The future of fingerprint sensors (Apple doesn't own the best)

You might have heard that Apple's next iPhone will have a fingerprint sensor. Why? Because that would let Apple implement anti-theft and identity services (hint: get rid of passwords!)

This is going to be a HUGE shift in how secure we all are. 

But Apple, with its acquisition of AuthenTec, doesn't have the best technology. First, more on that:

Who does? +sonavation. Why? Because Sonavation's scanner uses ultrasound scanning to actually look at the tissue UNDER the finger's skin. This makes it impossible to cut off someone's finger and use that, for instance. It also makes it possible to get fingerprints even on people who have no fingerprints (I met a guy who rolled cigars in Miami for 40+ years, for instance, that has no fingerprints).

Listen into the CTO talking aobut how the technology works. Really huge technology leap forward. Look at how thin the sensor is, too. 

More about Sonavation at:
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