+Daria Musk "out of tune"

Tonight I was at a certain technology company (you might recognize it, except we weren't supposed to share anything about what we were doing there) and someone handed +Daria Musk a really out-of-tune low-cost guitar. So I started shooting with Glass and this is what happened.

If you don't know Daria, she has built quite a following and a career by being one of the first musical stars on Google+.

If you look at +Lisa Kentzell you'll see a photo of me shooting this with Google Glass. Her photo is at https://plus.google.com/116723923766489326849/posts/8WXKqzVrBwF

One thing, I know that to get good audio I have to get close. I was literally two feet from Daria. I look EXTREMELY dorky shooting that close with Glass. 

The things I do to get decent video. ;-)

By the way, Daria has a Glass too and she says she'll use them during performances to give us all her point of view. I can't wait! Daria is so fun to hang out with.


Extra points if you can name more than three people in this video.
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