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Here's 73 tech investors, angel investors, and venture capitalists. If you know of some who aren't in this circle, let me know in comments here.

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they might have been angels to this point, but now...
Awesome! Thanks for sharing! :)
+Michael Evans I'm having that same error message. I've read up on it and seems that a lot of people have been getting it since G+ launched. Some lasted as long as 6 days and no help from Google yet. I'm hoping this goes away soon because this circles sharing is Awesome!
+Ryan Bush, I think the best thing to do is to bookmark these posts and wait it out hey
+Ashton Kutcher shouldn't be in this circle, I suppose. Am I wrong?
Thanks Andrew, Robert, I read about it and forgot.
+Guy Kawasaki just get an icon with brunhilde's horns on your head and everybody will get the message, but if you put on red, the njd will get confused and hit you up for investment.
Looking to fund semi-independent organic co-ops.
Share Circle does not seem to be switched on for Android devices :-(
I just added this circle to test the feature, as I love reading what tech investors are saying, but I think this is the last time I will add publicly shared circles to my own. I find it mighty impersonal. Kind of like the mass-follows on Twitter.

I prefer to add people by their own merit. If there is a VC who doesn't have any valuable input, or fun, or otherwise interesting things to say, I probably wouldn't add them.

That being said, it has opened my eyes to new people I didn't know before...

Much prefer going the long, hard route of personal discovery though...
+David Sze should probably be in there... (Invested in Digg, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pandora, Revision3, others)
I'm a VC? News to me!

I was wondering why 600+ people added me last night...