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Are you a Glasshole?

I love that this term is sticking (even though I imagine Google isn't that happy with the term).

Why? Makes it easy to find my Flipboard magazine on Google Glass. 16,000 subscribers in less than a month.

Oh, and now I have a list of all the tech cynics to make fun of for the next decade.

But more seriously, the future has always been scary and this product certainly has more than its fair share of haters.

I have never seen a product cause emotion the way Glass does.

Every great push forward has had its haters (I still remember the Unix heads back in 1989 who told me that GUIs were for babies.

I can't remember when tech cynics were ever right. Can you?

Either way, I am a proud Glasshole and all this hate is doing is making me more excited about the future.

People only get pissed about really big changes coming when it comes to tech.

So, are you a Glasshole?
News about Google Glass that catch the eye of Robert Scoble, startup liaison officer at Rackspace. We love Google Glass and want to help develop apps for it.
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I'm not one yet, but I will be. I love good tech.
When the consumer editions comes out I will be, I cannot wait to record the shows I do with my band from behind my drumkit.
LOL! I laughed so hard when you said that! Sadly Glassholes will probably join the English language due to the number of Glass haters (many who don't like their photos taken). 
I prefer to view myself as a Glass eyed optimist. Just waiting for the #ifihadglass  pickup date(s) to start.
The best recent example I can think of is the iPad. When Apple announced it, people mocked the name and critics predicted that the general public wouldn't want a tablet.

I fully expect Google Glass (and the inevitable competitors) to start taking off and become a common device in a few years.
I don't understand you, Robert?." What is your role with using Glass - are you a developer (as the explorer programme was designed for) or a "publicist? It just seems everything you do is about getting attention. Is this part of rackspace's strategy or just a personal mission of yours? I'm just increasingly alarmed that you're not only giving other developers and google a bad name through ridiculing the product but you sulk when google doesn't announce what you want yesterday. 
It could have been worst. What's the other alternative? Glasswhore?
Too funny! Lots of possibilities here like Google glass + hat = glasshat.
Staring at the skies: Glasstronomy
Hating on glass: Glasstric Acid
Glass not working: Glassterf**k
Glass cosplay: Legoglass - Lord of the things!

BTW, how did you feel when Larry was vocal about your "baring it all" in the shower, +Robert Scoble?  

I do believe you are in a glass of your own, and I say that in a positive sense :)
Or Glass + tard. The only positive sounding one I can think of is Glassplorers.
The technology community seems to attack optimists left right and centre. I am an optimist and I spend half my time having to listen to rants by armchair critics, regarding privacy, products prices, fanboism and so on.

Can't we just enjoy a product and be optimistic without people questioning us as if we are in some way being payed by the manufacturers? It was refreshing to see +Larry Page shrug off naysayers during yesterday's Google I/O keynote like the white noise that they are. Ok, rant over. I'm off to be positive and optimistic about something.  :)
No... But I would be a Glass USER...crassness isn't a virtue... its demeaning 
It is a matter of perception. Is your Glass' memory half full .. or half empty?
I do love the emotional response Glass has created. Why not just pass if you don't like a product or service? Great post +Robert Scoble and some wonderful cooments here
+Robert Scoble I think they should have a specialty for fitting Glass to prescription lenses. Such specialists should be called proctomologists. 
-1. Unfollow. I love the optimism. But, so sad to see you wasted the first question to Larry at #io13 being vulgar. Wishing one of the rest of us in the room had simply asked "How are you feeling today?" and expressed our collective thanks for leading us into the future. 
GUIs are still for babies ... glasshole ...    :D
+don't knock it +Carmelyne Thompson, I for one would rather be a Glasswhore than a glasshole.  Alas, until good looking consumer versions come out, I'll have to settle for being a wannabe glasswhore.  :'( 
I will probably be a glasshole, but as you said the price needs to be lowered down. With a 250$ device, even my father is gonna buy them. 
I was willing to trade my pixel back to become a glasshole but they said no :(
+Robert Scoble i can't wait. The impact to the photography industry is at this point unimaginable! Tell those guys to get me my pair lol
I don't see the use of Glass besides being an annoying way to distance yourself from social interaction.
You'll probably need a "No, I am not filming you" t-shirt. :-)

I seriously wonder what's worse: Google Glasses or Smartphones - which both lack red light recording LED indicator lights. So everyone who is worried about Google Glasses shd probably also be scared by smartphones. And is there any term for those using smartphones? Right.
+Thomas Olson really? Have you seen any of the videos? They're remarkable and compelling for any number of applications. 
Think of the annoyance you felt the first time a bluetooth-hole strolled down the aisle of your supermarket having a conversation with an invisible person.
If you expect the world to stagnate technically because it annoys Some people you're in for a long summer
I'd have thought that the term Glasshole would be reserved for people who act like douchebags while wearing Glass. Taking  pervy pictures, recording where they aren't supposed to, whatever.    

"Glasshole"  doesn't sound like a badge of honor, to me.
How excellent this will be for training people.
+Robert Scoble I was waiting for +Larry Page to bean you in the head with his mic yesterday when you declared your Glasshole membership live during the Q&A session.  That was priceless!  lol
+Robert Scoble please be careful when you take PR in your own hands. I understand why you are doing this but I am pretty sure it will backfire. People love sound bites, not long explanations of your motives. Be careful, don't spoil it for all of us.
+Robert Scoble There are numerous command-line guys out there even today that still think UIX is for "noobs".  And that's good; it keeps them from trying their hand at UI design.
Anyone writing about glassholes are apple enthusiasts who are shocked and in denial about what a real revolutionary product is. The ipad seems like an etch-a-sketch in comparison. The ipad was inevitable and there were already tablets... Apple just made it cool.
Either it will take off when they sell them for a couple hundred bucks, or it will not.  I can see using them for a handful of work environments, and I can see using them while driving (duh). Using them all the time, that I don't see. People walking around in public like the Borg talking to an invisible Collective comes off as anti-social.
I wish I had GG to try :) after that I'd consider becoming a glasshole :)
Alas, I am not yet a Glasshole. I do what I can with more mundane social inappropriateness and wait for a retail version.
+Adam Fitzgerald yeah, but they're popular nonetheless and a successful product.  'Cool' isn't really that important.  Think of the number of kitchen products everyone in this conversation owns, that haven't ever been thought of as 'cool'.   Everyone needs or wants a can opener.

 Cell phones are entering can-opener territory - I own a decent Motorola Android and its really good at doing what I need it to do and I'm no longer really interested in the 'cool' new iPhone / Android phone because the playing field has levelled out so much.  Eventually products like Google Glass (which has obvious utility) will enter the same space regardless of how they're perceived right now.
+Robert Scoble it's the voice commands and the discussions with invisible people that will come off as socially obnoxious. We are apes, there are things we need to see when someone nearby us begins talking aloud.
+Robert Scoble I just don't get the haterade on this thing; although I do enjoy the 'douchetooth' comparisons since those may be 'uncool' but Jawbone is doing just fine.  People consistently seem to be inadvertently arguing for Glass ;)
let me have the Google Glass and i promise you to be a big glass hole :)
I'm a Glasshole according to you(or I will be when I get the invite) ...but that term grinds my gears
+Randy Hodge you mean like they already do with cellphones? I'll take a driver with a HUD over a iPhone in his lap anyday
+Robert Scoble I see pictures of you with the sky-blue pair. I'm leaning towards orange. Do you see many people rocking the orange pair? I wish they'd hurry up with a release so I can take all of my projects off of hold. So many business and individuals are interested in checking them out as a promotional and educational device I'm already scheduling them 3 deep some days. Chicago is ready for glass!
What about when a man of the cloth wears one? Is he then a "glasstor"?
The Flipboard link does not work unless you're on a mobile device... Flipboard fail.
I appreciate your enthusiasm about whatever is cutting edge. Your interviews aren't so much journalist and interviewee but more like two geeks talking, and that's a good thing.

Glass, etc. will be taking over just like smartphones did. It will raise all sorts of issues and concerns which will have to be worked out. Image recognition will probably become common in Glass-like devices and that does raise some issues. For example, law enforcement personnel really don't want to be ID'ed when they're out shopping with their families.

Larry Page is wrong. You helped Glass go viral with that photo. :)
Well, if you are a Glasshole, you'll probably want to consult your Glasstroenterologist if you're having any issues passing data.
+Robert Scoble What I find interesting are people who have never worn a pair, yet feel perfectly qualified to discuss the pros and cons (especially the presumed cons.) At times the hate and discontent aimed at Glass almost feels orchestrated (yes, I am wearing my tinfoil hat.)
Be sure to ask her for an apology when she buys them for you in 2 years :-) 
Be sure to ask her for an apology when you buy her a pair and she loves them.
I think if you see somebody running around with some, you should get her to try them :-) 
Your question about a high-tech gadget that was mocked then failed? The Segway. Sure, it's still around, but they have never sold like iPads. Like everything, there is a risk of this failing to take hold. 
"There is no such thing as bad publicity"also applies in the tech industry.  Brendan Behan  added this line to the end.."except your own obituary" and the same could be said for tech.  Just search Nexus Q after this years I/O
"But more seriously, the future has always been scary and this product certainly has more than its fair share of haters."

You can keep telling yourself that it's all about "hate" and "haters," if it makes you feel better, +Robert Scoble.
But in reality, the alleged cynicism and the term like "Glasshole" have very little, if anything to do with the concept itself. As he term is suggesting, the "Glassholes" is referring to certain kind of behaviour, not the new tech. What Google Glass will be a decade from now is an entire different matter. 

But for the most part the tech itself is irrelevant here. It's about the people using it. I for one am mostly indifferent about  the Google Glass, so far.  Seeing them being used is more like a form of entertainment, as long as only a handful of harmless hipster geeks like yourself are using them.

But the problem starts when the gadget becomes mainstream, and every moron will be able to get one. It's a bit like when the smartphones with a camera built in became mainstream; the gadget itself was cool, but in the "wrong" hands they became a major PITA for other people around.
So when the Google Glass will go mainstream, the world will become a whole lot more annoying once again. Not because the tech itself, but because of the hordes of clueless Glassholes.

Besides, what the gadget actually is offering for its price today, not a decade from now, deserves to be criticised, too. If no one did it, it might still be just a dorky geek toy even ten years from now.
I'm not sure the self-deprecation is endearing to adopters. Clearly you're insinuating you're an arse'ole ironicly, but it's a kind of ugly thing. Bit like accusing yourself of being goggle-eyed.
I do remember vividly how embarrassed I was with my first mobile phone - at a time when they were not common. It was denigrated as a 'yuppie toy'. Moving on from the awkwardness, it was so damn useful.
I love new tech it generally transforms the connectedness, and richness of our lives. I love taking photos as it's my preferred way to recall the moments of life I love as they pass.
I want stereo glass. Surround glass. I want to see an F1 race from the leaders perspective. To see the top od mount everest in surround vison and sound, simply by going to the glasses page and clicking it. 
That's what I see for glass. I'll be everywhere, anytime. I'll relive every moment in surround vision and sound. And the generations to come can relive it too.

That's not something to be derided. A planet we're we're so closely connected will make us a better place. One village.
What about the Segway? Betamax, Minidiscs, HD-DVD? Overhyped technology doesn't always work out. Even the HP Touchpad and Blackberry Touch were epic failures of recent years (I'm still optimistic about Glass, though).
+Evan Gilmore Glass (and similar technologies) have tremendous potential. It would be unfortunate if all the hate and discontent being raised by people who have never even tried Glass cause it to fail.

I cannot recall such an organized shitstorm having been mustered against a product that isn't even on the market. It's ridiculous, and it would not surprise me if their competition is behind this. If Glass takes off (and you can bet that it has been patented six ways from Sunday) the smartphone as we currently know it will be marginalized.
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