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Apple isn't the most hurt today by Amazon's one-two punch

Yeah, Apple will be down a bit today due to the one-two punch of Amazon's new Kindle Fire ($199) combined with a new $79 Kindle (and a group of other low-cost Kindles).

But who else is hurting even worse?

RIM. The PlayBook is totally dead now.
Microsoft. Windows is looking worse and worse with each passing day and each passing product announcement.

Why is RIM dead? No ecosystem. No apps. A high price. Boom. Jeff Bezos just shot it in the head (not that it wasn't already a sick animal dragging behind the pack anyway).

Why is Microsoft hurting?

Because when you have two great companies like Amazon and Apple going at it, it pulls the consumer attention away from Microsoft.

These devices are becoming so capable that Microsoft is going to have a harder and harder time convincing consumers that Microsoft Windows matters anymore.

Plus, it totally puts Microsoft in a price war. OEMs now are going to have to decide between the free Android OS or paying Microsoft, what, $40 per copy for Windows? Microsoft is going to have to hand out subsidies and discounts to OEMs, which will hurt its bottom line.

That hurts. I think Steve Ballmer's days are numbered unless he can figure out how to deal with this new threat from Amazon (and from Google).

I have one way: Microsoft has patents and 800+ lawyers. Watch for Microsoft to switch its patent strategy from a defensive one "don't sue me bro, I got a pile of patents" to an offensive one "I can't compete in the marketplace, but I got a pile of patents and you don't so you gonna have to pay up."

That said, that cool new UI in Windows 8 sure isn't looking as cool anymore and we haven't even seen Apple's new iPhone and its new three-screen strategy that's coming over the next few months.

Another way to look at this is: watch what developers do. Are any of the pro developers (i.e. venture-backed developers) building for Windows 8? No way. They now have to deal with a new Facebook strategy and this continuing Android vs. iOS fight that just got more interesting today.

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You are showing your age when you talk microsoft...
Google? They've provided the platform but could lose out on the money from it as Amazon has the saleable products.
MS has patents, but so do a lot of other companies, and MS makes a very broad range of products. Don't you think it's mutually assured destruction?
RIM? What about the Nook - very competitive pricing
Playbook was already dead. Thanks for showing up.
While I agree Microsoft is losing ground in this market, it will be quite a while before they lose out in business in a way that hurts them the same way apple and android hurt RIM.
I was just thinking this morning about how far Microsoft has fallen from dominance (as I was listening to news that Facebook is creating its own PAC). Microsoft no longer makes the short list of companies so dominant they are to be feared.
Boom indeed! The playbook truely is terrible. Tested it a while back. Crazy stupid strategy over at RIM.
If you think Microsoft isn't still relevant this day and age, you're wrong.
Microsoft is already suing Android partners, Samsung was just added to that list of "royalty" payments
And ofcourse the Nook...but that was not really ever an important player in this game
While I agree that Microsoft's marketing task has been made far more difficult, I think that cool new Windows UI in Windows 8 still looks pretty damn cool.
+Aaron Janes I think everything is going to plan for Google. More and more devices in more hands connected to the network able to use Google products.
+Michael Gartenberg has tweeted that other Android partners should be worried about the Kindle Fire tablet. I tend to agree with him especially the fact Amazon's app marketplace could be a deciding factor. And does this give the Samsung Galaxy Tab (7") a run for its money?
+Robert Scoble Microsoft has had an offensive patent strategy for a while now...They've dragged every Android maker into court and even today they've announced they'll be collecting licensing fees from Samsung for Android!
I think the strategy for a few companies these days has shifed from innovate to litigate, that gets the attention of anybody including developers. When you stop innovating, you are dead!
RIM has lost it in most markets around the world, but it's still very popular in these parts because of its BBM.
Maybe in a few years you can say, I told you so, but I've been seeing this story since, oh, 1984.
the offensive patent strategy indeed got hotter today with the microsoft/samsung deal...
I think B&N Nook will be impacted much more than any of the other companies. I don't see it as a real contender for the iPad and don't see it in the same category as other tablets but more along the lines of an evolution of e-Readers.
This is what happens when you’re not on the ball and don’t get your products out before the competition. But…..the product you release needs to be pretty darn good to get user traction and buy-in. Microsoft WILL be releasing some very good consumer mobile/tablet products in 2012….the competition is far from over :-)
Android mobile manufacturers are already being sued by Microsoft, they have more revenue from settlements than windows phone 7.
+Robert Scoble It seems like Microsoft's other trump card, along with patents, is user base. It's currently all desktop, but it's huge numbers. I know you are referring more to up-and-coming developers, and that will certainly start to change trends, but established developers seem like they must be torn between supporting the old install base and trying to get to the new base being created.
RIMM and MSFT lose while content providers win big.
what does it mean wen u say "double resolution screen" in ur earlier post and "three-screen strategy" in this post ?
The only hope for Microsoft is to focus on multi-purpose devices, as opposite to vertical walled gardens of Apple and Amazon. You know, like PC once was ;-)
First time I have completely agreed with a post you made. Bravo.
The Barnes and Noble Nook is also going to be hurting, with the entry level version costing $139.
You act as if MS isn't partnered with FB or anyone else -_-
+Robert Scoble Oh, I don't disagree. Microsoft has been playing Catch-up in the technology sector for at least the last 10 years, and it's only getting worse for them. I think Windows 8 is going to be a Windows-ME level flop as well. They need to go back to doing their own innovation rather than trying to leech off of what others have done.
Ipad is much more than a reader. No hurt there.
I wonder how much life is left in the Playbook "Our tablet plays Flash" ad campaign strategy... what d'ya mean "there wasn't any to start with" ??? :-)
Microsoft is well, they're sucking money from almost all android companies. What a shame.
I see this as a win for consumers everywhere and the industry in general. Having two great companies fight it out while a third lumbers about trying to get its bearing means there is a great fight going on in regards to developement. A secondary effect of all of these products becoming more common in the wild is the overall uptick in the Tech IQ of John Q Public.
The problem with Windows 8 was and is that it's still Windows for Desktops. Nothing could be less relevant.
+Dave Matthews I would say business people and the incredible battery life. When I had a Curve I could go places without a power cord. Not so much these days on Android. Those are really the only things going for it. It isn't enough.
Beginning to think you're a big Apple fanatic there Robert :).

I don't think RIM is dead with Amazon's announcement. Yes, Amazon is targeting a segment that wants a smaller tablet size like RIM but it will never be a business device. Consumer, absolutely...but business, no.

RIM will definitely have a huge uphill battle and I hope that they go back to their roots and develop the Playbook and QNX platform for the security conscious (governments, business, healthcare, finance, etc) and then head back into the consumer proving ground. Just my take.
Not sure how you drew the conclusion that the Win8 UI isn't looking cool, but I definitely wonder where Win8 is going to fit in since its SO far out. As a developer it does disappoint me since Microsoft has an absolutely awesome platform to develop on, especially compared to Android which is freaking terrible and iOS which is not as bad but still not nearly as good as Visual Studio and .NET experience. Overall, my strategy at the moment is Mono which is cross platform for iOS and Android and just happens to work just fine on the Kindle Fire, and will work in Win8. So yeah...I do worry about Microsoft since I still prefer Windows to OSX, although I do use a MacBookPro and an iPad and iPhone...
Agreed this steals a lot of money from Ipad but not thunder. People may not save up for one but some just won't afford it just yet so they had options. These price points are huge for other android tablets and shows that RIM and WinMo8 need to hurry up or their relevance will be none existent and have to go the webOS way or bring in dual boot for android. That would actually make these systems more impressive, DUAL BOOT for the win
I don't think it will make a bit of difference with Apple, but I'm sure the Nook is hurting right about now
I wouldn't directly compare "free" android and "40buck" windows. Said like that gives the impressions that is only a matter of price when is not.
BOOM. Indeed. Great analysis Robert, I totally agree the Playbook is not even worth staying on shelves. I'm curious to see what stance Windows takes in light of today's earth-shattering news. I guess it's Amazon/Apple and Facebook/Google. I'm loving it!
Microsoft is amazingly (surprisingly?) well-poised to do some really disruptive & winning stuff in the enterprise unified communications market (i.e. Lync) - maybe they should focus their attention on that and leave the tablet wars to others..
Everyone seems to be focused on the tablet market, but methinks this is mainly positioned as a Nook-killer.
Ivan M.
APPL, the world needs low cost iphones. and free ipod touch. what matters is iOS becomes accessible even to 3rd world countries.
I would think it hurts ALL Android tablet makers ie-Motorola, Toshiba, etc.. who have nowhere near the distribution systems that Amazon does nor do they have the cloud, content, etc... It gives Android on tablets an owner which is nice to say, but adios Xoom
Um... +Robert Scoble ... do you pay attention to tech news? Microsoft has been on the offensive with patent lawyers against Android for a long time now...
Now we will just have to wait to see how much if at all it hurts Apple by seeing if they sue Amazon.
Microsoft became an enterprise company maybe around the time you left, or sooner. Microsoft has failed with the consumer, yet continues to grow top line revenue 10%+ per year. Microsoft losing the consumer is (at least at this point) an overhyped story. It happened a long time ago.
£130 for the Kindle Fire (that's if they keep it around the same as the US price but im guessing around £150) or £400 for an iPad, I think I know what I'll be going for.
+Eric Josue I think that RIM's days are numbered unless they think of an effective licensing strategy for their email systems (which is the best feature on BlackBerry's).

They can easily transform into a software company , and leave the devices game to other vendors.

RIM started the smartphone war, but they didnt really innovate fast enough before they seen that HTC and Apple were on their tails.
Regarding Microsoft do not forget that they get royalties from companies using Android as OS like Samsung []. Apple have to do something of really innovating if they wanna still fight with Android. In my opinion, at this moment, Amazon is doing the right way: cut prices.

However I do not know who is the most hurted by Amazon release, but surely RIM and Microsoft stay out the ring.
This is the 1st android os UI overhaul that doesn't look awful. Windows... yawn. By the time they get to market kindle will have their high end tablet out and the iPad 3 will be live with iOS 5. They are let to the game just like their phone os... People will have already chosen a side... and RIP Blackberry...
+Robert Scoble I ordered one. If there isn't a new iPad for Christmas, they will sell tons of these. At that price, if I don't like it I can give it to Sam or Chelsea. Don't tell.LOL
Adding to that, the Nook from B&N just really took a back seat. With the Kindle Fire, it takes full advantage of everything Android has to offer. B&N will need some severe innovation to get out of their brick & mortar shell they are stuck in.
+James Bogosian B&N is coming out with new Nooks soon, but B&N does not sell MP3s and stream videos.
Everybody seems to forget that Amazon still doesn't sell digital content around the world and Kindles won't be in physical stores worldwide. It'll be popular in the US and a handful of countries in which people can buy them online but people still want to go to a store and pick one up. That's the biggest weakness that Amazon has.
+Steven Ho This just forces their price point down. The volume that Amazon does gives them a major benefit.
To compete with Apple anything from Amazon will have to be "cool", pr is what sells a product not spec sheets.
I am sure Amazon is the first shot out of the cannon of price wars.
The consumer will win this war. Sell below cost and make up for it in volume.
Venture backed devs don't need to work for Windows 8. There's plenty of established, successful products and companies that will take care of its needs.

MS isn't winning the tablet market, but the tablet market isn't winning the "making money" game.. so they really ought not to be terrible concerned.
Without the content to be delivered the rest are just hollow devices. That's why Amazon is the only one w/a shot at Apple. They have the elements to go up against the AppStore and iTunes.
+Robert Scoble I think eventually the way blogging works, will be to start on services like G+ and Facebook, and then post it to the blog. In reverse of what most do today.
This will benefit the Google Android ecosystem, since apps for Kindle Fire will run on other Android tablets too.
+Aulia Masna I thought they just announced that it would be available in 100 countries?
I wonder if there will be any patent "wars" due to Amazon using Android.
Amazon doesn't actually care about the device, not yet anyway. What they care about is lowering the barrier to buying more stuff from them. That kind of focus will keep them from really competing with Apple or shutting out Microsoft. Sure they will always be a big player, but they don't want to play in just their own pond. They, like Google used to be, want to play in everybody's pond.
Silk is by far the best announcement today if it works as described or better. Don't get me wrong, Apps are great but if I have to wait for content to load and my phone says I have full bars I get frustrated and move on. Yes, they are copying/reinventing what Opera did with their mini browser, however think about the fact that companies can place copies of their content on AWS, sniff out the Silk browser via user agent and then direct the device to that content... talk about a faster, better user experience. So not only does Amazon make money by selling more Kindles, books, etc. but it also sells more instances to store static content. win-win-win.
+James Bogosian - That's good for customers, but I worry for B&N. I want it to stay in business.
Wow you raise some brilliant points there. RIM really are in trouble now. It is good to see a worth while iPad alternative and it is completely different so they have not copied them at all.
Battery life on Android is lower largely because it is doing more (multitasking, apps running in background, widgets) than Apple products.
I don't know, MSFT already gets paid from a bunch of manufacturers for each Android device they manufacture. Not sure if those agreements extend to tablets but I imagine they will eventually. Android isn't really "free" and Microsoft has already been pretty agressive with the patents.
Lol! I love it. It's all about Apple and Amazon even though it's Google Android that controls over half the market. 
Boom! I say MSFT kills its entire mobile strategy. Its obvious that they will bleed red for a very long time if they continue trying to Ballmer their way into the market. The lead time that iOS and Android enjoy is far too big for Mr. Softie to try and catch up to. The point you made about the subsidies makes a lot of sense too. Why would I want to pay them for a lisence, and build my hardware for a platform that is so far behind. OEM's have no incentive to make such a big bet on Windows 8, potentially risking their own downfall, while hoping for some sort of awakening of the mobile consumer to Windows. That day will never come. Ballmer will soon loose his blinders, and the war between Apple and Google will continue to rage on. I see Android as the Windows of the future mobile world, and things will be getting far more interesting than the Metro UI ;-)

I don't understand these "eBook" readers. I would so rather have a tablet to do multiple things as opposed to just one.

Is it me or are there others that feel there is no replacement for the smell, the feel & weight of a real book? I much rather have a real book in hand then an electronic device...
RIM has been a dead man walking for some time now for exactly the reason you mention, ecosystem. The days of any mobility offering as a narrow vertical are over. Nokia realized that as it was crashing, that is what killed WebOS. The thing to remember about Microsoft's tablet is that it isn't only about the consumer, it is really about the enterprise first with consumer attributes. I am an Android user, but it is buggy, sluggish, and has pretty weak security and malware protection. Enterprises want control over the hardware in their domain and Microsoft is best positioned to do that. It isn't about competing on the consumer front with iPad. As for Bezos and Kindle, true brilliance. As a consumer offering, Amazon is putting together an incredible set of compelling services.
+Mike Miller Here's a good illustration of why I'm not a fan of Google's "Real Names" policy and why I generally go by "emkey1" online. It's not that I want to be anonymous, it's the opposite. I want to be the one to take the blame or credit depending on the circumstances and not one of the other tens of thousands of Mike Miller's out there. What do you think?

Back on topic, RIM has been dead for awhile. The only thing keeping them alive is their business integration and security. Luckily for them Apple has zero interest in coddling business users and Android is fragmented which makes it tough for anyone including Google to offer an integrated solution on this front.

Android is already being patent taxed which is why Google has been on a patent buying binge recently. Microsoft may be dead but the rumors of their demise seem greatly exaggerated to me right now. They've hired a lot of really clever people over the years and it looks like those clever people may even be in charge finally. The real question mark for Microsoft is will they keep the old guard in check? Because if they start regressing to their old ways then we can safely write them off though they'll likely linger on for a decade or so.
+Baba Oke No, Bezos said the 3G is accessible in 100 countries, the Kindles won't be sold in 100 countries. Not yet.
I have to agree this is a main attack on Barnes and Noble, as well as extending to a unity device to all Amazon services which really separates itself from one trick ponies it competes against like Netflix.
Let's not forget that Microsoft won't have a product that competes with any tablets we're seeing today from Amazon or the iPad for at least a year. And even when Microsoft gets something on shelves, will it be able to compete on price? As much as anything, Amazon is innovating in the pricing of these new devices that will hard for RIM and Microsoft to match.
Tony Ng
This makes a mockery of sony, samsung, toshiba, etc with their 500+ pricing. 
Microsoft is already going on the offensive, HTC has to pay them for every Android device they make and now it is being reported that Samsung is doing the same. A few months ago I read that Microsoft is making more money on Android devices then they do on device running a their mobile OS
+Michael Matson follow the money. Yes Android "controls" half the "market". Apple currently controls half the profit, and Amazon has an ecosystem of content and services built up that makes them a realistic rival to everything Apple has built up.
+Aulia Masna Ahhh okay, but that tells me they have the potential to be. ;)
+Baba Oke Amazon has been selling Kindles for a while, including the 3G equipped models. It still isn't selling them in consumer electronics outlets around the world.
I think Microsoft can make a comeback with Windows 8
+Aulia Masna Uhhh I don't think they need to sell in consumer electronics outlets if they get the international issues with their website settled. I personally won't be walking into a retail store to buy one of them. The fact that the Kindle has been doing so well without it selling in many outlets should say something. My point being that if anyone DOESN'T have to worry about being in multiple electronics outlets, its Amazon.
+Baba Oke There's a larger segment of the market whose members aren't comfortable with purchasing things online than those who are. Additionally, all those Amazon services aren't available worldwide, and Amazon is restricted to selling digital books in particular countries. Globally, the Kindles are crippled.
+Aulia Masna "Globally, the Kindles are crippled" For now. Had you told me a week ago that Kindle would be looking the way it is now I wouldn't believe you. I think today's announcements marks a change in how aggressive Amazon is going to be going forward.

I will say though that I don't know how good an idea it is to have yet ANOTHER fork in the Android platform.
Anyone else making android tablets is hating it today!
My guess is that a large group of people jump on it for the price point, then suddenly realize that without the camera/microphone, the tablet experience is hobbled.
>"Plus, it totally puts Microsoft in a price war. OEMs now are going to have to decide between the free Android OS or paying Microsoft, what, $40 per copy for Windows?"

The day is going to sneak up on us when Android replaces Windows as our OS of choice. Certainly, Apple will have their offerings, but I just think that Android is going to slit Windows' throat. That's what all these tablets are leading up to.

How different in reality is Apple's desktop OS and their mobile OS? Will they just merge at some point in the future or is their mobile OS just a branch off of the current desktop OS as-is?
Tony Ng
One the biggest limitations with the Fire is the fact that much of amazons content is not available outside of the US... And unlike itunes it is not easy to circumvent this. Why would an Australian buy this if they did not have access to songs, movies, tv shows....
+Mike Miller It's OK, both of us are apparently very good basketball players and do so professionally! I also use a far more unique moniker online (DaiTengu), and it's all over my profile.

Back on topic as well. I don't get the tablet craze. I have an wi-fi kindle, a smart phone (android powered) and a netbook. I can tether my netbook to my phone, and the same with my kindle. I can't think of a single good reason to own a tablet if I already have these devices.
I'll wait. This actually makes me hopeful of seeing a $300 10" tablet with a mic/cameras from Amazon. That could be an iPad killer.
Based on your rational, i should ditch the thousands of dollars of AMAZING windows apps, like Maya, Photoshop and so forth for what hype? Why do investors need to back them up they have very successful profitable businesses. I am very confused by this comment. I guess having over 1 Billion windows users is a small marketplace. Sorry -1. I see more and more ppl having Windows tablets cause they want their high quality high end apps.
That said i do want Ballmer gone, or least just supporting a CEO with vision like Bill Gates.
Believe it or not, I think Netflix is the one most hurt by this. Netflix customers are already leaving in droves over the pricing/DVD snafu, and now Amazon comes along with an attractive competing service bundled with a great shopping experience? Boom.
Going down the patent war route is not long term thinking either. Even with money they still need to make a killer product. Ballmer's days are indeed nearing to an end.
This is not going to be good for Borders at all. :)
+Roland van Paridon I may not agree or disagree with much said about Windows 8, but yeah Ballmer needs to go. Microsoft as a whole needs to learn to move faster. They move like a Dinosaur.
Also this is poor spectulation cause MS just got into an agreement with Samsung to share patents (so no wars here) for more protection guess from who Apple. They are the one who are on a patent rampage for stupid things like beveled edges while Samsung is sueing for real technology like 3G support. Bevelled edges vs 3G patents what is real technology.
+Baba Oke You are correct that MS needs to learn to move faster and over the last year they have done exactly that. They released Mango in less than a year and introduced +500 new features and almost 2000 new API, that is much more than Apple or Android has done in any year gap on the iPhone or iPad. So they are learning, MS is changing the beat of their drum and i think we will all benefit from it.
True that Microsoft finds itself (yet again) in trouble, though for some reason, like a zombie they continue to hang around. They have things to fall back on and name recognition in entertainment a la the XBox. Also, as long as Office exists and people go to work using Windows machines they'll be limping around craving braaainz.

Like others have mentioned I feels like B&N is the huge loser here. Why would I buy into a limited ecosystem like theirs? I can have all my entertainment with the Kindle from books to movies, TV and even apps. Unless they partner with someone (and fast), I'd say the Nook is down for the count.

RIM, even without this announcement seems headed for a slow Titanic sink. It'll be a little bit before companies entrenched with them realize the ship is taking water, but they'll bail sooner or later. The Playbook was just them rearranging the broken deck chairs
+Thomas Lock I think the defining moment will be how long it takes them to get Windows 8 out, and what happens between then and now.
Bookstores are going to be hurting most from this i think. Just look at the sales of the kindle ebooks. Whos going to go down to the shop and look for some new books when they dont even have to get out of their seat to browse "the worlds largest bookstore" and get whatever book they want in just a few seconds.
Chan Li
your post are high quality & interesting , i hope amazon hurts apple ,cause ipad is too expensive to me ,
There aren’t really widely-accessible, affordable, robust alternatives to Windows. The masses and the enterprise are still pretty good markets. The combination of Windows Phone, Nokia and HTML5 is looking good for the future.
I'd like to hope that this will drive down the iPad price, but looking at the cost of Macs in general, I'm not optimistic. Of course, if it drives more apps developers to write Android versions of their apps, that would also be exciting.
"OEMs now are going to have to decide between the free Android OS or paying Microsoft, what, $40 per copy for Windows?"

I think using the Fire as the example for this comparison is something of a sleight-of-hand. The OS may have been free, but the team of developers they used to rebuild the UI was not, not to mention the attendant risk with doing so. There may well be excellent Android tablets where the OS is essentially free, but the Fire is not an example of that.
Apple, Google, and now Amazon are shaping up the mobile world. RIM on its way out, Barnes and Nobles life support has been pulled out by Amazon today. Microsoft has turned into a patent troll company! Ah the uncertainties of tech world ...
Well said about microsoft - the new ibm of the old. That is exactly how they will survive, not thrive
Until Amazon says "there is an app store", this will truly just be about "a new dedicated service device". It seems to me that Amazon is taking advantage of Android as a "fork". It will be interesting to see what the phone and tablet vendors, based on Android have to say about Amazon taking the position they are.
Microsoft has screwed so many people over the years charging them again and again for new OS......I hope they die off!
Dael Ra
Nobody has yet come up with something I would like as my tablet. I'm just after a third transportable screen/input device for my main desktop (it's dual screen hence the 'third' bit). Kind of like that 'tablet' in Minority Report. I just want to flick that pdf / word / whatever doc I've just opened on my main desktop onto the handheld so I can read it on the couch (or even bed). Maybe I want to do a bit of browsing or other light interaction from the couch then that too, so long as I can flick the doc /url/app back to my desktop if I need to get more serious with it. I'm thinking more a desktop accessory than a device in itself.

I do read a lot of books (thank goodness for Kindle on my HTC Sensation) but even 7inch machine is too big for me to carry around on most of the journeys where I get a chance to read. At home, I want a 10inch screen and I'd probably need a stylus for sketching diagrams so all in all I'll probably pass on the Amazon machine (until my next vacation anyway).
So, are now lawyers more important than engineers at microsoft?
It is not a good premonition for them, every year that passes their slowness and heaviness is hurting them more and more.
I ordered two of them, despite some misgivings.

Pro: It is Android, apps created for it should IMHO end up in the Market as well and the rest of us "real Android tablet" owners benefit.Con: I don't like the closed ("All Amazon, Only Amazon") nature. I like Amazon, but I like choice too.
Plan: At the very least, this will keep the wife and child off of my tablet!

Furthermore - Hope: I hope this device gets root'ed and gets the Market added on ... and maybe even ROM'ed :).
(Amazon, note: I'll still use it to buy stuff from you - you won't lose any $ :) )
You're living in 2018 or something. It's really hard to meet a person who associates computing with anything other than Windows. You're ideas are headed in the right direction, but Apple and Amazon only build just entertainment products. And entertainment is only a tiny fraction of computing.
The Android companies combined have way more patents to counter attack any lawsuits from Microsoft.
Tony Ng
Hi +Robert Scoble, im really fascinated by all the commentary around whether this is positive or negative for the Android ecosystem - do you know how interoperable standard android apps are with kindle fire apps? have read conflicting reports of this. While the kindle fire will sell a lot at honeycomb/ICS' expense, if the apps developed can be used for both, this can only be positive for the future of android tablets?
From what I hear some OEMs are paying Microsoft for using the Android OS (because of patent license issues) so the OEMs might be happier paying Microsoft to use Windows.
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