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Driving with Google Glass. How safe is it? 
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About as safe as having that cell phone mounted there, I'd imagine. A big distraction for a few, but practically nothing for others.
inb4 a bunch of people show up who are scared of technology and think we need to ban it on the road.
Thanks for the demonstration. This guy is jealous :D
Thanks so much for the insight, can't wait to try it out when I get it!
Thanks for the video demo. Can we set up a public Google doc with a list of requests for you to full fill?

Nothing too weird...
Power of Glass. I'd love to "drive and record"!
Cheers for the review Robert, it's really insightful to understand how glass affects your view and how you interact with it.
All tech is only as safe as the person who is using it. If the driver is prone to distraction or has the habit of taking their eyes off the road for prolonged periods of time, it doesn't matter what you give them or prohibit from giving them, they'll remain oblivious to their surroundings.
Personally I wouldn't buy because i am extremely ADD and I don't need those kind of distractions. Awesome technology though. I would rather be disconnected when i am done for the day. I am the point where i have to turn off phones, email, social media to get something done, that and i had them my wife would probably divorce me because i wouldn't pay her or any one else any attention...
Was I the only one who was expecting you to slam into the side of another car?
I assume there will be a "Car Mode' that would turn off things like texts and updates
+Robert Scoble You mention in each video that the display sits slightly on top of the normal eye vision area. My question is: Do you think that in future evolutions of Glass, the screen could move downwards for the increased possibility of augmented reality? Or do you think that Google will stick with this model in the future?
+Johnathan Chung and +Robert Scoble  It seems inevitable to me that those who can not or will not control themselves while wearing Glass while driving will ultimately cause all of us to not be able to. Some states will probably pass laws that we can not use Glass while driving even before it's officially retailed.
So Glass won't even kick in unpromtped when you have an upcoming appointment e.g.? Or you couldn't create an app that pushes notifications to you from your social circle based on a filter (like posts from a selected circle e.g.)?
These videos and pictures +Robert Scoble just makes my world of technology feel old. I do really want those glasses!
I'm surprised I can't find anyone broadcasting live with Google Glass. Who will be the first?                
The overreaction of extreme fear that suddenly Google Glass is going to usher in this terribly dangerous era of driving is so odd imho. Google Glass is the epitome of "hands free", and based on all of the previews it barely obscures the corner of your vision that isn't even on the same side as upcoming traffic (here in the US anyway). People who simply take time to glance at a phone or GPS for information are far more at risk for an accident, even for that briefest of moments as they take their focus away from the road! Google Glass on the other hand is more of a H(eads)U(p)D(isplay) that allows you to receive directional information without removing your focus from the road, while simultaneously allowing the user to operate their device by speaking rather than using their hands. I don't see why a "Driving Mode" couldn't be added though, where access to anything but GPS information would be denied to prevent people from getting distracted with the gadget itself. You could even make it so that it automatically enables itself once the GPS detects it's travelling faster than 25Km/h.
+Marco Mugnatto RJS/Steel is certainly going to broadcast live once they go retail and especially one he price is more normalized. We cover Local (but Local everywhere) events, parties, clubs, bands, etc. and can envision deploying several people at an event broadcasting live  and having a controller switch the feed for normal broadcast and the viewer being able to switch as well in some cases.
We are building an app to connect Glass to ODB. It would be a great feature. I hope you wanna try
And a fun feature: if police stops you, to be able to get legal advice regarding your situation. "Lawyer-ize your voice" :)
+Robert Scoble you said it best at the end.  Most people do not have there cell phones at the level you do in the car.  Not to mention the illegal part in California these days.  With this in mind I would say Google Glass is safer than a cell phone and in car navigation.

Thanks for continuing to post from Google Glass awareness is great.
Really nice review! Who knew you would be able to top your shower pic ;)
My first reaction, OMG YOU'RE ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE ROA....ohh wait its in the US...carry on...
You are asking the question, is it safe to drive with google glass? I would question if it is safe to drive with no hands?! 
Robert, could we see you in a Google car using Google Glass?
For all of those people who have the "Oh this can't be unsafe" or "Using Google Glass has to be safer than..." I suggest you review this link:
giving safety tips while driving w/o your hands on the steering wheel ..
priceless :)
other than that, yes, awesome report and makes me want to have them even more.
Be sure not to capture anyone's license plates. (hope no one already said this)
Good God! Keep your hands on the wheel!
+Matt Keithley yeah :) and it scares me b/c I believe I know this route and I sometimes ride my bike there .. 
+Robert Scoble ? next time you do a GGlass live test in your car, let me know where you are driving please.
to me it's a lot less distracting than holding a cell phone to your ear. 
Quick get the cops... driving with the hands off the wheel..
+Robert Scoble, Good review on using Google Glass while driving. I just studied distracted driving and such in my Human Factors course!
Why do I not see the youtube button or how long this video is in this youtube control? What gives?!
+Robert Scoble it's crazy that for a device that gives you POV video... we cannot get a 'device in action' video :D I don't suppose I'll be seeing any videos that show an actual interaction with Google Glass including the information/feedback you see on the little glass screen/acrylic-stub-thing .. well.. other than videos MADE to look like that.
+Arvind Gautam it's the same as if you were to share a recorded video from your phone.  i'm sure he could've uploaded it to youtube and then shared to g+ but why go through that?
+Matt Keithley thanks! I've never uploaded a video straight to G+ so was unaware of this effect. I'm ok with most all things here except that the progress bar doesn't show me how long the video actually is!
I see the progress bar...6:23 total run time.
Very helpful. More likely, people will run into lamp posts.
+Chris Phillips of all the times I am in the Bay Area, I still haven't been to Half Moon Bay. Next trip indeed
If I had more time, I would love to take the +Robert Scoble video from above and add in some special effects of explosions, hitting cows, debris, as he calmly talks about Google Glass.  You know.  For fun.
what was more distracting was the countless bouts of hands free ;) Luckily there wasn't an accident
Fascinating look at what the rest of us might get to see in about 12 months time!
+John Davis
It's worth a trip to the beach and some good food. But he literally drove through the whole town in that video. lol. So don't expect too much.
Also, +Robert Scoble can, you unlock this on your youtube or something. I'd like to share it with a few none G+ friends. They're just as interested in Glass as I am!
Google Glass feels like a parody from The Onion
As someone who doesn't drive, this video is terrifying. All these gadgets need to be banned inside a car. Do you realise, a few seconds of distraction and you can kill someone walking or riding a bicycle
If you don't drive, don't presume to tell people who do how to do it. I'm a man; do you want me telling you how to have a period?
+Andrea Casalotti I think the point can be made that without even without Google Glass, iPhone, etc...that drivers have always been distracted (air drumming, lipstick, shaving, singing, daydreaming, fiddling with the radio, 8-track, cassette, CD).....
I don't understand all the complaints about phones, glass etc being so unsafe to drive with... Better ban speedometers they are a distraction. I also don't get the no hands thing its called using your knees
"The video in which +Robert Scoble records a drive while he breaks multiple laws." =)

The windshield mount placement in the video is illegal while driving in California. Electronic devices (such as cell and GPS) can only be mounted in the lower left 5 square inches.  In some states it cannot be mounted at all on the windshield.
Jealous, honestly can't see what the First Generation Public Launch one will be like.
Great video! I can't wait!
Great demonstration and explanation. Nice to see Highway 1 passing by, too!
Nothing is more distracting than food.  Once drive-though food is no longer available I'll start considering arguments against heads-up displays.  The real safety issue is why we are allowing new cars to be built without collision avoidance.  Like seat belts and airbags, the technology exists and is affordable, so why not require it?
From what I took away from the video, it appears it's safe enough to use Google Glass while driving.  If it's less distracting than the use of a car radio then driving w/ GG shouldn't have any legal issue.
I can appreciate the warnings being mentioned in the video, but there is always a driver that thinks s/he can do anything while driving and never have an accident. Look at the number of people that were using their cellphones before there were laws put into place so that people would stop driving while on the phone. Even after creating the laws there are a lot of people that still drive and play around with their smartphones.
Great description of actually using Glass and a great shout out for Waze!
Even though mannerisms tend to cause a person to move their head when talking, I appreciate that the video is fairly stable.  I actually feel like I'm in the driver seat #strangedays
I am a major airline pilot and previous military pilot. I have used fixed HUD presentations and HUDs projected inside a night vision goggle that moves with your head much like Google glass.
Operating complex machines while doing two, three or four things at once is all about training.
Legislating my ability to use items while driving based on the most unskilled driver is ludicrous and insulting. We need to focus on driver training and testing with electronics in the vehicle. I can operate the stereo, wear a HUD (Glass), talk, chew gum and drive the car. Unlike gun ownership and the freedom of speech....driving in America is a privilege...not a right. Make the testing difficult and based on the reality of 2013.
WV and other states that are debating driving with glass should be embarrassed with their behavior. No one should be allowed to debate this topic in government with zero training or experience in the field.
Robert Scoble for Senator :)
Robert you are the perfect one to bring this experience to the masses.  I remember when you were on TWiT and you were streaming video via a Nokia N series phone.  Thanks for the updates of what to expect.
I kept waiting for you to have an accident doing the demo!
bummed, you almost made it to my neighborhood!
Robert, could you try to make some video putting some tiny camera on your eye level and actually filming how the glass is viewable through your eyes? Just to see what you see. Words just do not describe it enough. This is the case when one should try it to understand it.
I want googleglass eyeglasses, soon. or I'm gonna get mad and be forced to make my own  :P
Great overview Robert, kinda a "roberts eye view"
I love the roads in the Half Moon Bay area.
That phone mount is horrendous, I can see why it is illegal. Everything about that video makes me cringe.
Always love how Scoble breaks down tech to common man level.  If you ever seen a woman put on her makeup in traffic in LA now thats distracted driving lol
I can't imagine it being too safe. I mean, we have too many things that we can do in our cars besides paying attention to the road and other cars already: radios, cell phones, GPS screens, 'mood' lighting etc.  We are supposed to be driving. Save the entertainment for after you get to your destination.
Good job Robert. I appreciate your commitment to letting up ride along with you as you live with Google Glass. I just wish that shower picture never saw the light of day.
Google has thought it through with self driving cars!
Mark M
This will be great for DRIVING SCHOOLS. Students can review what they were looking at when back in the classroom.
Speaking of disabling messages while in certain situations, I'm working on something (open-source, Rails) that can change message delivery based on situation:
Looking through the looking glass while driving.
I believe it to be more dangerous than using a mobile phone. It's not just your sense oh hearing that as to share '' brain resources'' but also your vision ... it could end-up on a total 'system' crash ... with fatalities ...
Great review! But how's driving with glass on? Transparency... Ease of access.... Etc..
You made two unsafe (and illegal) lane changes at about 3:20 and 4:20 -- distracted while talking I bet... look all the way over your shoulder and always signal, even while merging!
Tbh you can do pretty much anything when you're driving an automatic ;)
+Robert Scoble While recording, don't confess that you are breaking a law.  The law in question may be more complex than you realize.  You might in fact not be breaking California law.  An exception might apply.  Or the law that you think applies might not be valid for one reason or another.
Great video. Is that HMB? I'm in Detroit so I miss the coast a lot these days. 
+Jake Weisz would you care to put your own children in front of a car, being driven by a user of such glasses, using them and driving, while watching some film ??? Go on, take the challenge ...
Interesting Google glass video while driving
how come nobody seems to mention road signs as distracting? you mentioned the dash, phone and the navigation screen in the car but most people seem to stop with things inside the car but there is still plenty of other things outside.

road signs have to be the worst out of the lot of them i think. especially those ones that are overhead. and depending on what speed you are driving the signs can be zipping by meaning you focus is nowhere on the road. your eyes have to constantly refocus as the sign moves closer wheras at least with glass the directions could be in the same place every time. 

i just think its strange that people are going psychotic over glass when there has been road signs around since forever which are many times more dangerous (if looking away from the road is the big problem people are having with glass)