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Part II of the very cool Oblong "gesture-based computing" session

Continuation of the mind-blowing demo.

This is part II (Part I at showed off the technology, in Part II you see where Oblong is taking the technology and productizing it). John Underkoffler, chief scientist, Oblong Industries, was the tech advice behind the film "Minority Report" and then he built his own company to make that science fiction real. Here he shows me his latest work which is, indeed, mind blowing. This is part I, in Part II, you'll see a new conference room that Oblong has built using these technologies. Learn more at
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Woah this is awesome! :D Can't wait to see this technology placed in consumer hands and within the home. 
Yep. Just like I thought. It's all about the IO and adding geospacial information to ... well ... everything.
This thing matched with data sources like OpenGov, Google Maps, Wolfram Alphs, etc. The best way to navigate Business Intelligence data imaginable.
He was on TED right? This stuff is amazing. Can't wait for these kind of things to be available. 
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Their lead scientist was doing stuff like this twenty years ago and it STILL looks ahead of its time.  Truly awe-inspiring.
One of the teams in the NYC Techstars got to visit with him as a prize.
Instead of having all those displays, wouldn't it be better to project onto the walls of the room or on any flat surface?
+Colin Gonsalves There are systems that do that, but they require many projectors to be able to project around objects like the people in the room. This system seems to be pretty agnostic, so if you had a setup with the projectors, it should be able to act as "pixels" on everything.
This and MIT Media labs Sixth Sense, could potentially change the way be interact with computers as a whole.
It is not often we used see Sci-Fi like innovations in the past, but off late there has been a slew of Sci-Fi like product innovations like, Tesla cars, Google Glasses, Occulus Rift (Virtual reality gaming), Contextual Apps( eg Gimbal SDK) . Goes to say how technology and computing has had a profound impact on our lives.
The leap motion device blows this outta the water. It is 200 times more accurate than the kinect or anything else on the market with .02 millimeter accuracy it can detect al 10 fingers effortlessly without any noticeable lag. It's fast and preorders for 70.00. I'm surprised +Robert Scoble hasn't heard of it
Very exciting tech - these guys are simplifying a lot of real world headaches for VC and Telepresence rooms - like it a lot
Thanks for documenting and sharing this with all of us.
Keep up the good work, oblong is moving along nicely. I think you used the motion compensation Youtube offers, I would leave it off in the future. Instead of a little quick motion, it looks like frame tearing whenever panning stops.
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