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Lots of cloud news lately from my employer. +Rackspace Hosting

One of the best features of Google+ is the search engine. You can follow more about +OpenStack here:

Did you see that both RedHat and eBay are supporting +OpenStack now?

What is OpenStack? Open source cloud infrastructure that you can build web stuff on top of.

What's a private cloud? If you work at a company and you don't want to host your private data outside your own datacenters where you know who has had access to those machines but you want the same programmable interfaces that the public cloud has (makes developers more productive) then you need to setup a private cloud.

Are you betting your cloud on an open source-based infrastructure or are you betting on closed source (like Amazon or many others)? Why?
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I tried the Rackspace cloud solution; it seems like a great product with good speed and reliability, but I left due to the $2 charge per email address. That can add up when you manage several sites!
Private clouds? Haha! I was having a conversation with a network admin, and I accidently said "ya it's like a private cloud" which made me sound really dumb.
"Private cloud" is important enough for Microsoft to focus heavily on in their Windows Server 2012 material at least :)