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This app makes images better on Android and iOS

Perfectly Clear makes your images better. It's from and here I get a demo of just how much it does to make your images on Android or iOS better. Costs $2.99 and well worth it.
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$2.99 in the Play Store. Bought it though. If it'll help save time at those kiosks and give some more fine-tuned control, my wife will like it.
Looks interesting.

For mobile I like snapseed from Google which is free -- that's what I use for most of my Instagram photos.  

Retouch is another cool free app for doing content aware type editing on mobile photos.
I like  this app.  Just works as described and the interface is decent.
I thought this is what android and auto awesome does?
How would this compare to Camera Awesome that just came out?
I use Perfectly Clear along with Touch Retouch quite often. I installed Camera Awesome today and look forward to learning and adding it to my repertoire.
Installed it, and it's pretty dang cool. In the beginning of the video, Scoble explains the instances where you might not be dealing with Auto Awesome or when you're posting to another service immediately. e.g. Flickr, Instagram, whatever.
Cool beans. I just picked it up, and good job on the interview with these guys. Perhaps with this app I'll have a decent camera with my Nexus 5 - after the post production, that is.
+Phil Dunn I always grab the autowesome version of my photos to share elsewhere. But maybe it just really fixes the crap cameras I have that well , no need to spend 3 dollars for me. Looks like a good app though.
Great app, definitely worth the price. Bought it :)
Went to go buy it and realized I already did. Man I have good taste LOL
Thank you for the video. I just bought the app for my iPhone. It does everything you guys said it would. Very cool.
unfortunately you need to be on iOS 7 which sucks if you aren't ready to move ;(
Just got my nexus 5 and this app would be handy I think. I will be checking it out.
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