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If you are caring for a child or an adult, this is one you'll want to pay attention to

Care Zone and STBI

Are you caring for a special needs child or a senior that needs special care? I am.

My four-year-old son, Milan, is autistic and needs special care most of the week. He has home educators and other professionals who we need to deal with to help him reach his potential.

But +Maryam Scoble, my wife, also has to take care of her mom. She had brain surgery last year and still needs 24-hour-a-day care.

Tonight former Sun CEO, Jonathan Schwartz, brings us which helps us take care of both sets of people.

What does it do? The video below explains but it helps us manage all the care givers and also helps us share tasks with our family.

And it allows us to do all that privately, which is important in these issues, even though I'm pretty darn public about what's going on with our kids and our parents.

Great new app and very different than Jonathan's last job. If you are a caregiver my heart goes out to you (I know how tough it is) and hope this helps you keep track of all the people and tasks involved.

The video is at: Care Zone and STBI
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Wow, thanks for sharing. My husband and I are both helping with care for our parents and young daughter, we're the sandwich generation!
i Cjay
+Robert Scoble. Your level of energy and commitment is a monolith to your stature. Take care each day you have because the ride only goes faster. Good share my friend. 8D
+Robert Scoble My heart goes out to you and your family.

My dad passed away from Alzheimer's a couple years ago. Here's the thing I learned: Don't be embarassed to seek help. You can't do this alone. You need ALL the support you can get.
Robert, I thank you deeply for this. I too have a 4 year old son with Autism. This is THE most valuable thing I have seen on Google +. Again- thank you. 
This is HUGE! thx again, as always!
Great share. I definitely want to learn more about it specially from the personal documents/sensitive information sharing perspective with the loved ones.
What a great service. Sadly, I've lost the top part of my sandwich, but I know many people who could use this. 
I actually clicked on this thinking it would be more of a family calendar like Google Cal or Cozi (disclosure, I work for Cozi), but actually it was quite different. It looks like the shared document storage is the strongest feature, with the Journal and To Dos being handy extras. Certainly an app worth sharing with families. Thanks.
In addition to caring for my own loved one, I facilitate a group for families of the newly diagnosed mentally ill. I will definitely share with them. Thanks Robert!
+Robert Scoble only someone in our position knows how true that is. Our iPads (yes plural) have hundreds of autism / kids apps / kids movies on them. It amazes me that he is the best iPad driver / navigator in the house.
He knows the app he wants and if I try and start something else - look out. I wonder if there is an app that could encourage interaction between 2 autistic kids from their own iPad?
The iPad buy the way is the best $500 we've spent for Ben. 
+James Stitt I'm with you all the way. The iPad is by far our son's greatest asset. It's a toy, it's an educational device, it's a ticket to the world he may never of found any other way.
Thanks for mentioning, I checked it out and found it useful.
I've been the primary 24/7 caregiver for my parents the last 3 yrs. They just moved into Assisted Living.
I really dont get it. Nothing I see here that looks any different to any other PHR that has failed over the years & they want to charge money for it. And no way to get data from other systems--they didnt even build a Healthvault link. Of course if Barbara Duck likes it, that confirms my belief (just kidding Barbara....)
BTW the medications are NOT linked to a database. Text entry only. That would be amateurish for 1999....
Great product! I've used Care Calendar in the past, but that's better suited to an individual who is dealing with a single trauma or longer term care (such as cancer treatment). I like the way this covers multiple family members who need care in one account. I don't see a calendaring function though, which is one of the great aspects of Care Calendar... do they have it and just didn't show it in the video?
I hope you re-post the video soon. I was quite interested...
My son was autistic - the NZ taxpayer footed the bill for all his support so at one stage he actually had three trained experts helping out - one of them had the job of organizing the others.

The result was that he became quite functional very fast and ended the program only about 6 months behind kids the same age. I don't think the program will help on the ground all that much since the biggest problem was the isolation ... and exhaustion.
thanks for posting robert... and kudos to jonathan schwartz and his team
thanks Robert. caring for a senior is both rewarding and challenging. Your post was timely to something happening to me and my wife. Give my best to your bride who I am sure has her hands full.
this is an incredibly valuable tool for increasingly overburdened caregivers. i cobbled together a similar solution via Basecamp a few years ago while care-giving for both of my parents but Care Zone is much more focused and relevant. thanks!
This is really cool. I also have a son with Autism, and this inspired my wife and I to build a similar solution. We don't have the same kinds of resources as Care zone, so I had to write all the code myself. I'm lucky because as a physician I get to see both sides of this issue, both from the perspective of a parent and also as a health care provider. Caring for a child with Autism is extremely emotionally and financially demanding, so we're hoping to keep our software free, that way we can help out as many families like ours as we can. Please check it out!
Interesting site. It could be helpful. When I was caring for my aging father, I used which is free. Plus they have tons of helpful content and advanced directives for all 50 states which I found really helpful when things got tough.
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