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Lightt: the app of the year. Is it an Instagram killer?

I have been having a ball with Lightt.

This is an app you must see. Photographer Chase Jarvis told me it was stunning. So have many others as I tested it out over the past month. It's a ton of fun. I'll post my photos shortly so you can scrub through my stuff.

Unfortunately it's just for iOS right now, but they have plans to bring it to Android and +Project Glass too. Imagine what this big data system could do in the future after you capture millions of images.
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Hopefully they will have an android version by the time I get invited.
Definitely have to check it out! Thanks!
We've been looking forward to an app like this since the early days of the video blogging group on Yahoo! Going to try it. 

I wouldn't call it an Instagram killer though. a instead of taking a video of things, you take a thousand pictures to make it look like a video! I get it.
that is cool they are already thinking of how it would work with Project Glass. are you counting down the days until you get your pair +Robert Scoble ?
Snapseed for Android is the only camera app i want at this moment, but best of luck with Lightt
Just downloaded - how seriously cool. 
Wow! Just as we are getting used to Instagram. This comes along. Love it! But I still think there is room for both for now. Can people choose to slow down the speed of the photos? (Some brands or people may not want or like that look.) Maybe they talked about that. If so then it could be a killer... Can't wait to try it out. 
interesting idea.. Trying it out now.. Doesn't adjust camera for changing light in this version.. 
I can't see my self using this day to day. But it would be pretty bad A if you watched certain events. Im thinking you type in "Burning Man,"  "Padres Game," or "Apple iPhone 6 Release" and you get a whole bunch of peoples feeds on one channel.
It would be great at sport events, the number of different angles that could get captured from a goal would be incredible!
This seems like a very interesting new way of sharing pictures, the only thing I'm "worried" about, is how the images will be shared, will it turn into a .gif when you share it online? If not, will it then just be possible to see the images with the actual app installed on your device, or through an online login on their site? Either that or it'll end up as a video format.

Surely it's a cool and innovative way of capturing stuff, but when/if the images can't be seen as a file on a computer, I don't think it'll be a hit.

Say you've captured an amazing moment, and then you want to share it with someone, maybe your parents or a friend, that doesn't have the app installed, how will they be able to see it? 1. Download app, 2. Log in, 3. Open link again.

I may be overthinking it, but to be a hit (not to mention being a competitor of Instagram) it needs to be SIMPLE, because that's what people understand (most people anyway). With instagram you take a picture, edit it if you like, and there you have a .jpeg that can be stored on your computer or shared.
Just downloaded. Not sure I "get it" yet, but will def give it a try (will use it when I run the NYC marathon in a few weeks!)
For now I find Pixlr-o-matic much nicer than Instagram. And yes, I'm looking forward to Snapseed too.

This one looks interesting...
Thanks so much, Robert for being an enthusiastic early member of Lightt. We're not here to "kill" anyone or anything, just trying to share the Lightt.
Looks great. Would someone in the audience care to send me an invite? Thanks. (Got it).
Not an Instagram killer because people will always like static images, but a damn cool idea. Downloaded and trying it out now.
Interesting! I like the concept, even though I haven't fully wrapped my head around it yet. Hoping to play around with it more in the morning.
Competing against the many multi-image Gif social share options? Seems very much like them with a different spin. 
This is such a lovely idea and well implemented app. Just downloaded it and loving what I see :)
I see great possibilities to this app... Like as it has geolocation, you could add what is happenning around me, or there... or thinking ahead, instead of Google "Street View", could be "Lightt Live View" on a map... Dough it could present privacy concerns, don't you think +Robert Scoble? 
Cool.. but looks like a novelty. 
Nice! And it is early, got "wally" as username. Always a good thing :-) Good vid too, lots of potential ...

I liked their statement regarding how it is all about helping people connect better. The next wave of anything important is about how we connect with ourselves, where we're at, who we're with and who we want to be with ... increasingly emotionally more positive and/or powerful ... or something like that ...
synchronized image montages of multiple toilets flushing in 3...2....1..
Cute, but many issues. Slow to focus, white balance and aperture seem fixed, small size (?), frame rate rather awkward, and for an instagram killer, you'd expect some filters. Still prefer the stuff I can create with Cinemagram and EchoGraph.
Crappy thing - moments don't work inside Clipboard - at least in my trials.
+Kieran McGrady I think it's simply not there. Should it? Not sure why one would want to log out, unless it's to set up a new account or iDevice is shared.
Because you might want to borrow someone else's phone and add to your own account.
+Kieran McGrady Ah, sure. I do this for other apps (FB etc) but could not see it happening for this one.

O/T: The "one user per device" model of iDevices is actually one of my pet peeves. Just imagine how nice it would be if we could pick a user from the lock screen and then "swap context/data", and a 'guest' mode that denies access to film roll etc. I had to buy three iPads to solve this issue at home :p
Great, so now instead of all of us holding up our iphones for a minute everywhere we go to take a single picture, we're now going to be holding them up for 5,10,15 minutes to get thousands of snapshots??? Perhaps something different is going on here, but the website (as cool as it is) doesn't give that impression. I'm all for photos and videos and will probably download just to check it out. But if I have to walk around holding my phone up while Lightt does its thing, fail.
OK, found what I was looking for in the blog. Why isn't this published on the About page? Come on guys - pitch your product to your users, don't make us have hunt, search and guess what you're all about.  "With Lightt, you capture what you see in a new visual medium called a highlight. A highlight is a burst of pictures that captures about ten seconds of time in one tap. Your highlights upload immediately and play back faster than real life, like the speed of our memories."
looks cool, waiting for Android. Its strange to me that they wouldn't release both ios and android at same time. Ive employed a company to make an app and Im waiting until I can release on both, not just one.
+Robert Scoble This app reminds me of GLMPS app, which you showed us over an year ago, except for the fact that there's no video involved.
How is this different than YouTube? Its a video.
It'll probably be even bigger if the "About" page actually said what it was, instead of using lots of big marketing words and not actually saying anything helpful. I've read it twice and I'm still not sure what it is. (I haven't watched the video above, no sound currently)
I doesn't look like it has anything to do with Instagram ... 
like it but it buffers all the time at the mo
needs to let you see peoples vids you want to follow at the mo you just have the choice to follow which you have to do blind folded basically
nothing can kill instagram....
Yet another social network. Does it ever end??
It's so good I have to be critical. How does this collection of images develop a narrative? What do I gain by a million mediocre visual interpretations of any event? Mind you, what woulda million expressions of love do to us?  And it's  a great way to see the day was wasted. This app needs narrative feedback.
This is just another photo app how about a app that's not like a social network something usefull this can stay on apple 
Quite cool. Nice to see how the concept of a simple time lapse photography changes by addition of portability (phone) and accessibility (scrubbing through the timeline). :)
Installed in this morning, looks interesting app.
I have previously used a Vicon Review Sensecam for some of the same purpose. I actually recorded my whole Microsoft BUILD conference experience this way last year, as well as a couple personal parties. Timelapse is a powerful format. 
There's a number of other projects based on the same idea. For example there are cameras worn over ones neck taking pics in time intervals or when "something" happens in the field of view. They're intended for people with memory problems or for have-to-have-my-whole-life-documented folks apparently :D. These other ones are separate devices though.
+Robert Scoble I did watch the whole thing and I watched +Project Glass I rather project glass cause glass is not just a pic show it tells you about your surroundings I know people love tulip show the world what there doing especially young women love to take the booty pics and everything ells they do but come on enough is enough I'm just done with all theses photo apps he'll I only got Instagram because I know that's a new way for chicks to put up more booty pics lol that's all
Now +Steve Garfield if this brings more pics like places like on g+ than yeah I'm for it but if it's only going to bring more pics of Becky bending over or lanata and friends bent over looking back i'm good
How I would like to use it with glass or equivalent camera mount. The app records my pov or camera position I prefer (including sound)  I can bookmark on the fly with tags. The tags are the in and out points for given categories. When I hit a tag i get a time line...
I hate to make comparisons, but as a social photo app, this is so much more of an interesting experience than Instagram. I just wish everyone would just migrate over to Lightt, especially now with Instagram's policy changes.
Downloading  now, based on your recent TWIT visit.  Looks great! 
+Robert Scoble this is amazing. I was thinking about this earlier today.  I live in the country and there's not a whole lot to do with this app when I'm home.  The old saying about life "being slower" in the country is so true and it just doesn't mix with this app.  However, when I hit the streets of Raleigh, Charlotte, or wherever, this app rocks!  It's truly amazing.
Lightt is easy to get the hang of and allows you to convey stories in a fun stop-motion-y way. Using it makes me strongly buy the long case for Google Glass, too. If you want to see a -- some might say -- wonderful example of Lightt in action, go here and "Like" this one: I could win the $1,000 grand prize in their #movingportrait contest. Ka-ching :). 
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