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The Glass app maker of the week: +Cecilia Abadie

She's the one behind the Google Glass Genie app. I loaded that today, since +Thomas Schwartz, who works for her, hung out today at Knotts Berry Farm and was telling me all about it. 

What does it do? Well, this review says it's the Swiss Army Knife of Google Glass apps:

In my first few hours I found that out. In her words:

Genie is a voice personal assistant in Glass that at the moment will allow you to do the following:
1. keep a shopping list (soon to be expanded to other types of lists)
2.  send a quick note to self by email
3. mark your parking location so you can easily navigate back to it
4. keep a daily log (calories, tax expenses, mileage, etc)
5. add contacts by saying their pass phrase (probably too early for this one)

I got it to work and the UI is very nice compared to other Glass apps I've tried. I like it a lot, very colorful and does what it says it will do. I added a passphrase, so you can exchange contact info with me. 

It's so great meeting developers like Cecilia, because she's constantly thinking about what Glass needs. Love the passion. Along those lines, we started talking about what kinds of Glass apps I would like. I ripped off a few ideas with her, and thought it would be fun to see if anyone is working on these:

1. OK Glass, find me a drink. Parents need this, particularly in theme parks (there's one place at Knotts that serves alcohol, similar thing at Disney).

2. OK Glass, find me a bathroom. Thomas told me that it's the most asked question of employees at the park (he learned that on his new employee orientation, he works at the park in the shop that sells jam and candy).

3. OK Glass, find me a power outlet. Definitely need this when I'm in airports.

4. OK Glass, tell me how much that home costs. Maryam wanted that while driving around Beverly Hills (there's an iPhone app called Home Snap that does pretty good at that, but I want it in Glass).

5. OK Glass, check me in. I can't stand having to pull my phone out to use Foursquare, Yelp, Google+, Facebook and other location app features.

6. OK Glass, remember this person I just met. Doesn't need any face detection, but I want to take a photo of badges, or other things about the person. Sort of like I did this post about Cecilia. It could remind me when I meet her in a couple of weeks at the Google Glass Hangout about where I met her, etc etc and I could add in more details then. Her app actually gives a good start here. Something like a combination of Evernote and Highlight.

7. Personal map of a day in my life. Google Glass, unlike Smartphones, tracks where you are looking. I'd love to see a map of everything I stared at during the day. Google Glass could know. 

8. OK Glass where are my kids? I would love to put a tracking device on my kids (er, an Android smartphone). Particularly my 19 year old, +Patrick Scoble. I never seem to know where he is. Heh. Yeah, Oakley's AirWave Goggles have this feature, but I want it in Glass. So does the Life360 app for iPhones/Android smartphones.

9. Gesture magic. I want to shake my head to do something. Like "no no" means "Call Maryam." Etc. The accelerometer in Glass is on all the time, so would love to have an IFTTT style system, but just for gestures.

10. Geofence magic. Same for geofences. When I walk through a virtual fence surrounding, say, Knotts Berry Farm, I wish I could make my Glass do something. Like play some music (er, or an audio tour). Show me specials nearby. Give me the most recommended tips on Foursquare, etc.

Anyway, I am beat, someday will have to give you an even better list because there's so much missing from Glass that I hope to see someday. 

What app would you like? Maybe Cecilia will build it for us.

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An app that maps everything you stare at. What could possibly go wrong?
Ingress for Glass would be pretty neat and anything with a terminator style display. I like your ideas too though +Robert Scoble 
+Daniel Stoddart An app that maps everything you stare at would be great if you lost something. "OK Glass, where are my keys?"
Personality predictive profiling based on what you look at, get messaged and replies, add in where you go and a few other common variables .....crunch the data with some game theory and derive prediction and profiling that can be used by other apps to tend to your needs before you ask for them.... In other words a contextual global database for use by all apps.
Great pic sneak with Glass!! I had no idea you were taking a pic while I was taking you guys a pic.
Love the idea of a stare capture app. Something that would snap a picture for every 5 seconds head stays stationary. Would make a very interesting collage at the end of the day and an easy way to take covert pictures.

Man I need to get my hands on one of these. 
+Robert Scoble I've been developing a Glass app called Swarm! that's meant to be a platform and general purpose framework for addressing exactly the sort of use cases you mention here. You might remember talking to us about it at AlleyNYC a few months back. 

We've recently had a paper published in an upcoming Springer Handbook that lays out the idea, and we've already begun raising funds for developing a prototype. 

If you can tolerate the academic prose, you might be interested!
+Det Ansinn, this post is a must read for Glass development houses like yours. :-)
OK Glass, What apps work here? Using geo target and current view

Wow +Robert Scoble so glad I've got you circled because reading about your +Google Glass experiences makes me more eager for the product. Cannot wait for it to be released to the general public
+Salvatore Surra join  the Society of Glass SoCal Community (SOGE) on G+. We could do a Glass Explorer and Friends event at Knotts soon.
I Don't like Google glass.
I'd love an invite! I'm just starting to figure out my +Google Glass and I'd love to try out your app!
I really want to test a pair and teach non geeks how useful they can be for consumer use prior to sxsw etc.
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