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+Daria Musk "out of tune"

Tonight I was at a certain technology company (you might recognize it, except we weren't supposed to share anything about what we were doing there) and someone handed +Daria Musk a really out-of-tune low-cost guitar. So I started shooting with Glass and this is what happened.

If you don't know Daria, she has built quite a following and a career by being one of the first musical stars on Google+.

If you look at +Lisa Kentzell you'll see a photo of me shooting this with Google Glass. Her photo is at

One thing, I know that to get good audio I have to get close. I was literally two feet from Daria. I look EXTREMELY dorky shooting that close with Glass. 

The things I do to get decent video. ;-)

By the way, Daria has a Glass too and she says she'll use them during performances to give us all her point of view. I can't wait! Daria is so fun to hang out with.


Extra points if you can name more than three people in this video.
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guy, leo, lisa, ben, ... :)
yes yes... it's all very nice, but... you know what we want to know!
You could have always used a normal camera instead. 
That is a fun video. Good times. :-)
Was that Mr. Kawasaki in there too?
very cool, i like you
All thx to cam meadows who she never thanks!!!
"Extra points if you can name more than three people in this video." Before or after I throw up from the rapid Blair Witch movie type shots.....LOL
+Daria Musk songs beautifully! Even with a guitar that sounds like it has no sound box! :-) 
I am going to watch this video and leave a proper comment  but that GIF like preview is really annoying. 
I look forward to seeing what +Daria Musk does with Glass. I am hoping that eventually the audio quality will be better.
Dang! I didn't get the memo... ;-)  Daria fantastic as always.  Thanks for the share +Robert Scoble
Great performance :) So can anyone name that curve-backed black smartphone at 3:14? I'd probably have a better idea if I knew who the person is!
We expected 1080p 7" tablets, we expected a whole new version of Android, we expected a groundbreaking smartphone set to shake up the current Samspple duopoly..

What we got, was this video. Totally worth it. :)
So. Much. FUN! 
Daria did an awesome job on-the-fly, giving it her all (as usual), despite the lack of amplification or tuned equipment. What a trooper!
Great voice, awesome tune, fun times!
You guys look like you were having a great time! She's an awesome singer and guitar player. Wish I could have been there lol!
+Robert Scoble Looks as great G+ party! Thanx for sharing.  Anyway the recorded sound is horrible, takes down the power of Daria`s tunes.... Mono, no bass, directional... uhmmh
Leo G
+Robert Scoble Should have known you'd have this 1st!  Now if I could just find a video leaking all of the specs.  I've had it with Samsung bloatware - looking for the real thing, hoping this is it...
Greetings +Robert Scoble I understand that you can't say what happened in the meeting yet. But can you share how you felt after it ended? You felt OK about attending the event, or super happy to be in this or unsatisfied or eager for more? Would like to hear your thoughts as the event finished. :-) 
Ohhh dear +Robert Scoble... What have you started here?? ;) No one ask me anything either! My lips is zipped!! 
+Jack Deagon Oh I do thank my best urban cowboy +Cam Meadows all the time! He's the unlikely angel that helped make all my dreams come true! Maybe you're right... It's time for an all-cam-appreciation post. My "Hangoutiversary" is coming up on the 16th. Seems like a good day to do it! :)
+Scott Ayres They coaxed me into a longer set... Who knows what else I sang? ;)
+Anwar L. Simon Thanks! Just a silly impromptu song for the super fun gathering of greats there... ;)
+Alvin Lim Thanks man! Who doesn't wanna belt some Jackson 5, outside to a group of the most important techies in the world!? ;)
+Martin Hasek I'll have to come sing for you in person to get ya some straight-up audio goodness! What city are you in? :) Ps. First big album on the way tooooo, so that should sound quite a bit clearer ;)
Sounds like that 80 group New Edition.
It's awesome to see that many talented people, who use their skills to further good, together in one place!
Wow I liked that pretty voice
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