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The press is gathering. Apple PR has kicked us off the front of the campus so we don't harrass Apple employees.
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Thanks to those of the media with a sincere desire to honor the man.
This is definitely sad to hear. I wonder if Apple concealed/delayed this news until after the iPhone4S announcement.
We without great man jobs may I now ask you to rise and join me in a minute of silence. Thank you
No way. He died today. I'm going to buy 2 phones - 1 in Steve's honor.
The employees of Apple could probably work anywhere. They work for Apple because they believed in the man and the company he created. They all probably lost their hero and I'm sure are not in the mood to answer questions. Nice to see all of those paying their respects... shame on those just there for a story!
Thanks for the pics and sharing Robert!
Hope apple won't use his death to promote apple products. Microsoft did a terrible thing back then. 
You're in more circles than I so I'll drop this email address for anyone that wants to use it as a guestbook so to speak. That's what I did after all.
How many are there now? Think its going to be another Lady Diana field of roses?
are people gathering somewhere nearby?
Are the crowds conflicting with the ongoing manhunt for quarry shooting?
h hy
remember Steve Jobs and his spirits!
amazing steve for your jobs has done, with your apple to change the analog world to digital world
Thanks for all your pictures and updates. Helps those of us that can't get their in minutes feel connected.
never been a apple fan but sounds like he did allot of great things RIP Steve Jobs
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