Why I'm still long on Foursquare

Foursquare has seen a lot of competition come and go. Google and Facebook are aiming at it.

So why am I long about it?

Because every time I use it I learn something about the place I'm in.

Everytime I use it I see other users.

Every cool new app that comes along seems to use it as a platform.

Oh, and users are starting to change their behavior and are starting to use it to get deals and understand their world.

Dennis explained that many of its newer users aren't even using it to check in.

This also matches what I've learned from Twitter employees over the past few days (I met up with a couple at a party on Saturday night). Much of Twitter's users never even tweet and they've figured out that these are, indeed, real people, who just don't feel like broadcasting anything but they like using the app.

Here's a video of me interviewing +Dennis Crowley, CEO of Foursquare, last week at LeWeb in front of thousands of people (3,500 attended last week). Pretty big thrill.

Notice the stats he gives out in the first part of the interview. 15 million users. 30 million locations.

I continue to love Foursquare. Are you still resisting it or are you with me?
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