How I made myself into an asshole

Oh, boy. Here's how one comment can really change how people perceive you.

First, this comment was made over on Facebook on Kevin Rose's feed: Here's a screen shot of my comment that kicked this all off:

Second, that caused to take to Twitter. She's a popular Twitter user and her followers kicked into action, I've been seeing message after message calling me "dick" or "asshole" or worse (see the screen shot of a small part of my inbound Twitter stream for past few minutes).

So, that caused me to go back and look at what I said and why I said it.

It was the heat of the moment. I get passionate about my observations. But here I went way way way over the line of passion. On second reading (and 10th and 100th) I had turned into an asshole.

I'm sorry about that and apologize to +Aimee Giese. I was way over the line and did just what I preached against earlier today. Double bad.

Aimee, I owe you one.
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