Are you a Glasshole?

I love that this term is sticking (even though I imagine Google isn't that happy with the term).

Why? Makes it easy to find my Flipboard magazine on Google Glass. 16,000 subscribers in less than a month.

Oh, and now I have a list of all the tech cynics to make fun of for the next decade.

But more seriously, the future has always been scary and this product certainly has more than its fair share of haters.

I have never seen a product cause emotion the way Glass does.

Every great push forward has had its haters (I still remember the Unix heads back in 1989 who told me that GUIs were for babies.

I can't remember when tech cynics were ever right. Can you?

Either way, I am a proud Glasshole and all this hate is doing is making me more excited about the future.

People only get pissed about really big changes coming when it comes to tech.

So, are you a Glasshole?
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