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Some people have questioned why I took a political stance yesterday. 

1. I'm human.
2. I'm human.
3. I'm human.

If you don't like the fact that I'm human, please unfollow. I don't just care about technology issues, even though that's mostly what I am passionate about.

But when I look at my two young kids and I see an injustice in the world I will talk.

The opening paragraph of this article in the Washington Post says it all.

The time for action and discussion IS now.
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I hope you guys feel the same when you kill children in other countries through drone attacks!!!!!
Wait, you're human? I thought you were some kind of machine!
Asaf levi
Thumbs up Robert. I fight the same war on a daily basis in my country, Israel, trying to wake up those who don't want to know and don't want to act.
again wrong. actually they should look answer for question : 
why USA producing so many Psycos ? solve that first.
Astounding that you have to post an explanation. With you Robert.
Well said +Robert Scoble. As someone watching from the other side of the Atlantic, I'm aghast that so many people are turning out in support of the existing gun laws. There's simply no reason, in a civilised society, for members of the public to be carrying guns. The time for change is now, so no more parents have to suffer losses like yesterday.
People in other countries laugh at us on how we value our guns. It's a joke. 
+Robert Scoble It only took one event in 9/11 to launch a war on terror. Perhaps the domestic approach needs to match the foreign policy?
+Gerard McGarry i hope GUN is something like milk - (after some day it cant be used) but no -- gun purchased in 1901 still fires bullet in 2012. and in USA they got millions of guns -- no way they can remove gun from their culture..
Both sides approach the issue from a position of emotion rather than data. "You're taking away my freedom" is an emotional argument, not a factual one. "Now is not the time" is an emotional way to shift the discussion back to "you're taking away my freedom."   
And we think the "get nothing done" Congress is capable of doing anything about this?
Kudos Robert. Enough is enough. In civilized countries with modern gun laws, this kind of stuff just doesn't happen - not at the same, sickening regularity it does here. And yeah, it's a separate issue, but drones suck too...
strictest gun laws in the world gave rise to Hans Brevik.

No, Naziism and fundamentalist religion did. He would have found other ways to murder those people because he was determined to do it. Remember, he also planted and detonated a bomb before he went to that island.

Gun laws dont solve anything...dealing with mental issues in this nation would.

They might make it harder for nutters to get hold of guns. You're right, though, you do need to provide free mental healthcare. It's very hard to access if you're poor.

_ I am constantly afraid in nyc because I am surrounded by people in public with very obvious mental problems, and we just allow them to hover around our children etc.  We need to change policy on how we deal with the mentally ill._

Vermont has one of the highest, if not the highest, percentage of gun ownership with the MOST lax gun laws (no permit needed, concealed carry, trigger locks not necessary) but also the LEAST amount of gun violence. So, there's that.
Don't worry about being human. My wife is a school counselor and when these things happen my first thought is to know where it happened.
+Robert Scoble: you don't have to justify being opinionated. If people can't stand to read opinions contrary to their own, then they have issues beyond your control. Guns have always been divisive; airing opinions on them is the only way of introducing conversation and improving through change. I hunt and fish and see a place for guns, but agree reform and reconsideration is needed. 
Well said +Robert Scoble This is insane! Why do we have so many TV series with guns, police, CSIs, Criminal minds, people shooting at whatever, Vampires chopping each other's head etc etc... And here is a sad collection of pictures to ponder **
pe be
What are real reasons for a liberal gun law? Being liberal? Fun? It's not safety, it's actually very uncommon for non-professional gun user to effectively use gun in self defense.
The weapon focus is one thing but this is clearly a murder-suicide and there have been lots of those as well. And they use any means at their disposal, such as knives, automobiles, drowning.... Focussing on the weapon of choice does not lead to making me feel safer from this form of violence. I wonder if we can really do anything to save us from this self-destruction. 
and in mexico they have great gun laws.....
 who still has guns?
We have stricter controls around who can drive an automobile in this country compared to who can own a gun! That's messed up!
I am from India and would like to apologise in advance if I inadvertently say something which might be sound wrong due to cultural differences.

What I am unable to understand is what is the point of having sophisticated arms like semi automatic guns and rocket launchers within easy reach of average citizens. Maybe govt can start with banning their sales as first step.

It's just sad what happened. 
I'm reading what +James Hamel and friends is writing and their solution is simple. Arm everybody. 
I fail to see the correlation between the Second Amendment, keeping our government in check with an armed populace and our  treatment of the mentally ill.

Arming the US populace does not keep the government in check. It's been out of control for some time now. Think NDAA, the unfunded wars, and the PATRIOT Act. The best way to keep your government in check is to vote for decent representatives.

I think they're separate issues and should be dealt with separately.

Until loonies get hold of guns, in which case it makes sense to lump them together.

Vermont is a blue state with a self-described socialist senator. They've got universal healthcare. Go figure.
+Mike Cosmi are you sure? I thought I could walk to the local sports store and get a gun. How do you get a driving license again?
I get wanting to "ban guns", but how about "treating mental illness". That seems to be common in these types of cases. 
+Sandeep Chauhan I am tending as I get older to understand that the American culture is infected with what the Cree people called "wihtikow" or "wetiko", and that infection is the root of our national psychosis and greed-worship, as well as our prediliction for violence as the first resort when settling differences. Paul Levy writes about it here:
+Thom Miller it is,,,,, gun laws wont stop anything,.,,. ok so you get rid of every gun in america, every gun is gone, you dont think the weed dealer that got his drugs from mexico cant have a gun thrown in as well?
 now who has a gun and who doesnt?
simple as it gets right there.
 we could go on but guns gave you the right to your oppinion.

I think we do need to have some necessary perspective here. The violent crime rate in the US is at 70 year low, the murder rate is at a 60 year low. If you look at the top 12 states with the strictest gun laws, according to the Brady Campaign, they actually have a higher murder rate with a firearm than the national average. 

I am not saying stricter gun laws cause more murders with firearms, I'm suggesting I don't believe there is correlation between gun laws and murders with firearms. 
Google plus needs threaded comments. 
Why is anyone even talking about mental illness in the first place? There is nothing that indicates the last couple mass shooters were "ill" in any way. In fact they were highly  intelligent and showed no signs of issue that we have been told. Seems people need to lump guns and crazy together when they shouldn't be. You probably have a better case to link political or religious stance over mental. Mental is an easy scapegoat. Time for REAL meaningful change to the gun laws in the US.
??? Who killed Osama bin laden? A gun or a navy seal? It's the person not the gun. Gun control laws are only good for those of us that obey the law. Do you honestly think that someone willing to kill 20 kids cares if he is breaking a gun law? Drunk drivers kill, kids drown in pools, do we ban all pools? How about we make drunk driving illegal? Oh wait, we did that already - the solution is complex, and deals more with the person then with the object. Some guy went on a rampage in china and stabbed 22 kids - is the answer better knife control laws?
+Darryl Griffith so you are saying the shooters were not mentally ill? wow glad i dont live close to you if they were both normal to you.
Maybe the key is to ban bullets, gun powder, and anything used to make bullets. The 2nd amendment says nothing about munitions. Ban bullets and the guns become useless legally under the constitution
+Mike Cosmi a background check is no problem for most people. Most of the recent shootings have been committed by people with no record. Getting a driver's license however requires proving you can drive. It cannot be done in one day.
Mike try a shootout with them and see who wins. I like my odds without a gun as much as with
Fucking conspiracy theory nuts in this country
Dear Robert, feel free for bringing always the nice and very interesting of yours . Have a great Saturday .
Btw. I own no guns have no intrest in owning a gun.....
 make a law that states I cant buy one.....
the next week I will have a gun.
do you really want me to own a gun?
robert you made gun powder?
I don't love guns, don't have a strong feeling about them either way, but this wasn't a gun or mental illness issue and it's a shame the US has turned this into a political issue as we do every major news story.

This was some selfish,self-absorbed asshole who killed a bunch of children and strangers before doing the cowardly thing and killing himself, not some pycho. And, as we always do in America, we have to always find somebody else to blame for it.

For the record, no matter who you are, you shouldn't feel obliged to explain yourself for stating your opinion.
ok im done im sure somebody needs help this fine day have a good one guys :)
"In the years following its ban, Washington did not generate a decline in gun murders. In fact, the number of killings rose by 156 percent — at a time when murders nationally increased by just 32 percent. For a while, the city vied regularly for the title of murder capital of America.

Chicago followed a similar course. In the decade after it outlawed handguns, murders jumped by 41 percent, compared with an 18 percent rise in the entire United States."

What trouble me about some of the discussions is that "it'll take too long to change things" is even being used as an argument for not doing anything.  If we had the same attitude about any number of other public policy matters, we'd still be living in the 1800's... Even if it'll take 10-20 years to fully implement sensible gun ownership laws, at least we got the ball rolling so future generations can enjoy a greater degree of safety from this kind of tragedy than we do today.  It is myopic to make the argument that we shouldn't do anything just because it'll take too long to "change things."
If they ban guns, guess I could just become a Mexican drug dealer and get them free from the US government. 
I'm sick to my stomach about the unspeakable event that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary.  The real culprit was the madman.  I wish the Washing Post would talk about this more, including G Plusers.
This is a cultural issue, not a gun issue. As Michael Moore showed in Bowling for Columbine, Canada's citizens has far more weapons than us here in the US, yet has far fewer incidents of crime. 
Same old argument over and over......... Nothing will and can change. Banning guns only pushes them "underground" and onto the black market for criminals to make even more money. 
I think the whole "mental illness" issue is a important but not the pressing issue here. Here in India, mentally ill people pelt stones, not bullets. The pressing issue IS guns and that needs to be addressed. 
+Amit Bhor so wrong, so so wrong. You don't have the access to guns like they do in America or like they do here in the UK. In India, you are still stuck in the fifties. 
+Amit Bhor How do you propose to get rid of guns in the US and why do you think guns, given the context we live in a dangerous world since and beyond recorded history, is understood to be bad?
Well, even if 3D printing does make it easier to make guns, it's still important that we have some kind of sensible legislation regarding gun ownership.  On a related note, just because you can print up a gun, it doesn't mean u can actually print up the bullets (seeing as how that requires the gun powder and the bullet casing along with high precision machining) or high-durability components that can withstand the heat of a gun being fired.  The longer wait to implement the changes, the farther we fall behind the technology that will allow people to evade them.  My point is, it's never too early to make small changes that will lead to something better.

p.s.  I'm not for banning guns out right, but merely the conditions for ownership... and changing public attitudes about what it means to own a gun.  
+Andreas Tasch When the UK implemented their national gun ban less than a decade ago, it was assumed gun related crime rate would dramatically decrease.  The fact is it actually increased which we can conclude laws are ineffective when people desire certain actions and/or products.  History has proven this.
+Darryl Griffith In 2011 alone, there were approximately 400 murders in Chicago alone.  Crime is everywhere and unfortunately I can't say the same about the police.

There is no peace in this human world of ours.
 "You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it's an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before. "
~Rahm Emanuel 
The video games had changed general feeling about shooting at random people and may make it easier for shooter to carrying out their "missions". Mentally more violent.
+Erik Kim ok, maybe in case of stats this is true. But if every 20 year old kid can officially and legally buy guns - government has to acquiesce that it acts careless. Imho, there is a big difference if a school shooting happens altough there are strict gun laws. 
Come on we go again...i have kids too ...thou i agree that less guns means less killing with guns..i think blaming guns in these kinds of situations is a bit keeps us from looking at the real underlining causes why these things happen..
+Robert Scoble As you know, discussion is healthy.  I'm a gun owner and believe in the right of individuals to keep/own firearms legally.  That doesn't dismiss the crimes that are taking place, I believe we need discussion on this.  There are some reasonable steps that can be taken. 

   As you noted, many southern states have a higher homicide rate by firearm (per 100,000 pop).  However, DC and Alaska have the highest firearm death per 100,000...many southern states come in after these two. It's also interesting that some of the states with a lower rate of homicides by firearm, have an abnormally higher homicide rate by other weapons.

    Hawaii has the lowest rate of firearm death per 100,000 pop, yet they have the 3rd highest homicide rate % of homicides using other weapons.  North Dakota and South Dakota are also quite high.    There are still a high number of lynchings happening too (I wouldn't have guessed this myself)


   Mass shooting are simply horrific.  We need to take precautionary measures to ensure safety of our children and people.  But we need to take a deeper look at our culture to begin to grasp where the problem really resides.  I am not saying take no action, only to recognize that firearms are a tool. 
+crush smith I am not saying they are normal I am just saying people are linking actions and mental states. I am sure you have never overreacted to a situation or said something you later wish you hadn't. This kid had autism... you think that is okay to start linking autism and mental illness? 
According to the U.N., the U.S. had 3.0 firearm homicides per 100,000 in population in 2009. But there were 14 other nations that had higher rates in 2009, primarily in Latin America and the Caribbean: Honduras (57.6), Jamaica (47.2), St. Kitts and Nevis (44.4), Venezuela (39.0), Guatemala (38.5), Colombia (28.1), Trinidad & Tobago (27.3), Panama (19.3), Dominican Republic (16.9), Bahamas (15.4), Belize (15.4), Mexico (7.9), Paraguay (7.3) and Nicaragua (5.9). Three other nations had higher rates in 2008: El Salvador (39.9), Brazil (18.1) and Ecuador (12.7).

So the U.S. doesn’t rank no. 1 when firearm homicides are adjusted for population.
good move i give morel saporrat u for hunanity
+Erik Kim we should also keep in mind that school murderers are not criminals per se but "normal" people next door - no abnormality until they become murderers. Maybe if such people would never had contact with guns (or know where to buy) - they were never able to execute their deadly plan?
Andy P
Regardless of your opinion, nobody has the right to criticise you for expressing it. And that article is very compelling.
No matter what you ban, people will always find something else to use, whatever that maybe. The whole point of this topic is that, if someone is determined enough, they WILL find something to use, regardless of what it is. It's just that guns are quicker to kill with, no time wasted. You cannot run from bullets but a base ball bat etc, you can.... 
+Andreas Tasch your joking right??? Have you any idea how easy and simple it is to get illegally owned guns??? Your statement is beyond believe and massively naive...... 
They've finally done it right in Michigan. Though as always - too little too late.
Yes, +Tilal Husain at least a good portion of Americans are outraged and very saddened when children are killed by our drones.  It's awful.
The whole Constitutional issues is ridiculous because the 2nd Amendment was written for an entirely different time period. It quite literally states that you have the right to bear arms in an organized militia; which don't exist anymore. So why isn't the 2nd Amendment being phased out of relevancy like that of the 3rd? It's not your right to bear arms anymore; it is a privilege.
Guns are not the problem it's who is allowed to buy them the problem. In my opinion guns should be available but there should be tests both physical and psychological before buying a gun.
Sadly it often takes terrible incidents before realizing you need to legislate things

+Tilal Husain try looking at the murders and atrocities that you're own people are doing, HYPOCRITE. 
+cliff kirby , what do you know about +Tilal Husain ???
Whether or not there are people killing other people, the fact that we are killing children is awful.  If you are horriified by what happened in CT, but not by what our collateral damage is doing, you are by definition a hypocrite.  People in glass houses....

You wanna know why people hate us....
I'm not against going after fighters, I am against killing innocent civilians.
This fact check doesn't even make sense. Fact three and fact eight are claiming opposite data. Guns most certainly can cause an already  explosive problem to become larger but there are countries such as Canada that have many more guns and much less homicide due to gun violence. There are other underlying issues that need to be addressed perhaps family structure would be a start or else just outlawing guns will make us the country with the highest increase in knife violence or blackmarket gun sales.
+Dominic Santerre no test in the world can truly prove if anyone is sane, normal etc. People change on a wim or later in life, no one can foresee the future. There really is no answer to this problem. You can change or make any law you want. Guns will always be there regardless. 
"Unfollow"? Can't really help but see stuff that Google decides is "hot" enough to put in the "what's hot" stream. Only real alternative is to block when it shows up.
Yes +Brian Howlett , I totally agree, our mental health system is a wreck, and there are too many people living too close together.
A lot of people or crap for that yesterday and that's just it. Being human means sometimes you have I speak your mind. Nothing wrong with that.
Thank you Robert. We need gun control now. Another day is too long for my crying neighbors in sandy hook.
+Thomas Perry of course I am horrified by the death of any child in any circumstances. But for him to make that statement on this post in particular is just ridiculous. His is a hypocritical statement. 
If people think that banning guns is going to stop these sort of disturbing killings is sadly mistaken...theres always bombs for example and they r easy to make...this is a social problem some people are really hurting in the head...and we can see that its not exclusive to north america
Fascinating, from my view point in New Zealand, how quickly the discussion moves away from what happened, those involved and acting to stop that happening into intellectual thoughts about what words mean and head stuff - looks like learned helplessness, with a dollop of "we can't do anything so we'll make ourselves feel better by talking about it".

Wanna change it, then do something Americans.
No. They didn't get the guns legaly. They stole them from others. It's just my opinion. 
I agree with my fellow Kiwi.
Of course banning them will prevent shootings. 9x out of 10 they are legally obtained. Really??? A legal glock? BE REALISTIC
People who advocate gun control aren't "blaming guns" for the tragedy , they're blaming the ease with which they can be procured and thus used by just about anybody. We all hear apologists parroting "Guns don't kill people.." - Well, obviously, someone had to pull the trigger. But the point is, they were able to have a trigger to pull in the first place. If firearms were prohibited then yes, there would still be gun crime, and yes, people would still be killed by guns. But, just maybe, the next time some average man on the street goes nuts and decides to kill a bunch of kids he wouldn't have guns to hand and so wouldn't be able to cause as much harm.
+Matt Milsap you are joking right.?? Banning will prevent shooting is just about the most stupid ignorant comment on here so far. 
Yeah. There's no proof that they obtained guns legally. BE FUCKING REALISTIC!!!
+cliff kirby the only thing I saw him say is exactly what I would say if I wasn't from this country.  Especially if I lived in an affected area.  You know nothing about him.  I don't see his statement as hypocritical at all.  You don't know that he supports the Taliban, etc.. Do you?  The majority of people over there don't.  Your response is not helping promote peace.
Serious as a heart attack. Ban glocks NOW
+Robert Scoble Well, the central point of my argument still remains that it's never too early to try and have sensible laws regarding the ownership of deadly weapons. To say we shouldn't do anything because it's too easy to print up a gun is to give into a certain sense of despair. =)
children died yesterday and that was terrible. You say your prayers and move on there is nothing more you can do. If anything bringing up the issue while it's fresh in everyone's mind is better than not to.
It's not a gun problem.
It's a people problem.
Ban people.
+Mike Cosmi I know, I've been around enough martial artists in my life to know that anything can be a deadly weapon... however, when a gun makes it less risky for a person to mow down dozens of people, maybe we should think a little about gun ownership (and the prevailing attitudes) laws.  
+Thomas Perry what does his comment have to do with this topic? I never said he supported the taliban. I don't know where you got that from. I have no intentions of promoting peace or otherwise. Everything I say on here is neutral as far as I am concerned. 
"Lanza, 20, used a Glock 9-mm. handgun and a SIG Sauer handgun".

We can just start banning those two guns. Deal?
If you take guns away from the people, they lose the ability to defend themselves. 

Your so called chart fails to take into account those shootings related to gang violence, witch account for at minimum 25%-35% of all shooting deaths, and those guns are obtained illegally.

Take the guns away from the law abiding citizens will turn us into a military state. when the government is the only one packing heat, how are the people supposed to fight for their rights.

there is a solution to these kinds of issues, and gun control is not it.
Have I heard these arguments before?  I'm going wine tasting..

Thanks for the post +Robert Scoble I'll even check out Rackspace :-)
And those shootings related to witches!
Yawn. "Ban guns and people will use knives; ban knives and people will use baseball bats."

Uh huh. USA should just do nothing then.

Cos 'Murricans need tah form militias and keep the Government in check or somethin'.
Dominic, this guy never bought a gun, his MOTHER did. I assume she would passed all mental test.
The problem is the CAUSE not the Method. Take away guns and they use knives, take away knives like they are now trying to do in the UK and they use explosives. There will always be a method.
We need to stop the CAUSE, the rest is just nonsense. 
"maybe we should think a little about gun ownership (and the prevailing attitudes) laws."
I agree. We should dump the attitude that dictates law-abiding concealed carry permit holders not carry in schools.
The attitude that dictates guns not be allowed in schools isn't working too well.
U guys are crazy... people who want to kill people will find a gun to do it. What happens when u don't have one to fight back with? I carry every day. I will protect my family. You guys are blind if u think guns are the problem. But I guess if they made banned guns it would keep them off the street, right? Just like drugs?
+Tilal Husain Would you rather have B52's instead of drones?  We're fighting a war against Muslim heathens.  The bombers worked great for making the German Christians and Japanese Shinto heathens more peaceful.  Drones kill a few kids accidently but we're killing the people who kill kids and other civilians intentionally.
The US obsession with guns  is obscene and incomprehensible to anyone but some North Americans. The annual death toll, the frequent massacres and the fallout South of the border, where Americans exchange cash for drugs then guns for the cash, is merely the domestic casualty of the force of arms, integral to the US way of "doing business.''  Watch any  'action movie' for the sanitised, mayhem as entertainment, version. Overkill everybody ? And as for a political consensus on some sort of action, "I had a dream.......!"
"We're fighting a war against Muslim heathens."
Yeah, we should ban them from having guns.
+cliff kirby  , you called him a name.  Like a bully.  You called him a hypocrite.  AND you know absolutely nothing about him.  You didn't consider what he said in the context of the event.  Just because he happened to speak off topic, that is no reason to call him names or disregard his idea.  We have a really bad image in the world because we do that all the time.  But there was nothing hypocritical at all about what he said.  Put yourself in his shoes.  Then consider what he said.  Here we are, all very upset about a horrific shooting, yet we, as a country, as a people, are killing innocent civilians every day.  Look at how hypocritical that is, how blatantly hypocritical that is of us as a country.

I believe the correct response would be, yes, we do think that is horrific as well.  Period.
If you people did your research you would know the US has one of the most strict gun control systems in the world.  However we are also one of the highest in gun related fatalities.  This problem isn't due to gun control, it's due to the stupid people of this country who have lost the ability to responsible for any kind actions they take.  We've become a society of over medicated media drama addicts whose only recourse is violence...
the use of "Ban" has never solved anything.

They Banned Alcohol, the people still drank. They Banned Marijuana, the people still smoke.

If people want something, they will do what they must for it. Banning Guns? all that will do is cause the deaths of a lot of law enforcement officers who are stupid enough to try and round them up.
This whole gun control argument is a knee jerk reaction to when crazies attack. Why didn't the emotional hacks come out in droves to ban fertilizer sales after the Oklahoma city bombing? 
+cliff kirby I don't even know what that means. Do I speak out against bullying, yes.  Will I fuck you up in an ice hockey game, yes.
making it harder to legally obtain guns will totally deter criminals (who don't follow the law) from having guns just like having meth and coke be illegal has stopped everyone from using them. by outlawing guns you're only disarming law abiding citizens making them vulnerable to criminals who don't follow the law. also that would increase crime rate (i.e. burglaries, etc) because criminals will know that the law abiding citizens don't have guns to protect themselves and their property. 
+Michael Schneck Well I sure as hell don't want a bunch of random people "defending themselves" in the middle of a crowded place I happen to be in.

Do I think banning guns would prevent someone absolutely determined to get one from getting one? Nope. But if it prevents just one of these mass killings from happening I'm fine with it.
Ugh. Having easy access to weapons doesn't make life more safe for you or your family.

Back in the days of the Nuclear Arms Race, when the USA and Society Union were stockpiling nuclear weapons - you know, just in case the other guy used them first - did the world feel safer, or more vulnerable?
So let's add just three data points into the thought process here. We know the first of these from the news reports so far so lets add it into the discussion along with a couple of questions whose answers are deducible from the outcome of the events.

1. Who was the owner of the guns used to perpetrate this crime?

It has been reported that the guns belonged to the perpetrator's mother and he killed her first using her own weapons to do it. Why she needed an assault rifle in addition to two semi-automatic handguns I can't say. (granted, the assault rifle was not used at the school but the perpetrator did have it in his car) To be clear, NONE of the weapons involved were fully automatic weapons.

2. Were the guns in question locked up in the home?

I don't know but given what we know so far I would have to say that they were not secured from the perpetrator.

3. If they were locked up did the perpetrator have access to the keys or combination necessary to unlock them?

I don't know but if they were secured then certainly not from him.

So... given these 3 data points we can surmise that the owner's security controls on her weapons were extremely lax. So what can we take away from these points?

1. The gun control that is typically advocated by those opposed to gun ownership in general would have kept these three guns out of the hands of the perpetrator because they would have never been sold to the owner in the first place. So this is one way the tragedy could have been prevented. Notably, in my state, the owner would likely have been prosecuted after this crime for failing to properly secure the weapons (had she survived).

2. The owner of these weapons should have kept them under lock and key (good) or a combination lock (best).

3. The owner of these weapons should definitely NOT have allowed the perpetrator to have access to them. According to the articles I've been reading she had recently left her employment to care for her son. If her adult child required this type of attention/supervision there is no way that he should have had access to weapons of any kind. Speaking for myself I'd have been likely to lock up the sharp objects as well.

So in summary this entire tragedy was preventable in several ways, but within the scope of current law it was preventable if the owner had simply secured the weapons properly. Is it a failure in "gun control". Yes, most definitely these guns were not properly controlled.

Disclaimer: I own guns myself and mine are locked up in a safe unless I am going hunting or to the range.
What is the evil that made this person, who is human, attack children? This seems to be the most important question to answer. 
People don't know what the problem is here. The problem is not that we have guns. The problem is we have a culture that teaches human life is lower than dirt. We have video games that encourage killing other humans as a form of entertainment. We give these M rated games to our 5-year old children. We have a movie industry that does the same. We degrade the value of human life further by teaching the unborn are nothing more than pieces of tissue to be discarded (killed in other words). We teach our children that humans are just an evolved ape, and no more special than any other species. So what do you think is going to happen when the children grow up?
The "solution" of gun control is extremely temporary and ineffective. The only permanent solution is to fix our morals. May God help us.
It is going to be very hard but at the end, it boils down to making a decision. What do american people want??? Would they rather own a gun and never use it or see unfortunate gun fatalities for whatever reason in the future ( even if gun-crime rate reduces significantly in the future). It is not the only solution to a problem.... but question is -- is it worth trying???
If we do not take a decision today for welfare of our society at some point our kids will have to make that decision.

FYI, we ( non-tech people) do love your posts on non-technology issues more than the technology ones....
Comparing the US to other nations is a cottage industry.  Unfortunately, other nations - particularly those in the third world - do not have a clue about what their populations are really up to.  It's garbage data. Also, with the advances in technology we have, particularly in engineering, confiscating guns or prohibiting the sale of them or making ammunition cost-prohibitive will only lead to bootlegging.  And 3D printing already has made single or short-use firearms a reality; it will only be a short time before owning a, say, long use carbon fiber 3D printed handgun or long-rifle or other automatic weapon will only require access to software, the right file and a 3D printer. 

In the constitution when written, a "well regulated militia" referred to: 1) The States and "The People";  2) in regard to their joint need for standardization of weaponry by various manufacturers so that ammunition could be made safe and readily available; and, 3) for the states to enact legislation to see that the second point would happen and to pass whatever legislation necessary to assure the cause of liberty would not falter due to an inadequately prepared citizenry whether the enemy be domestic tyranny (such as a broad attempt from the federal level to confiscate guns or other property) or foreign invasion.

Would any of you be harping like this today had the perpetrator say, driven a Humvee through the wall of a kindergarten classroom and killed just as many? No. Would you be whining about the need for placing fertilizer and diesel fuel on restricted lists if he had contrived a van-sized IED and surely killed many more? No. But the perp apparently had the condition and intellect (as is common in Aspergers) to easily build such a device, kill his mother with a knife and drive over to detonate himself. 

Personally, I own arms to protect my family from the likes of this guy. It is far less likely that someone in my home will be accidentally injured or killed by a firearm than by medical mistake (the death toll from one medical mistake a couple months back that caused meningitis is now 39) or fire (particularly by faulty wiring) or storm or a host of other happenstances. Where are the cries for making compounding pharmacies illegal? The laments about the lax or corrupt practices of local building and zoning departments that lead to deaths by fire somewhere down the line? 

Those who"believe" eliminating guns, confiscating guns or otherwise making them harder to get (they're already hard to get legally) will be some panacea that prevents what happens yesterday, possess a belief did not originate from reasoned thought. It is the result of succumbing to politicized groupthink.  Typically these days the propaganda is foisted upon the easily-swayed by the posting of an emotion-evoking factoid or chart or infograph.  It always seems to happen when Progressive Puritans seize upon a cause for a witch hunt,as is the case today.  
The stance don't change a person's mind state hopefully it can
+Mike Cosmi Sorry to bring you this news, but you are completely wrong. The strict gun laws in Norway is not what made Breivik what he became.

By your logic, any one of us would nuke the world, if we could steal a nuke? I dont think so.. Sure, some guys are either so crazy or they have so strong and violent political views that they might do it.

However, it is not that you cant buy a nuke that makes you want to nuke the world. I do not want to nuke the world!

The same goes for guns.. Why do you need them, if you are not hunting deer or some other animals? What is the point of gun clubs / firing ranges?

I know some people will think: it's cool to shoot guns, but hello... Someone needs to do something and something serious! There is no reason that you should be able to buy a weapon.. Yes, it is a weapon.

It is made for one single purpose. You do not need it to bake or to fix your car, you dont need it to slice your bread! You dont really need it at all. 

You can say that guns dont kill people, people kill people.. But at the end of the day, it's much easier for people to kill people, if they have killing machines. Why should they be able to get killing machines in the first place? If they cant get it, they will be easier to stop and impulse actions may not happend at all!
+cliff kirby Do I have an opinion on gun control, no, way too complex of a problem for me to even think I have a solution.  I am more inclined to think that improving access to mental health services will bring an answer much more quickly.
Am I against drone attacks on fighters, as I already said previously, I'm totally for that.  I don't have a problem with our protecting ourselves and our soldiers, I am concerned and horrified when innocent civilians and children are killed.

Does that answer your question?
The Washington Post article says a few things.  Points 7 and 8 in their diatribe actually contradict each other.  Point 7 says gun ownership is declining while point 8 says that more guns have lead to the "increase" in massacres.

Throw in the chart for point 5, which shows a steep, steady decline in gun violence over the last 30+ years, and the article as a whole is a very good argument in favor of MORE guns.
A sensible step to take is to have armed security at every possible entry point to 'gun free zones' with metal detectors.  The crazies always go to gun free zones, because they will be the only ones armed, unfortunately this is normally schools.
.....Right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed. Pretty much squashes this whole discussion. I'm thankful of our forefathers. 
I did my part to protect my second amendment rights.  I just re-joined the NRA today.  ALL responsible gun owners should seriously consider joining, or at least make a donation to the NRA to help them in their fight to protect our second amendment rights and the right to protect our selves and our children.  Also please consider making a purchase from the NRA store ( Your purchase will help to ensure future Americans all the freedoms and liberties that they are guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States of America. All profits from the NRA online store go directly to support NRA programs.
+John Meck you need to go find an island to live on.  Really, you can't allow people to have their own opinion?  What makes them different from Americans in being able to voice their opinion?
why not just arm the little kids before they go to school, that will solve it, more guns right? jk I am human as well, great post man.
+Tilal Husain sorry, we don't, this is arab propaganda to appease the mass uniformed. we have the most civil armed force in the world
Whoever comes up with the right answer will be the true hero...... Guns will always be with us. I have no intentions of losing mine. 
Any adult off the street can just stroll into an elementary school. For F-sake, fix that first. 
All the threads I read on this tragedy have one thing in common... Trying to make sense of it. It's impossible to make sense of such violence against innocent children. The only person who could provide any possible insight into why is dead.
Robert Scoble in Mexico guns are 100% against the law. You do hard time in Mexico for having a gun. Now tell me how is that working out for them. If you or anybody else can 110% guarantee that nobody would be killed by guns if the US made guns illegal then I would be the biggest advocate for gun control. Drugs are illegal in this country tell me how is that working out for us. 
I respect anyone who takes a political stance if its for what they believe is right. I wasn't there to witness the authors so called verbal rampage, but he has every right to do so.
I agree. Something needs to be done with gun control.
People ..u really think we can legislate our way out of these crazy things that happen i doubt it very much..just the fact that everyone is talking about guns instead of looking for the underling causes.
shows a lack of understanding ...this is about people... what would make a person do that if theyre not mentally ill...guns guns i mean really..and m not a republican but this is silly...think for a second
+cliff kirby LOL :)
Ask a silly question, get a silly answer.  I assume you may have missed my other responses?
lol at the NRA guys on here, If, in the immediate aftermath of a gun being used to commit a terrible crime against children, you are more vocal about how to protect guns than how to protect children, you are a crazy person.
So just let the goverment have all our guns and everything will be just peachy huh!?
+Joseph Greene , actually no.
It does not contradict it self.

It says there has been a decrease in violence.
There has been a decrease in guns.

Of course the decrease is not 1:1, not everone with a gun goes rampage.. But a sudden % of the population will go rampage. In a large country with many inhabitatants, a lot of people will go rampage.

Take away the fancy clothing and smartphones; and you'll find that people are animals too.
+Robert Scoble I'm surprised at the absolute stupidity of these comments. Comparing a video game to killing people is absurd. Even when I play those games I feel guilty if I hit a NPC and that not a person, it's a game. Our armed forces DON"T attack civilians like filthy arab terrorists. They don't use them as human shields and we've lost lots of men due to OUR values when it comes to combat. values terrorist animals don't have
+Olav Alexander Mjelde but if you armed you can actually defend yourself and put up a fight, something I surmise you simply do not have the backbone to do. Law enforcement cannot be everywhere when needed. 
The ONLY thing banning gun ownership in the US would do is to make the prices on the black market go up and disarm citizens making them more of a target. and I am as liberal as it is possible to be. I own one "firearm" a 22 Magnum pistol just for protection, just in case. Haven't fired it in 15+ years. But facts are facts, banning guns would not change a damn thing but maybe the method on a few occasions and if that method like say explosives become the method of choice we will have MORE deaths than we do now.  
Well said David! I agree with you 100%. 
+chris cis , why do you need a gun to protect your self?
I do not need it in Norway, in Sweden, in Denmark, in Italy, in England.. I can walk around.. Sure, someone can mug me if I walk in a very shady place at night.

But I can bet that it's more safe to just hand over your smartphone than to pull a weapon. I know you are allowed to act in self defence, but if you cant see this catch-22, I cant really discuss this matter with you.

If everyone arms them selves, the world will not become a more safe or less hostile place to be. It will just become much worse.
the reason for the second amendment which seems to evade 99% of US citizens was to protect them from a government take over, be it Democrats, Republicans or Nazis.  You take that away and anyone can become a dictator
+Robert Thompson Something is failing, since the children weren't protected.  That right extends to crazies that are trying to harm children.  Something needs to change, guns and ammo should be kept in separate locks which have biometric locks on (finger prints).
The Second Amendment was made to protect the British from taking back the newly-formed United States over 200 years ago, +Chris Hayes. Learn your history.
Hey! No picking on Brits! The French? OK. But not the Brits. Not the ones with balls so big they slapped down a Nazi air invasion with their pubes and held their own until we went over to help them out....unlike the French who just bent over and....well, you get the point. Lol
+Olav Alexander Mjelde. You sir live in fantasy land. Visit a good ole American ghetto at night and come out of your ivory tower and re assess your meaning in life. 
God could of saved those kids but god is not aloud in schools. This is what is wrong with society today.
+Olav Alexander Mjelde hey, you Europeans, remember WW2, if you had weapons you could have fought back, BWA HA HA HA, but instead you needed the US to come over and clean up your mess. And now you want us to be like you and be defenseless against dictators? whatever
Its hopeless..u guys r nuts
i agree with you, if it were not for guns united states would not be, they woould be controlled by Great Britain. And i would like to know how many killings have the police contributed
+chris cis I keep hearing this after every gun tragedy.  I ask you then - where were all the people with guns at this school to defend the kids?  Where were all the people at the theater with guns, to defend themselves and others against THAT gunman?  Where were all the 'public defenders' at the Tech College shooting? This "we have to have guns to defend ourselves" doesn't wash. And why can't assault rifles be banned?  You're telling me that you expect to carry assault rifles around with you to defend yourselves?  US just has to realize that they need to ban SOME guns, but not necessarily all.
Derek M
If people are going to talk about innocent lives killed in the Middle East, then don't forget about innocent American lives killed by middle eastern terrorists. I will forever defend the rights of ALL Americans to defend themselves. I'm not going to change. I don't blame guns, I BLAME PEOPLE! Don't try to take away my rights. I'm an American. I defend our rights. I'm not going to do it the way of the rest of the world thinks is right. Who cares what they do. I know you hate Americans, but quite frankly I don't care what you think. I don't want violence, but if it comes to my doorstep, then your asking for problems. This post is for those people talking smack about the U.S. and nobody else. 
+Robert Scoble 3D printers are irrelevant  Its perfectly legal to make your own firearm, and has been for decades. Google "Zip gun" to see some of the easier to make ones. Its a shame that whenever a tragedy like this occurs, people scramble to limit the rights of others in some vain attempt at "fixing" it. You want to stop violence? Blow up the planet, because human beings are inherently violent creatures. Hell, most of you can't even get through the day without yelling at someone for driving poorly.

This is a culture problem. There are many places (my home state of Maine included) that have many firearms and a low homicide rate. We need to look at why people are so angry, and why they are turning to violence as a solution. Could it possibly be the glorification of violence in this country? Maybe the horrible healthcare system where a few weeks in a hospital costs more than a 3 bedroom home? How about the non stop media attention turning these psychos into anti-heroes for MONTHS?

The last time we, as Americans, acted on emotion when responding to a tragedy, we ended up with 12 years of war against an idea that no one can really explain.
I would hazard that 20 years ago the shooter was born and suffered no apparent mental illness that by all accounts he was destined to live a normal life. Somewhere along the way he was driven to this by the enviroment that was his life. He wasnt born a killer he learned it. Don't look outward to see the problem look inward our own behaviour is far from pure. Yet here we are all claiming the high ground and laying blame on each other. Its time we started taking responsibilty for each other as opposed to our current method of problem solving confrontational opposition to a differnt veiw than our own. How many people thought something was odd about his behaviour. How many people with one kind word or action would have defused this horrendous atrocity. It is not the guns or the mental health system it is us that have failed.

If your really concerned look to your friends the people you see very day ask how they are with real concern, treat your family with respect be responsible for your wards and your actions. Or go back to your computor screens, PRV's and phones draw your curtains and lower your blinds. Its only going to get worse  
"Holy shit, +kevin brady , I hope you aren't a gun owner", said the atheist to the christian nut job.
Time for prayer, love, and community. Not politics
We don't have a gun problem, we have a people problem. If making something illegal would make it go away, there wouldn't be murders in the first place. 
+Mark Yager assault rifles and automatic weapons are already illegal in many states what is your point?
How can a country claim to be civil,Democratic and responsible and allow guns on the streets like they are toys? I have 3 yr daughter and when I read that victims were of my daughters age my heart wrenched it is 1.19 hrs here in India and I still can't get my mind away from this and sleep. What a disaster! 
I'm going to say this. Please don't read outside of the context within.... I love how you mostly all are pointing towards mental health. Same bullshit got pulled with the Columbine shooting, Dark Knight Rises shooting and this newer one. Seems mental health only comes up when there's a Caucasian doing the shooting... When he's Black, he's a menace to society or gang banger, when he's from the Middle East he's a terrorist, he's white he's mentally ill?? Sad but yup. That's how the media centers and focalized every shooting thus far. You guy's thinking is what's wrong. IF YOU'RE KILL YOU'RE A KILLER. No matter the color and the media is controlled by thoughts like the one's posted here. Most killings by guns are ALSO illegal guns.. Not legal ones... So again, changing gun laws has zilch to do with it. Most of these guys aren't mentally ill. They're probably more sane than any of us here If they came from the hoods of America, something most of you could NEVER comment on, then the mentality is naturally beaten into their heads. Suburban kids aren't raised to deal with issues of entitlement very well so they lash out and kill everyone. Middle Eastern in a FEW CASES are doing what they're taught to do religion wise. It's deeper than mental health issues and gun laws. You guys have your heads in the sand clearly. 
I am a gun owner and a lifelong collector, and I fully support the right of Americans to own firearms. I just want to raise 2 issues that aren't being discussed.

1. I realize that this is anecdotal, but everyone keeps talking about the availability of firearms in the US as if this is a recent development. However, I would venture a guess that the rates of ownership may have been even higher earlier in the nation's history. There were fewer major population centers then, and the majority of Americans lived in rural areas, where hunting would have been a necessity to provide supplemental food, especially during the winter.

Considering that the rates of violent gun crime in non-frontier rural areas of the US in the past weren't as high as what we see today, it would seem that the argument that our culture and society are the issues has a lot of validity.

2. While I understand why the NRA takes their hardline stance against any gun control, they aren't doing gun owners like myself any favors with their polarizing and divisive stance. They see any compromise as a breach in the dam that will eventually lead to a ban on all firearms. It is a knee jerk reaction, especially considering that it would take a 2/3 majority to strike down the 2nd Amendment. The right to own guns will not be endangered by concessions on automatic and assault weapons, and mandatory testing for gun ownership.

I took a hunter's safety course that included gun safety training as a youngster, and I think every potential gun owner ought to be required to take a similar course as a requisite for ownership. It just makes sense. I was fortunate to have a father who taught me to respect the power of firearms and how to properly handle and store them, even before hunter's safety. Most people don't have this, so they NEED that kind of mandatory training.

I don't own any assault weapons and never will. I have no need of them, and just don't understand the interest that some have with them. As for fully automatic weapons, I see those as being for military application only. They don't serve any legitimate role in society. I know that there are other gun owners who would not agree with me on this, but I have a feeling that there are more "reasonable" gun advocates out there, like myself. Many of them have been buying the NRA party line or have been shouted down by hardliners, but it's time to stand up. If more gun controls are put in place, let's make sure they are the kinds that actually have an impact on problems, while not unduly limiting our rights.

Reasonable discussion can't take place amid all the shouting and trench warfare, so enough reasonable gun owners need to stand up and speak up to be seen and heard. That's the only way to shift the discussion and make some real, meaningful progress. 
Teachers should have concealed weapons.
+Chris Hayes That was the reason for the amendment, not personal protection.  There are plenty of dictatorships that allow their population to carry guns.  The USA isn't going to become a dictatorship, regardless of gun laws and if that happened.  Other countries would step in to protect USA citizens.
+chris cis 
Why is it like that in the getto? Can weapons be the reason?
Also, why are you hanging out in the Ghetto?
A tip for the future: Buy your milk elsewhere.

+Chris Hayes 
No, I dont really remember it.. Since I'm not that old :-)
However, I dont think the Americans brought theire guns to Norway at all?
I know the Americans had a plan, but they didnt go through with it, since they could not find a viable entry without too many losses.
+vishal pratap singh Guns are not toys. The only people that treat them like toys are the uninformed that want them banned. In my state, open carry is allowed for all firearms. You can walk down the street with a rifle on a sling. Guess what, no one cares. We don't see those people and run in fear. Its a normal occurance.

+Myles Barney Funny you should say that. We passed a law banning teachers and faculty from having concealed weapons in the 90's. This was "to protect the children". The ban really helped those children yesterday.
This is complete fiction. More guns does not lead to less murder. In fact more legal gun ownership leads to less crime. Gun control isn't about guns, its about control. 
+Adam Roberts Law enforcement officers that are retired or out on disability for one reason or another should be given the option to become armed security officers in our public schools.  Israel arms their teachers so they can protect their children in school.  The least we could do is provide armed security officers in ours.  THAT'S THE ANSWER.  Not more infringement on our rights, in particular our second amendment rights. 

"Those willing to give up liberty for security deserve niether and will lose both "
     - Benjamin Franklin
Tilal Hussain, Sir, you use the phrase "when you kill children in other countries through drone attacks". I'm a bit puzzled by this statement. Last time I checked, the average American to include most high ranking military officials, don't have the ability to command drone strikes. 
+cliff kirby the separation of church and state is the problem. People grow up not having any morals
I blame that you americans stopped airing Macgyver!
He did the non violent ways always!

Uh- so many innocent victims... poor child with a pretty smiling bear on her tiny bag! Her parents must've hoping to see her grown up to be a Foreign Ministry Secretary.... After all that we've sacrificed... God! Where is justice? Why this violence? Murderers, I want revenge?

You seem to miss democide I.e. government troop mass killings of unarmed citizens through out
history. Should we ban cars which killed many more people than private guns have ever?
+kevin brady that's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. Religion is the number one cause of death-period.
+Robert Thompson Armed guards in schools, is something that I suggested a few posts up.  That should be tried before anything else.
+John Lucas , cars are needed for transportations. Guns are needed for killing in an effective way.

Guns... What are they good for?
Um.. why not mention that almost every school shooter was on psychotropic medication or were experiencing stress,mental, psychological, and/or developmental problems ? If you want to say "gun bad ban them" look at the other mitigating factors before assigning blame. Or is it just part of a political agenda to disarm the civilians while protecting big pharma and a dysfunctional medical establishment?
It doesent matter how many laws governing guns if someone goes over the edge or plans a massacre no One will stop them!!
+John Lucas that argument is need to show that you are fit to drive a car, pass a test, get a license for driving...what do you need to do for a gun...just buy one.
An analogy: if all the countries deserve right to protect through atmic weapons and similarly allowing access to civilian weapons causing mass killing...its the access and proximity to deadly weapons that freaks me out...irrespective of sane or insane handlers
+kevin hartline , as more guns => more killings, there will be less americans. Which also leads to less crime.

So in a way, you are correct! It's survival of the fittest in the USA, the one with the fittest guns.
+Adam Roberts Even simpler. Lock the freaking front door and let no one in period. That's what they do at my son's Canada.
Just my .02 here but it seems many gun advocates always say if they "take our guns all the criminals will have guns" yet they fail to mention that the vast majority of illegal firearms in this country were once legal. Not purchased from some cache of random firearms from another country. Nope most illegal firearms in the US were procured from an illegal sale, straw pushing, or theft (which believe it or not is the less of all three). Therefore it seems to me the easiest way to cut back on gun injuries and deaths is an all out ban on the sale and distribution of firearms. This will keep them out of the hands of the majority of criminals eventually. As far as the guns already out there make it straight up illegal to own one and enforce it with an iron fist. Should there be exceptions? Sure there should be. Hunting rifles and such should be legal as that is a sport and a pass time for many. However owning one of those should be obtained only after safety classes and a strict background check and mental evaluation.

Will all this completely solve the problem? Of course not but I'd bet my right nut that it would cut back on gun violence by at least 90%. I simply will never understand my fellow American's love and imagined "need" for a firearm. It is just ridiculous. 
Its the nut behind the sights of the gun, not the gun its self.  That gun needs input to do anything other than sit there.
+Adam Roberts That was suposed to be the rule. Thats the standard procedure at every educational institution I have ever been to. All the doors are solid wood with reinforced glass windows. No one could get in without a significant amount of explosives. That doesn't help students in the halls or lunchroom though. And it wont help if the shooter goes back outside and enters through a window.
How about locking up the crazies before we take away everyone's guns, eh? Where's the graph showing America has the most crazy people? Less crazies = less slaughter
Fear of this situation and the safety of are children including in that fear will push the masses for gun control ..and slowly are second amendment rights will be taking away ..when all it takes is simply for the "firearm handlers" to simply be aware of firearm security so little Mikey can't get a hold of pops "colt revolver "..this isn't a new subject this has been going on for decades but the media is shedding light on it now..but why now?..after so many that happen in the past 10 years?..the fact is are rights are being taking and it's masked behind tragedy to get votes to change on this matter..simply put 
+Gihan Perera , sure you can do that. But you cant always stay locked in. Also, do you really love guns that much - that you want to be a prisoner?

Who should be the prisoners? Not the kids, they should be able to play.. They are innocent.. It's not right that the world gets to be this way, that the kids cant breathe air, they cant see the sky or sit in a park..

The kids become prisoners, so some people can drive some pickup trucks to a gun range and drink beer, and twist theire mustaches.

This is not how a modern society should be, it's not very civillized.

Sure you can laugh at countries where we dont even lock our doors all the time. A lot of people even leave the car running when they leave the car, to pay for gas.

Yes, I know.. It's not doable to reverse the USA in one day. It will take generations..

At least one, most likely 2,3 or 4 generations! The crazy gunpeople will make kids that may also become crazy gunpeople. 

You will never get rid of a few % crazy people, and a few % idiological political extremists... But you can take away theire killing tools.. So they will do less of an impact.
+Olav Alexander Mjelde We are quite fond of wars on ideas in the US. The war on drugs, The war on terrorism, The war on guns, The war on women, etc. The best part about a war on an idea, is that ideas never die.

What you describe in your previous post is life in Maine. We don't lock our doors all the time, we can leave our cars running without fear of theft. I stop and help people stranded on the side of the road. People still pick up hitchhikers  We also have a lot of guns, and very lax gun laws (we can also detonate up to 40lbs of gunpowder for recreational use, but commercial fireworks are illegal). The problem is the people, not the weapons.
+kevin brady no such thing as god. Religion is the biggest scam ever. It's for the weak minded and insecure. As said above by others, very weak argument and an lousy excuse. 
Guns are not the problem. An America with declining morals is. If the Principle or teachers were armed yesterday, this would have turned out very differently.

Stop blaming objects and start blaming people. Look at what this country has become. Taking away liberties and rights is not the answer. Guns have always been with us. These types of tragedies have not. Use your heads. What's changed? 
James Simmons just stated the real problem as well as I have heard it. I do not own firearms but having served in the US Army, I know what automatic weapons are capable of. There isn't a place for these except in very rare instances.

The real issue is the demeaning of human life and the glorification of violence through movies, TV, video games and playing war like "paintball" combat.

This tragic occurrence should generate debate/ discussions but it needs to go far beyond gun control.
Ryan,how many bullets from an assault rifle do I need to kill some one, how many bullets do I need from a hunting rifle to kill some one ....the answer is one, banning assault style weapons is not the answer ........ It's my right to own a firearm, and a right I will defend as every American should..... This whole thing has taught me one thing .... Our freedoms are at risk ..... And I now plan on joining. The N.R.A 
This is fundamentally not an issue of which weapon is used. In China it was a knife, in the United States it was a gun. It is an issue of the brokenness of the human heart. We should weep for the families and friends of the victims, and for the survivors. 
How do I stop getting your anti gun BS. I don't share or care about your views about the method in which people choose to kill people.
+kevin brady If you're going to insult someone do it correctly. "Fucking idiot" not "fuxen idiot". Maybe you should realize that calling someone an "fucking idiot" over the internet also lacks morals in many ways. I find your ignorance quite pitiful. I hope your God can save you.
I can respect someone's opinion but if you started your political agenda yesterday, you are no better than the shooter +Robert Scoble. Maybe you shouldn't of disrespected the memory of the loss by pushing, eh?
+Olav Alexander Mjelde It's not about locking students in. It's about keeping other people out. To get into my son's school, there is one port of entry. Students are free to use the school premises, far from being prisoners (I dont think my son is even aware of the fact ) And for the record I hate guns. It's up to the american people as a whole to debate their gun issue, but we can all agree that schools should have better security measures.
Keith S
Guns are the ultimate statement of greed. "You have what I want and I will take it because I have a gun!" Or, "I will defend myself and my stuff with deadly force."

America's warped equation and distribution of wealth is the core of this issue. Without proper human services, paid for in a shared fashion, we cannot address the underlying issues.

Humans driven to extremes make extreme choices. Gun control, and policies that promote economic equality, are part of a solution that all of us would benefit from.

Yes, you should give up you guns, and some of your hard-earned money, to help others. In the long run, we'll all benefit.
There is only one question "are you a intelligent human? 
+Efrain Lara , some of the most "crazy" people are highly intelligent. Some times it is just a political standpoint (extremism).
+Keith S Defending yourself from a deadly attack with deadly force is "greedy?"  So we're just supposed to lie down and take it?  gtfo.
+Chris Witham You are right forks do make people fat. We need to ban their use and replace them with chopsticks. It will make it harder for most Americans to eat their food, the less Americans eat the leaner we will be as a country. Good idea!
+Daniel Clarke You may wish to do some actual reading/research on the issue of the cause of war/death throughout history.  Syracuse released a study just a couple of years ago showing that atheism/communism/nation building led to more war related deaths in the 20th century than all religious wars in the preceding 19 centuries.  Go back before that and you'll find the majority of wars/death were also non religious in cause.

How about educating yourself instead of trotting out lazy/ignorant tripe that has been disproven by actual scholarship?
+Steve Hale , you dont need a gun to get to work.. Or a gun to slice your bread.

Sure, some people will get killed. But less guns = less people get killed.

I dont know about you, but if I found out that my smartphone could be used for mass murder, I would gladly destroy it! Same goes for my flatscreen tv or my bicycle.. And those things have more purposes than a gun.

Yes, I know.. You can say that you need your gun to protect your self, but why do you need a gun to protect your self?


You dont need a gun to protect your self, because guns are illegal.. It's really the opposite.
So, let's see. Instead of putting better security in schools...with possibly some nice gun-carrying policemen hanging around...we're going to use gun control to, what, stop the law-breakers from using illegal guns? They don't care about laws anyway, so we should make another one?
It's amazing the level of ignorance in most of these posts.
You don't even know the details and you formulate bull shit.
Just for the record, the gun man was mentaly challenged he killed his mother who legally owned the guns, the rest is history.
I'm sure there are mentally challenged people in other countries and not just an American thing.
It's funny, out of 10,000 deaths from guns, how many of them are self defense related?
That's conveniently left out.
Also I find it amazing that you anti gun commentators refer to guns as AUTOMATIC instead of SEMI-AUTOMATIC. Automatic
weapons are not legal.
If one is undergoing mental or psychological counseling?
They are entered into a database and can not legally purchaase a weapon.
Also to those who are so concerned about what European people think of us, if you're saddened by the negative comments of our life style?
By all means, move to England, France, Greece where they have absolutely no problems what so ever.

Actually most of the gun related incidents were from legal guns. Also this would take generations to disarm.. Too many guns in circulation.
+Scott Spencer easy access is an issue. How do you feel about giving every citizen nuclear weapon? We need to have the laws and implement them too.
+Robert Gerdes compariing US to mexico ? Are you serious ?
Those saying they need guns for protection, are not showing very high opinion of police force
+Joshua Burgess you missed the point. the law detered this from happening earlier
If the parts of constitution are not relavan today, they need to go.
I've heard it said "marijuana should be legalized, because people are going to find a way to smoke it anyway".  
So, harsher gun-control laws will work how?
We can't even stick beside our own immigration laws..
Law abiding citizens aren't the problem..gun-control laws only affect them.  If bad guys want guns and/or marijuana and/or anything else illegal... they get them (law or not)
The root of the problem is the mind/heart of the individual holding the weapon...i'd personally like to see this graph overlaid with crime statistics BEFORE prayer was removed from public schools (adjusting for population density, of course).  I'm sure there's an interesting correlation that people won't want to admit.
+Steve Hale Guns were designed to kill, even in cases of self-defense. The purpose of the gun is to cause harm. Cars are designed for transportation. We should ban all firearms, we do not need them in the 21st century. They are simply more trouble than they are worth.

Do you need guns to protect you from the government?
A handgun or semi-automatic rifle is not going to protect you from the US army.

Look at what happened in Aurora, Columbine, Virginia Tech,  Stand Your Ground. The sad truth is that these are not rare incidents, they happen with a lot of frequency. Gun controls will not work, we have to go all the way and ban guns all together.

We should also increase mental health access, but at the same time outlaw, confiscate, and prohibit the manufacture of new weapons. The ONLY reason a society would need guns in the first place is to fight a Zombie apocalypse, and that is never going to happen.
The first Aurora, CO. shooting failed because someone in the crowd had a gun. Just saying. 
+Luis Camargo Read the Washington Post article linked in the original post.  Note that point 5 shows a sharp, steady decline in violent deaths despite the uptick in these "massacre" type situations.  Also note that the timing of the sharp decline in violent deaths is almost directly tied in with the introduction of the first person shooter to the video game world.  We need better education for gun owners, better care for people who are in distress or mentally ill, and fewer ignorant blowhards who take the death of children as their cue to push a political agenda thus showing what worthless scum they really are.
The only people gun laws stop from getting guns are the people who are already law abiding citizens. 
Banning guns just stop the law abiding citizens from being able to protect them selves from the criminals in the public and the government.
Gun bans hurt law abiding people and help criminals rob, steal, and murder with out the fear that they will fight back. 
Put yourself in their mind, are you going to hold a gun to some one if they might pull one on you? Or the person behind you? Or the Clerk at the store? No. 
Stand against gun bans.
Stop with the protecting ourselves from the government arguments. They have the military...period. tanks, jets, etc etc. I own guns. I advocate keeping one. The problem is on both sides there's no middle ground with you people. Just like most politics... no grey. Just kindergarten black and white. Grow up and find a solution. Kids are getting killed for Christ sake. 
Your right, +Charles Johnson , Gun shootings went up because we all don't believe in your religion, and it's impossible for any other religion on this planet to instil morals in people. (sarcasm, by the way)
Young people; Don't be sooooooooooo blind. They could take our arms faster than you think. They'll just lock us down under marshal law and go door to door. Watch closely, first it smoking bans (i'm not a smoker but I sure don't agree), next its what size soft drink you can sell or buy. THEN ALL AT ONCE YOU CANT BARE ARMS.   
+Steve Hale - look at Australia. After a massacre in 1996, they enacted strict gun regulations. There hasn't been a similar massacre since.

How many massacres do you know of involving cars in countries with strict gun laws?
+Brandon Dzuba Hestad did I specify a religion?  I only said "prayer".  and i also stated "an interesting correlation that people won't want to admit" (which your sarcasm tends to support)
Is there any harm in investigating that data (other than, it might prove true) ?
People don't care for facts when they contradict their ideals (human nature).
whether you agree with prayer in school or not...  a graph comparing the statistics in violent crimes since prayer was removed from public schools might be interesting.  
That's ALL I'm saying.
What do you people think is going to happen to the rate of theft when you take away guns? The burglars might just put two and two together and realize it is easier and safer to rob people when there's little chance they have a gun to defend themselves.
Also countless situations like Newton have been stopped before by citizens who carry guns. You'll just never hear it from the media, and we all know how much the liberals need the media to tell them what to think. 
+Gerard McGarry Unfortunately the guns were said to be registered to the mother. Seems like if the mother had those properly secured this would not have happened. Alot of accidental deaths or kids who carry a gun to school are guns registered to parents who do not properly secure them.

+Lee Kiester - which of those countries with higher gun-related homicides would you consider a 1st world nation?
Just to point something out #9 is a false statistic for at least two of the states. Indiana had 350 murders with 6.5 million people and Illinois had 750 murders with 12.5 million people in 2007; so they should both be the same color. That is the only one I researched but if that's wrong. I'm sure most of the others ones are also.
No matter where anyone sits on gun control for or against, 20 --6yr old children and 6 adults were killed. Those kids went to school to learn and grow only not to return home to their parents. Really! !!!. We are posting our opinions while 20 sets of parents are making plans to bury their 6-7 year old child for x-mas.
This is what guns are needed hunt down our children..Really. 
a bunch of freaking idiots.  When a psycho goes into a school with a chainsaw and a bunch of hammers, will you all want to ban Home Depot?  What about the 36 year old man in China yesterday that went into a school and stabbed 22 kids?  No guns involved there.  Ignorant fools that want to disarm people are only opening up the bloodbath to a larger victim count.  Arm the citizens, educate the citizens, disarm the violent psychopaths.
You are all retarded! If some tries to hurt you, you have the free will to fight or fly. If you choose to die, please don't distract me from trying to live.
+Robert Scoble I am shocked and saddened to learn that you were criticized for taking a political stance that made so much sense. I'm glad people who have such an audience like yours take their responsibility and fight injustice.
How many innocent chilren has President Obama killed in drone strikes? Betcha it's way North of 28. Why no outrage there? Shouldn't we be calling for more "President Control"?
+Michael Gonzalez - the US does not have strict gun control compared to other first-world nations. The facts show that across high-income nations, more guns = more homicides.
I disagree with the statement that guns make it more easy and efficient to kill people. Not everybody owns a gun, many more people own cars. What could be easier than to ram a speeding car into a crowded sidewalk? Ban cars?
+David Mullins Those Chinese kids that were stabbed all lived, they survived the attack. Unfortunately guns are much more lethal and there were no survivors in CT. Your argument is stupid. Guns were designed to kill, tools were designed to to repair and construct things. Anything can be used as a weapon really, but GUNS are meant to kill. 
+Chris Liberti just as the Constitution doesn't say anything about "bullets", it doesn't say anything about "guns" either. It says "arms". Look it up.
Yes, yes, arm the teachers, make them take mandatory training once a week, so they can defend the children.  Everyone should be carrying a gun. No pity for those weaklings who cannot defend themselves. Let's stand our ground. You don't like their music: shoot them! They look suspicious: shoot them! Mentally ill people: preventive shooting is indicated. 
Banning guns would just be feel good politics. Doesn't do a damn thing to solve the problem and takes your rights away. We're already a crappy socialist government, taking our guns away would just make us full fledged communists. They wanted to hold the gun manufacturers liable a few years ago when there were murders. If they think they have an argument because of that they should hold all the alcohol producers accountable for all the alcohol related deaths. But they won't dare do that, they benefit from the tax from all the alcohol.
+David Mullins and until those solutions quit being platitudes and become real, actionable solutions and/or requirements for owning a rifle (no need for a 100+ round armor piercing ammunition gun, period) then pardon me for rolling my eyes and not listening to the bullshit.  You can kill someone with a pen.  And if someone attacks a school of children with a pen you can detain that person before any serious harm is done. 
+Joe Levi Stick to the subject Joe. If you want you should start another thread where we can all debate it, but why are you trying to shift focus away from the real issue with domestic gun violence.
The shootout was not called for, the up bringing is questionable
+Luis Camargo It is true that a gun is designed to cause harm, so that car was designed for transportation and what happens when that car is turned into a weapon by someone and runs them over?  You could run over a lot of people in a car. So should we then add weapon to the description of a car..Your a college student what if someone sharpens a pencil walks up behind you and stabs you in the back of the neck at the base of your brain?  Should we now add weapon to the description of a pencil? Certain people shouldn't have guns....agreed, but there are all sorts of objects that can, have and will be used as weapons. If that person wants to kill a person they will get whatever they can to do it.
Jesse S
What about the connection of mass shootings to meds? It is a clinical fact that pharmaceuticals cause violent outbursts and suicidal thoughts in some patients.

The argument about guns is moot. It does not strike at the root of the issue; gunmen on pharmaceutical having violent outbursts. Are the potential side effects worth the cure?
This terrorist act. US is the biggest terror of all in this world. They have been killing innocent people all around the World to serve their own agenda.
Guns not legal in Mexico. How's that working? 
I don't think so...not when you consider..20022 fatal muslim terrorist attacks since 9-11......when a terrorist straps a bomb to them selves and then walks into a crowded plaza or square or church and then explodes it causing extensive death to innocent men women,and children...and you say we are the worst....i don't think so....those airplanes that tookdown the twin towers in NYC...i could go on and on with those murdering events by those terrorists
Couldn't agree with you and +Amanda Blain more: you do have a right to talk, though one has to tread carefully as a non-American dealing with a wounded nation. Nevertheless, it was a standalone, though-provoking infographic that raised the question on just about everyone's lips: Surely part of the solution has to do with gun control?

Talk is a healthy part of processing (and as a Canadian neighbour too, as well as a parent, I also hurt). It can lead to being part of the solution, especially when it's people of your caliber and what I'd like to think is general G+ culture, as a trickle-down of Google culture. The fact remains as you said +Robert Scoble: 'The time for action and discussion IS now.'
+Tilal Husain, tell me once again about children and the World Trade Towers....
What the hell, how can Finland be #2 when Breivik killed 77 and 110 people were wounded in Norway? Number of incidents is weighed more than casualties? That's a bit odd. This also needs some ratio of guns/person. In that Finland is one of the highest, we just don't carry them outside the forests and gun ranges.
Gra Ro
I don't follow you, but your B.S. keeps showing up in the What's Hot for some reason. 
Bill B
War on guns? How's our war on drugs working for us. Criminalizing something only changes how someone is treated after the fact. Humans need to change. Change into more compassionate, responsible and accountable individuals. 
-1 for the fact that your are arguing about the wrong reason. Guns are not the culprit. Our mental/emotional health in society is. 
Bill B
And I might add, civility, which I notice a huge lack of in a lot of posts and comments. Peace and Love, my fellow humans and a little more respectful and civil interactions with each other. 
+David Greene the british were a great example of people who could take over because they were from within at the time. there are new enemies within who would love to have an unarmed nation. learn common sense.
Calls to avoid politicizing the tragedy are code for "maybe you shouldn't exploit the deaths of dozens of people to forward to naive political agenda" actually.
that photo will tell  a part of the story the washington post would never share.
EVERYONE wants to talk about the 37, but NO ONE wants to mention the 2,100+
arguing with this mass of liberal idiots is a waist of time. Their union teachers indoctrinated them well. Any group of people who will listen to the arguments of terrorists and their version of the truth deserve to be the victims of terror.  I'm really sick of un-invested young punks who never did anything yet know everything.
If someone barges thru my front door with a gun---do I really want to protect my children by throwing a sofa cushion at the bad guy?  do I REALLY want to wait 15 minutes for the police to arrive while I watch the bad guy rape my wife or SON.  Well, that is to say, if I were STILL ALIVE by then.
The aide said Obama should take advantage of having just won a second term, which means he can act without worrying about voter repercussions in the polls or donors withdrawing dollars.”

That sounds pretty dictatorial to me.

Our constitution specifically says “the right of the people to keep and bear arms.” The worst terror attack on American soil was conducted by hijacking an airplane with BOX CUTTERS(no guns). Tim McVeigh killed 160 people with a fertilizer bomb. You libs are the ones politicizing this tragedy because you want to ban guns so people will have no way to defend themselves when your messiah Obama starts abusing his power.

First off, if you are not from America be quiet, your opinion doesn't matter. Sorry its the truth. Keep it to yourself. Second guns are not the problem the problem is we sugar coat everything with our kids. We don't teach them the realities of life. We don't teach them how to handle rejection or losing. We stopped keeping score and everyone gets a trophy. So when these kids grow up and get subjected to real life for the first time in their late teens or twenties, they don't know how to handle their feelings getting hurt, go grab a gun and go nuts. Liberals just use this as a way to pussify our country a little more each time. They want to try and stop bullying instead of teaching kids how to handle it responsibly. Teach your kids how to handle real life. It's also not a bad idea to bring back public hangings in the courtsquare. Let people see for their own eyes consequences for their actions.
There are enough laws on the books now to prevent this kind of terrible act that happened in Con that are not enforced to the fullest

+Mike Cosmi The only mental issues I am concerned about are all those people who love guns and believe that there is some reason to carry guns to defend themselves.  I think that is clearly a sign that they have "mental issues" and should be taken off the street.  So I agree that we should do more to take people with "mental issues" off the street, but the first test should be if they posses and collect guns or have some great drive to buy a gun.  All other mental people I am happy to have walk around the streets. 
+Chris Hayes Hey it must really suck for you that Obama won.  And guess what, with the demographics going more and more for the Democrats, get used to having a Democratic president for the next 100 years.  
Laws keep honest people doing what they would have done anyway, laws only get punishments applied after a person has chosen to become a criminal. Thus criminals break laws and do so after committing the act.

No law has ever prevented a crime from happening.

That said, it is high time we start to think of each other as family, even if we do not know each other. Anything other thoughts cause anxiety, grief and eventually negative actions against one another.
This goes beyond violence, look at the corporations have blatant disregard for workers, the environment we all live in, and the damage they do both mentally and physically while hawking their sub-standard fare.
You want to stop violence with gun control. I've shot many guns and would never use it to take another's life. That's because I have a soul, find out what happened to those killers souls and you won't need to control guns. 
All the idiots have come out.
+Aaron Peterson I support the Second Amendment.  But the plain meaning of the Second Amendment is for a "well regulated militia."  Certain right-wing judges have incorrectly read that 2nd Amendment as giving people the right to bear arms for purposes other than a "well-regulated militia."  Eventually we will get a Supreme Court that correctly interprets the plain meaning of the 2nd Amendment.  There is no need for guns to be held other than for a "well regulated Militia."  Those aren't my words. Those are the words of the founding fathers who carefully chose the words in the 2nd Amendment.  Purchasing lots of weapons to keep at home is not honoring the 2nd Amendment.  It is a preverse fetish.  When I was a kids I played cowboys and Indians, and GI Joe and solider, etc.  But I have no interest in purchasing or collecting guns.  They are dangerous tools that can do more harm to me, my family and fellow citizens, then they can to protect me.  Most Americans would consider anyone hoarding weapons at home to be mentally ill, if not an outright weirdo.  
Most of our gun laws deal with point of sale, but that does no good for long time gun owners. If we're going to grant people access to guns, we should require mental check ups of them, to ensure that those with the power to take a life remain of sound mind.
Ryan Ng
+Lex McFarley The guns are not the things you should be worried about. It's the bullets that can do more damage. I'd rather keep a taser in my house, anyway.
i dont care about gun i care about ammo
This never would have happened if the children had guns too. America needs more guns, not less. /s
+Kevin Burger The mental check argument appears not to address what happend in Conn.  The press is reporting the guns were owned by the Mom, not the shooter.  So how do you make sure that people have have access to the gun purchaser don't have mental problems.  And then, what about people who just get really pissed off when they are drunk and have a gun handy to shoot. They are going to  pass mental tests when they are sober.  The problems with having a gun around is that its easy to kill someone if you have it and are really pissed off and angry.  Sure, you can kill someone with a knife. But it is much harder to kill someone with  a knife than it is a gun, and its harder to kill allot of people with a knife at one time.  The problem with mass shooters is that they can fire off allot of rounds in a very short time. 
Ban guns and let them all knife each other to death. That's more entertaining.
+Jody Lowes Teachers in Israel are armed so that they may keep the children safe. Schools in many violent regions of the world have metal detectors and armed security (not fat lazy security but trained professionals). Your sarcasm is not needed, a solution to address why people go do stupid things is needed.
Ryan Ng
+Greg Krynen To add to your comment, metal detectors are already used in some parts of the United States which are very heavily crime-ridden (such as NYC.) In other parts of the world, students have to swipe badges to get inside their school, to prevent the risk of an intrusion.
Mexico has severe drug related gun violence. To help in a massive gun control sweep, please email the mayor. One rule: Bullet proof vests only!
Ryan Ng
+Kevin Matthew I watched Bunraku, and it reminded me of something I've seen around the world. Many people (not only in the US) train their kids in martial arts, so as to make their kids better protected against strangers who might attack them.
+Greg Krynen +Jody Lowes Israel has been at perpetual war with the Arabs and is a country only a few miles wide in some spots so the "enemy" can easily come in and attack.  Particularly as Palestinian workers work in Israel.  The people bearing arms in the U.S. are not doing so, as in Israel, to defend against a foreign enemy.  In fact, most people in the U.S. who have defended gun ownership to me have said it is to fight off burglars or criminals.  I hardly ever read about someone fighting off a burglar or criminal by bearing arms at home.  
+Lex McFarley That is a captain obvious statement ya know. Did you read the rest of my comment?
Ryan Ng
+James Johnson The US doesn't have money to finance bulletproof vests for every single police officer in the US, though it would be nice if they did that.
I doubt the gunman had a treatable mental illness or his actions could have been predicted. As for banning guns the old adage "when you make guns illegal only criminals have guns" still holds true. Death is all around us. Does anyone know how many children were run down by cars or starved that day?
Well done +Robert Scoble technology is great, but just like sports, sex, fashion and music, it is abused by the business community, excessively distracting us away from what really matters in life and our social responsibility to one another.

The effects of corporate propaganda are social norm, internalized within us to the extent that we now censor ourselves automatically, participates of our own domination. 

Alex Carey "Corporations and Propaganda" Pt 1
Ryan Ng
+Simon Tinney Two things to say.
1. There is a gene that makes some men mentally snap around the age of 20.

2. If we felt sorry for every death in the world, our hearts would break shatter.
I hate guns,I despise people that kill people but I truly dislike people that use tragedy to invoke emotions.time is of the essence, wait awhile before trying sway or strengthen some ones opinion.when I am plotting to kill someone over religion I hope a drone blows my candied ass off the gave of this earth !!!
+Greg Priska if ur child was not killed yesterday, than ur pro gun stand doesn't count
My child was not killed, but it would not change my stance on what messages we send to our kids. Are you from America? No? Your opinion doesn't matter here, move along.
+Thom Miller Do you have this same reaction each time a drunk driver kills somebody with their vehicle? Should we ban cars? In China yesterday another school came under attack from a knife wielding man, he only injured the kids but could have killed them almost as easily. Should we ban knives?
The simple fact is criminal actions will be perpetrated by criminals regardless of the tools used. We need to address mental health and we need to start looking at each other as family.
Isn't this like immigration reform? In the 1920s how many people snuck into the us? Now that we have tough immigration laws the number of illegals has skyrocketed. That doesn't mean we fixed immigration. I think the same is true for gun laws.

It is plain and simply too easy for people to get a gun in their hands. 
Don't get me wrong I am an avid hunter and believe in the right of 
ownership and self defense. But if people are going to own guns they
should d--- well know how to properly use them and it should be ensured they don't have malicious intent. In WI laws were passed that require only a 4 hour course to conceal carry a pistol. During which at
no point are you required to shoot the gun. This is ridiculous. The government needs to ensure only safe and knowledgeable owners
receive guns and follow up on suspicious purchases. Consistent re certification and proper certification also need to be in place. 

I am not going to get into whether or not concealed carry should be legal but it is a scary thought that anyone you pass by in public could be packing and with current gun laws, idiotic.      
I dunno....I struggle with this. Emotions are running high and arguments on emotional appeal are stronger. That being said, it was a tragedy and we, as a nation, should give time to let ourselves mourn, think, and get all the facts before immediately reacting and politicizing. I don't see an issue with bringing current events into politics (even school shooting) while they're still fresh, but on the day of? I dunno. If I was a person going through that tragedy I wouldn't want to be immediately used. You weren't wrong to state your opinion +Robert Scoble, I just think it's respectful to give things and people just a little bit of time.
gun-control is something "political"...???  Now there's your problem right there.
Hunting deer can be done very effectively with a bow.  No need for a semi-automatic rifle...
This is not about stopping hunting. This is about stopping gun violence. More laws would just mean a few more checks when you go to buy guns. Specifically in major city's where the violence is worst, where hunting is not popular generally anyway. If you believe gun violence is not an issue, look up Los Angles, Chicago, Milwaukee, etc gun crime rates. Also
a lot of the control needs to be on tactical arms and pistols which are not hunting weapons any way you look at it.

Also the only reason without hunting deer over population would be an issue is because we have wiped out their natural predators population such as wolves, bear, etc. And don't give me the, but they will eat my buck, wolves keep deer populations healthy through natural selection. Whole another issue anyway.      

Lastly, lord knows (sorry to drag him into this) that nobody's taking my shotgun or my right to hunt with it.   
People always look at the fact that in America we lead the world in gun related murder but overlook the fact that we have never been and never will be the victims of democide or genocide. Until they ban guns that is.
The problem here is the killer and not the weapon used, yes the weapon used allowed him to kill more people than a knife or a pistol but I don't think anyone here would think it was a good result if only 3 people were killed yesterday with a knife would we??  The fact that it happened full stop is bad enough, the numbers just make it worse, if we banned guns then he would have used a knife or acid or a bomb.  We need to:-

A) Try and understand what makes these people want to commit these crimes and tey and stop them before it happens (very difficult I know)

B) Increase school security as a matter of priority as these attacks are not going to stop.

Banning weapons may help a bit but it will not address the root cause of the issue (the person behind the trigger)
Yes but pistols and tactical firearms are not deigned for hunting and risk only injuring the animal without quickly humanely killing it. Which as a hunter I view as unethical.
Until we appreciate the effectiveness and extent of corporate propaganda, the NRA will continue to profiteer off guns and ammo with total freedom and impunity.

They've bought control of a tool more powerful than any weapon of mass destruction, the mainstream media. So they control a part of the public opinion, which is all that's required to manufacture a debate. As long as there is debate they have legal grounds to purchase democracy.

The purchasing of the decision makers for the NRA is ridiculously cheap, around 200 members of congress, at a cost of only $15 million. All blood money of course.
+Thom Miller if you are telling me that by reading an article that said 3 little kids had been murdered by a knife yesterday would have made you happy then something is wrong with the world.  Yes it is better than 26 people but if the attack had happened with a knife yesterday you would not have had the number 26 to compare it against it is sick either way even if it was just one person.

My point isn't the fact that we shouldn't ban weapons as I really do believe we should I am just saying that doesn't fix the problem.

I am from the UK and guns are outlawed yet we have still had this issue in the past.
+Joshua Schriver said it. You want to hunt? Use bow and arrow. If you defend guns for hunting then it's for the guns not for the hunting. Violent country: born out of violence, live by violence, and will eventually end by violence as well.
it is the god-given right of every american to own a drone. ak47s are for gays.
|t is an old saying but it is true "guns don't kill people, people kill people".  It wouldn't matter if the person had used a rock to kill these kids or even his bare hands to break their necks, he would find a way to do it and so we need to find a way to protect them against people like this as they will keep coming.
@tilal And countries around the world that will have suicide bombers walk into places of worship and commerce in order to kill as many innocent people as possible.....PLEASE JUSTIFY.
Yes +Arnel Balcita you are right, we must not forget that people use bombs all over the world and yet I don't know of any county that allows people to buy these devices over the counter.
Tim Max
Let's divert all of the war on drugs money to mental health identification and treatment. That's a start folks. 
Wow after reading a good 30+ comments I just wanted to voice mg opinion even if it doesn't have weight behind it. I am a carrier of a concealed handgun on a daily basis. I have no intention and pray that I never have to use it. In 8 yrs I have had to pull it out once and fire it at the ground due to a dog showing his teeth and coming at me. He was not injured and ran away. Now that being said I could have killed it because it was clearly going to attack me. Without rambling any further, its not the gun that's in the wrong its the person. And while I'll protect the 2nd amendment till my last day I dont disagree we need to make it harder for the wrong person to get and easier for the right ones. Now I would your alls opinions how we accomplish that because I dont see a way until we can read minds with the use of computers and set those up when someone purchases a gun. 
The people who build and or sell guns are the people ,who promote and sell death!!So it all start's with people so where down the line!!
You think that these people really care what you are going to use the gun for i don't think so!!they just wan't there money and there out of the picture.
Gun ownership per person has dropped over the past 20 years. So how are all these mass shootings coming about? The problem isn't with the availability of guns - it's something larger than that. You can't tell me that this guy wouldn't have used other means, maybe with scarier results. 
Lisa S
We need better mental health opportunities for those with issues.. not just a pill and go home, some take the meds some don't, but it does not solve the problem... 
The other day a man in China stabbed 20 kids. You can't take all the knives away to stop some sick person from hurting others, they will find a way if that is what they want to do. 
A goverment is not afraid of an unarmed country. A country is only truly free if the goverment thinks before it acts to opress it. Our founding fathers made sure that 'We the People' will always have a say in what goes on in 'OUR' goverment. So to all those who are spouting about gun law reform, think about why you have that ability to even say that outloud. Stupid!!!
I live in TX an you have the right to carry a gun. I bet if someone or a teacher had a concealed gun permit, the shooter in CT. Would have not made it as far as he did. Or let's just put it this way if he had done something like that in TX. HE WOULDN'T HAVE BEEN ABLE TO LAY ALL THOSE POOR SOULS TO REST BEFORE TAKING THE COWARDS WAY OUT AND KILLING HIMSELF A TRUE TEXAN WOULD HAVE PUT A PEICE OF LEAD IN HIS HEAD. FACT! I know I would have. 
Stop comparing US of 300m people w small states and nations. That is poor analysis...ANOVA 
Ryan Ng
I live in New York, where you have a legal right to carry a concealed firearm with a license. Now consider the fact that violent crime is actually higher in NY than in the other states with strict gun control laws. Does this make you uncomfortable?
All I can think about is how people say guns are bad, No need for them and how many deaths are from guns each year. In this case it was reported that he took the guns from his mother who owned them legally. I also remember hearing that he tried to purchase a gun and was turned down. Correct if I'm wrong. We have a system to make sure people who are not allowed or supposed to own weapons get them. To make more rules and regulations only hurt the law abiding people. Criminals or the unstable will find ways to get weapons. I do own weapons. I also has my license to carry. I keep my guns locked up in an expensive gun cabinet. I do agree that we do go a to extremes with some guns. But to say there is no need for people to own certain types of weapons is (in my opinion) crazy. There are other things in this country and world that are not needed but people think they need. I am a firm believer that families are not families anymore. Here in America we try to make everyone a winner or pass blame to others. We tell our children that it's not their fault. We keep our children in a bubble. Making sure they are not hurt, laughed at and that they are doing it as easy as possible. Once something goes wrong or they don't know what to do something happens and they go crazy and think "I will show them". He could have just gone and killed his mother but he didn't. I'm not saying he had family issues or that he wanted to make a name for himself. Just me looking at it differently. 
The gun advocates generally are just a bunch of cowards, overcompensating for their fear of everything and one around them!.
Kids need to be brought up in the schools with two things reinstated: The Paddle, and the principles of The Ten Commandments. Then maybe they'll grow up to be rational citizens again.
Ryan Ng
+Kris Gagge There are other ways to get guns in the US, and there are lots of illegal gun dealers here. 
Ryan Ng
+Dale Stanton This is not a country where education is tied with religion.
"Insanity" is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results. Laws don't work. Every school shooter ignores them. If we don't change our way of thinking, nothing will change.
+Ryan Ng "This is not a country where education is tied with religion."
I said "principles", not religion. But, you do have a point - not the one you were likely making, though.
Only way to stop a evil person with a gun is with a good person with a gun.
+Ryan you are def right. I Just chose not to open that bag.
Ryan Ng
+Dale Stanton Thanks for clearing it up. It sure sounded like you were advertising religion at first...
Thank you for your thoughts and efforts Robert.
Ryan Ng
+Kris Gagge Yeah. There are other weapons out there, such as knives, drugs, etc. For criminals with many ties, weapons can be in abundant supply.

For the record I own guns too, and have a license for them, and I hide them in a secure place. I hid the bullets in a more secure place, in a very expensive safe.

I only have them, for my own safety and the safety of my household, and nothing else.
+Brendon Murphy Teachers should be Dual status Government employs to keep their teaching job they should be also required to have an ARMY, MARINE CORP. NAVY, OR AIR FORCE courier with there teaching courier .
Sens should be posted stating that these teachers are reservist in the military and are armed and have the latest military weapons training. The Cowered that do these crimes against our innocent will never dart the door of the school.
Much less the school vicinity. When Columbine High School was attacked A Jewish man spoke up an astounding Truth  " the shooting didn't stop until other guns arrived on the seen" And I'm saying if those guns were in the right place the teachers desk drawer and the school was posted proper these Cowardly chimes would not happen.
+don harrison We have a second Amendment that protected us from our government So we Americans could fight two world wars for you It is our law and it WORKS.
Interesting how guns are the blame and not the psychology or drug industry. All of these people in mass shootings have mental issues and were typically on some sort of psychosomatic drug. Last I checked guns don't have minds of their own. They are controlled by someone. So the only effective thing to do is either make sure gun laws are restricting the mentally unstable from obtaining them or ban the production of guns. As long as guns are made the bad guys will get them. Its is just important to be smart about the law. 
Read the article. Pure pablum. It's not that people are shocked you posted something political, it's that you're so stupid to believe this nonsense yet are so smart about tech. 
Why do the dems protect their buddies like Eric holder who hands over guns to the bad guys, then scream that our gun laws are unacceptable. 
Right wing idiots were playing politics with this tragedy before these little kids were even cold. I wish and hope that all the deaths hit republican households. I hope they were all NRA members. I hope that something happens in this country that wipes out the fools and heartless morons who couldn't care less about the deaths of 20 little kids and yet no doubt call themselves pro life. Mr. Scoble congratulations on being human. That's more than I can say about the right wing turds on G+. 
Hi, speaking from Germany here. From the outside I think its a Problem to have guns for everone. It shifts minds cause everyone is basically ready for battle then. In Germany its not allowed to everone to own guns. And for sure there are criminals breaking the laws but it is harder to get One for the casual People. With Time People will have a more pacifist mindset. Its your Country, but maybe it is not the worst idea to take away the guns from the Public.
And yes we had shootings here too in schools but only 1-2 times.
Also mental diseased Or not, humans should treat each other better to reduce the risks that some freak Out like this. 
Repeated knife attacks in Beijing schools... Just sayin'
_"For the record I own guns too, and have a license for them, and I hide them in a secure place. I hid the bullets in a more secure place, in a very expensive safe.
I only have them, for my own safety and the safety of my household, and nothing else."_
I hope you never need them in a hurry, +Ryan Ng.  <G>
Keep guns away from white people us Mexicans only kill if you owe money just saying.
+Al Scott, "Right wing idiots were playing politics with this tragedy before these little kids were even cold."
Yeah, shame on those nasty ole right wingers for suggesting more gun control right out of the box. Silly people.
+don harrison With 33 years of the ARMY Ive Forgot more about leadership than you will ever know mister Go find your own country.
Colin R
Bullying in schools and young adults, who grow up hating life. Guns are how they express their anger. Guns themselves are one of the worst things ever createdm
In all fairness though we need stricter gun laws to avoid situations like these and better parenting, because that guy was a monster to do something like that!
It's not bullying, +Loinc Norbertos. It's harrassment and assault. There wouldn't be any if the schools were allowed to take control of their establishment again. Too many pantywaists out there whining about the poor kiddies' self-esteem. That's worked out well, hasn't it?
+Artemio Olvera, "In all fairness though we need stricter gun laws to avoid situations like these"
What you don't seem to grasp, murdering a bunch of young kids for the hell of it is already illegal. So is possessing guns on school property. Now what?
All im saying is if a teacher and a cpl. Less people would've died. Lets face it the wackos are gonna do these mass killings in places where they know there are no guns. Js. 
Better to sit back and do nothing, right +Thom Miller? That's exactly what the shooters want. I'll take a fighting chance over a cowardly death any day. If there was any chance I could keep the death toll down, you can bet your buttsky I'd do it! you can sit back and watch him kill everybody if you like. Not me.
You forgot the stats about how many lives are saved by guns every year.....
I find it interesting (and hypocritical) that other countries don't want The United States to stick our noses in their affairs, and yet the other countries are more than anxious to stick their noses in The United States' affairs. If you want us to mind our own business, you can be a good example and mind yours.
(FTR, I'm all for staying out of other countries affairs. We can find better uses for all that money.)
We've so bought into the NRA's propaganda that we don't even bother considering the fact that countries with tougher gun regulation have fewer gun deaths per capita. Period. And if banning guns that serve no purpose other than killing people could save even just one child, how can anyone of conscience be against that?
I live in utah where open carry is aloud with out any permit. I carry openly whenever I'm not at work. I carry with my 2 little boys at the park, at the grocery store, when I walk the dogs. I've never had one negative comment from anyone about it. Some parents at the park even stated that they appreciate knowing there is someone there with a weapon. I've even had a police officer tell me they like seeing people arm themselves, because they realise cops aren't body guards. I wear a helmet if I ride a bike, I use seatbelt if I drive. Because I take personal responsibility for my safety. That's the same reason I carry a gun. There is only one thing that stops a bad man with a gun, a good man with a gun. 
No, your argument is flawed. We shouldn't have gun control but a) ban rifles and b) Stricter laws to prevent just anyone from buying a gun, like canada has
Bullshit people think guns are the problem. 
The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.
shootings --> more gun laws -> more shootings --> more gun laws --> more shootings --> more gun laws --> more shootings....
Do you see a pattern here?
"This is not a country where education is tied with religion."
That's far too obvious, +Ryan Ng. Maybe that issue should be re-thought as well.
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