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Holy crap is right. That is now the coolest thing I've seen at CES. ME WANTS! Calling +Trey Ratcliff

Yeah, it is probably fake at worst, or a very rough prototype at best, but I still like it because it shows what COULD be done if camera companies got innovative and freed themselves from the mirror in DSLRs.

UPDATE: it was a video shot last year. So obviously fake. Yes, I'm a sucker for interesting stuff. I'm so bored at CES.
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Supposedly the video is a fake.
hey this was from last years CES! wonder what this year will show!?!
Well... let's see if someone can move this from concept into reality.
I have no idea but this video does smell a bit of fakery.
Yes, please!
I would have run away with the lens as he was on the phone!! lol.
Robert, with all due respect, this camera seems geared toward gadget people rather than photographers. On the other hand, the Fuji X-Pro-1 is amazing.
not only is it from last years CES it is a fake! haha
This video was uploaded to YouTube Jan 2011. I remember seeing it a while back. It's a neat concept, yes. Is there a new demo video out there from this year's CES with updated info I wonder?

Here's another demo video (from April 2011):
Concept Camera The WVIL
This can't be real... 31 megapixels and the animations look fake and then he walks off for a call. C'mon now.
I saw this video and camera last year during CES....wondering if it will be available for the general public this year?
What they did is amazing. Amazing BS.
+Robert Scoble did you see this in person? Why did he just walk away and let that guy hold that lens?
OJ Tibi
Me likey. throws money at the screen
I was a believer until the end.
That's nice... but don't you think that the camera makers are a bunch of fossilized conservatives? Every single camera out there, new or old, has the same basic shape... a rectangle with a lens sticking out of it... Un-ergonomic, awkward and ripe for change explains it. It's basically a phone with some badass big optic with included sensor attached to it.
Who is this really for? It's really a camera body that doubles as a phone so it's not for high-end professionals, they'll just buy a real DSLR. So is it for the average Joe? It certainly isn't for convenience either. You still have a big lens to carry around so I don't see how it is winning out on being a space saver. This really doesn't have much of an application for anybody really except hard core gadget lovers.
Thanks for posting this reshare Robert. Holy Crap is right. That seems to be the coolest thing I've seen in a long long time. And a phone too? Damnnnnnnn!
For the rest I agree with +Donald Sinatra
No serious photographer would ever consider this cheap looking plastic thingy as a replacement for an SLR
+Steve Rebellato Good point. I didn't get it until you pointed it out. Maybe +Robert Scoble traveled back in time.
So they didn't do much about this concept in a full year?
Apparently I'm getting old, because that kind of thing didn't impress me too much. So it's a hoax, but the interesting part is the first reactions from the gung-ho gadget geeks, like +Robert Scoble. :)
C'mon, really? ;)
If you look at the posts in the YouTube thread there are a lot of people saying it's fake. From what I've heard though, is that it's only a concept and the guys is trying to get investors. An interesting concept, either way but I'd like to see how one would embed a large or even small CMOS within the lens =)
Oh, just tape a big lens on your iPad :-)
I love that people think that being a professional requires a DSLR. The future won't be carrying some big brick. Look at the photographers in the past. Huge cameras to get pictures that look the same now with something a fraction of the size. +Robert Scoble is looking towards the future about this stuff. I think a pro would use this thing ASAP.
.....................I can't believe people still fall for this crap.

This vid is re-posted EVERY MAJOR TECH EVENT with a different description*...

Edit. Just noticed the OP worked it out.
You won't get one.

"As you’ve most likely figured out, the WVIL camera is not a real product, but a Concept Camera envisioned by Artefact's award-winning design team. It answers the question: “what’s next for camera design?”

(Emphasis mine above.)

Hey Robert, here's a slick idea for you: Check out PowerBags. They sent me one of their messenger bags and it's got a rechargeable battery system wired into the case. So it's easy to recharge smart phones and other peripherals (not enough for the laptop itself tho, that'd be too heavy). They're on the show floor somewhere or other...
You're kinda late to the tech, but if you want to see cameras with no mirror, check out the "Micro Four-Thirds" format by Olympus and, on the best cameras by Panasonic.
Oh, powerbags! At first glance, I thought this was related to the Red Gas-Mask Bra.
I agree with +Donald Sinatra too. It's nothing but a gadget. I also don't agree that these 3rd generation cameras will take over like +Trey Ratcliff and everyone else thinks they will. I mean, seriously, do you really think any pro wedding shooter is going to just up and get rid of their DSLRs and the lenses they've acquired over the years? What about the pro sports shooter? I don't see them giving up their 300 f/2.8 lens for one of these on the sidelines. Yeah, they may be nice but they won't be the DSLR killer.

Also, why would I trade a full-size sensor for something like a Micro-four-thirds? Smaller sensor and cramming more pixels in there = more noise.

Funny thing is everyone also thought the SLR would be the end of medium and large format cameras and they're still around being used by quite a few pros.

Just another segment of the market and it will serve those who want them but as for me I'll stick with my big lenses and DSLRs.
+Robert Scoble The Fuji will likely be $1700 for the body and about $600 for the prime lenses. Positioned as a professional camera for wedding and portrait photographers. The sensor said to be new design, APS-C size, that competes with full-frame quality and noise. The flange distance between back end of the lens and the sensor, is very small, which keeps lens size small as well.

In a sense, the Fuji is a pro-level competitor to the Sony NEX 7. I currently have the Fuji X100 (see this shot for the great quality:

I do plan to get the new Fuji and then sell my Nikon stuff. I'm sick of carrying around heavy cameras and lenses.
Still love where things are heading. Thanks for the reshare +Robert Scoble
+Robert Scoble that good a show eh? at least it is in vegas! i have my first industry show of the year in three weeks in Amsterdam.
Did he just take a phone call with his camera? That is awesome.
It is actually pretty cool phone! It seems like cameras and cell phones are shifted one gear! Personally I would not mind to own one!!! LOL!!!
Does all that, and still doesnt come with ICS
How much does that cost? Does anyone know about that?
,,,,,ha, it's so secret he can't talk about how it works yet...that makes it even more wantable. It is pretty cool tho.

"Sorry no photos please" the irony of it all.
+Robert Scoble The cost of the Fuji Pro is enough to bring tears to your eyes. The Sony NEX 7 is less expensive, but probably not as good.
After thinking this was one of the coolest things I'd seen today, I read the comments.
Oh well.
Sorry to see you are bored already, Robert. I saw you on the TWiT coverage and you were the most excited I think I have seen you yet.
the idea to have a flexible camera, that features are defined by apps and are well connected via Wireless Lan direct for sharing and uploads is a new concept. The Univ. of Stanford do somethink like this with the Frankencamera (see and this WVIL guys bring it from my perspective to the next level.

The Standford guys told - like i hear some days ago - to Camera supplier and there are not interested in this concept. They do not want give the control of the device to the developers. As i hear it, i remember the same from Sony about Mobile Music and Nokia about the Mobile Phone years ago.

Imagine, what an iphone 5 or iphone 6 can be look a like with the option to put a WVIL Lens on it like this. And imagine HOW a Steve Jobs will present a product like this.

I can be wrong, but Canon, Nikon and other can today only be happy, that a charakter like Steve Jobs is not here and that Apple focus on the TV Market and not the camers market.
If you are getting bored at CES what does that say about the year in tech ahead?
It's an interesting concept, and there's going to be market for it if they ever take it from the concept to actual product. It reminds me of Sony DSC-F505 (released in 1999, or was it in 2000), just taking it one step further and making connection between camera body and the lens wireless. It kind of makes sense for consumers that have smartphones but still cary P&S around since smartphones are too slim to have usable zoom (actually, I don't know of any current phone with any kind of zoom lens) and/or bigger sensors. A smartphone already has nice big screen, lots of storage, etc. You could just sell the lens+sensor, and have the smartphone be the body.
But seeing the reaction that has gone on, people will hopefully build it
This is inevitable, just maybe not this week. After this, the lens will disappear completely.
Ha! He takes a call at the end... I wonder if that was on purpose?
Yeah, that phonecall at the end is really hilarious ......
Wow! Just ordered 10 on their website! They're shipping in late Feb.
Everyone dissing on a design prototype reminds me of the Optimus Keyboard. 
Oh, that is just awesome!
+Robert Scoble I'm surprised at you not remembering this from last year! That said, I kinda fell for it too, albeit 12 months ago!
Lovely tool it's wireless.
Why are you so bored at CES man? I'm about to fly out there in a few hours... my first CES!
How SICK was it that he received a call on it? 31 megapixel, wireless focus/detachable lens camera, with wifi for uploading to social media that happens to be a phone... working globally, no doubt. I want THAT!
Definitely the coolest camera I've ever seen. I want one!
Yes, was definitely cool, too bad it's fake.
repeat after me folks...THIS CANNOT happen...ever. really. believe it. i'm sorry. it's physics. g-d said no.
Wow a lot of interest however many doubts in the comments. When can we find out what OS are they running? Very interesting indication of a potential future for cameras that can get better while you own them by making the software an open platform. How soon before we can attach a 31mpx lense to our iphone / android?
I really wish someone would euthanize CES already. Quick and painless, instead of the slow / horrible death it is currently dying. Not only is there nothing really noteworthy (the drone was cool, but c'mon..), the posts we are getting are fake (not your fault +Robert Scoble ) It was the best thing in the 90s before the intertubes, but now it just seems like a waste of time. Hell, they even stopped running the porn convention at the same time!
It also makes little sense to put a sensor in the lens. Drives up the price of the lens and risks lenses that are not compatible with the body.
LOL. Bored? With what 35 football fields displaying apparently not much new. You need to network more and find something hidden!
Robert, I was in Vegas last week at a promotional products show, kinda boring except seeing our customers. If you want to spice it up, I heard the adult film industry show is in town, along with the concrete industry show. Take your pick.
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