Julian brings up an interesting point. Should you share a mega-popular person's posts? After all, most people will see what I, or Guy Kawasaki or Pete Cashmore or Vic Gundotra write. Won't they?

That said, looking through who follows Julian and who follows me, there are at least a few people who aren't following both.

But, what do you think? Or, better yet, will you share this post with your circles? :-)
I'm now running a "one strike and you're out" policy on social networks. Here's some things that will result in an instant Un-friend, Un-circle, Block. Invite me to Branchout, farmville or anything similar on Facebook. Post kitty animated gifs. Spam my chat and Skype. Do just one stupid thing and you're gone.

I'm a little more lenient on the next level but it's time to clear that up as well. Re-Sharing more than you post and especially, repeated re-sharing of Scoble posts. Do you really think that your followers aren't already following Scoble? Especially if you are in the Tech industry. Then there's trolling with hard line (US) right wing or religious views. You're welcome but I'm not interested.
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