iPad apps for autistic children helps them communicate

Our four-year-old son is autistic. He's in the middle of the spectrum, so is learning to speak, but it's hard for him to communicate in a way that we can understand him. That said, he's very smart in other areas we're starting to use a new app, released today, that lets us work with communicating with him and teaching him more language.

Here's a look at the app, which just shipped. It's a bit expensive as iPad apps go ($150) but it's competitive with similar systems. If you have an autistic child this is well worth trying. Here founder Ingo Beinlich shows me the app and explains what's gone into its development. Learn more at: http://www.metakidz.com/MetaTalk/en/Features.html

What does the app do? It has thousands of pictograms (sort of like icons) that have words attached to them. One might be a truck. My son touches it and it says "truck" and has the word on it, too. He can use that to build sentences, which he can have the iPad read to me.

What's really fun is I'm also using the app with our two-year-old son, who likes pointing at the pictures and hearing what it says, which helps his vocabulary too.

For parents like me, there's a variety of apps. Here 60 Minutes did an awesome job of discussing those: http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-18560_162-20124225/apps-for-autism-communicating-on-the-ipad/

Anyway, this app isn't for everyone, but these kinds of apps are invaluable.

By the way, I'm building a circle of people interested in autism, if you are interested in being part of that circle, let me know!
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