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Does the world need another browser? Spikes thinks so

Spikes is a US based information security technology company founded by CEO, Branden Spikes— the former CIO of SpaceX and PayPal.

This is a cloud-based browser so avoids many of the security problems that come from inviting websites to do stuff on your local machine. If something goes wrong you just reboot your virtual machine on the cloud and back to browsing you go. Learn more at
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brilliant idea! I would use it daily...
WOW! This sounds awesome.

At first I was thinking... "no! We don't need another browser!", but the concept of a Cloud based browser in a virtual machine is truly amazing!
I'm with you on that +Steven Mautone .  Didn't really interest me at first glance, but after giving it some thought, there are a lot of possibilities.  I wonder what kind of web apps could be developed for this to customize it for the individual user.  So much potential!
Google Chrome has built in malware detection capability (partly due to process sandboxing) and their cloud based URL filtering.  Other cloud browsers include authentic8, opera etc.  
Alternatives - run a browser in a VM, use Qubes, run Tails in a VM and use your browser there ...

Curious what remoting protocol is in use ...
"...avoids many of the security problems that come from inviting websites to do stuff on your local machine. "

Desktop Linux' security through obscurity goes a good long way towards that. 
Pity it is only offered for Business customers. Not for private use.
Haha, I would never use a browser that had anything to do with Paypal and it's Wikileaks hating arse.
Great idea, but can "they" access, monitor, log everything your doing in this browser?
Yeah, what's the benefit of this over running a browser in a dedicated isolated VM locally?
There's a lot to be said for making technologies that already exist easier to use for the common user... So even if this is just a browser in a VM, it is a nice addition to the browser market.
I absolutely agree with that. E.g. I have long wished that GPG got some serious love from UI and UX experts. Until it does, it will never see wide adoption by regular consumers. Especially important now that we can't even fully trust PGP anymore.

Was really just wondering if there was something special about this new start-up, which I guess there's not. But yeah, nice addition for those who want this sort of thing in the cloud instead of downloading it and running it locally.
I contacted these guys after watching this, and reading your posts on facebook about them and well...  

They wanted an NDA for a demonstration...!  

In 24 years in the industry across a multitude of organizations that I have consulted at,  managed or led the  IT , Network Operations and Information Security drives with not a single vendor has ever required an NDA to demo their product. Some have asked, but none have outright demanded "you need to sign this to demo our product" after receiving my pushback like these jokers have.

Here in Scandinavia and especially with the clients I work with today, the notion of an organization requiring an NDA as a pre-demo qualification is  considered an unprofessional and a business limiting action. 

Because of this I can't take these guys seriously, nor am I even willing to look at their products again.   I bet that many of our mutual acquaintances in the industry would agree. 
Salesperson flogged himself.
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