Shame on you.
It's tough in today's world to not end up sending the wrong message or becoming a jerk every so often. Good on you for owning up though!
The Facebook vs Google+ turned into a fanboi war ala Apple vs Microsoft; also evangelists sometimes rub people the wrong way especially when they always say "my stuff" is better than yours... and yours... and yours....
Respect for admitting when you're wrong and apologizing for it. fist bump
It wouldn't have been such a big deal if you weren't already so internet-famous and well-respected. With great power comes great...something.
Apologizing on the Facebook thread -- where you insulted Amy -- would have made more sense.

Not your finest moment, for damn sure.
You know, it pays to do that second reading before hitting the post button.
I'm always surprised that some people will get emotionally involved (i.e. angry) simply because someone disagrees with them. This is exactly what you did. The apology is nice, but you showed your true colors - you get mad and mean, easily.
Well I thought for a second that I was supposed to stop making excuses but obviously it's more of a matter that I work at stopping my judging :-)
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