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(UPDATE: Facebook PR responded) Facebook is keeping you from being an asshat in comments

OK, so I go over to +Max Woolf's content area on Facebook, and respond to his post about +PandoDaily, (which is here: ) but Facebook keeps me from posting the below comment. It gave me this error. Looks like Facebook is doing content analysis in real time before it will let you post and is looking to keep the service "happy." I sure wonder now what kind of algorithms Facebook is running on content.

Has anyone ever seen anything like this before? I haven't, and I've posted tons of comments to Facebook.

My comment?


I'm so glad I didn't start a media business. It's actually really tough to get new and interesting stories and to avoid falling into drama. People forget that Techcrunch was built step-by-step as a new publishing form was taking shape. PandoDaily doesn't have that advantage and, is, indeed, facing competition from social networks that is quite good indeed.

I no longer visit blogs. I watch Twitter, Google+, and Facebook, along with Hacker News, Techmeme, Quora. These are the new news sources.

Plus, Pando Daily actually doesn't have enough capital to compete head on with, say, D: All Things Digital or The Verge, both of which are expanding quickly and have ecosystems behind them.


UPDATE: we're discussing this over on Facebook too:

UPDATE TWO: Facebook PR responded:

Facebook PR responds.

I just talked with Facebook PR about my "comment censorship issue." They say what actually happened is my comment was classified as spam. He further said that this was a "false positive" because my comment was one that Facebook doesn't want to block.

Turns out that my comment was blocked by Facebook's spam classification filters and that it wasn't blocked for what the comment said, but rather because of something unique to that message. They are looking more into it and will let me know more later, after they figure out what triggered it. Their thesis is that my comment triggered it for a few reasons:

1. I'm subscribed to @max.woolf and am not a friend of his in the system. That means that the spam classification system treats comments more strictly than if we were friends.

2. My comment included three @ links. That probably is what triggered the spam classification system.

3. There might have been other things about the comment that triggered the spam system.

The PR official I talked with told me that the spam classification system has tons of algorithms that try to keep you from posting low-value comments, particularly to public accounts (er, people who have turned on subscriptions here on Facebook).

I actually appreciate that Facebook is trying to do something about comment quality. I had to recently change my privacy settings to only allow friends of friends to comment on my posts because I was getting so many poor comments on my posts (when I did that the poor quality posts instantly stopped).

The PR person also said that a team is looking into why this message got a false positive, and will be adjusting the algorithms to let messages like these get through the system.

Also, the error message made it sound like the message was blocked because of the content of the message, not because it looked spammy. They are looking into the wording of the error and will update that to make the error clearer as to what's going on and why the spam classification system got kicked in.

More as I learn more.
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Raul Rios
You got blocked because you mentioned Google+.

You know, Zuck keeps doing whatever he wants to you and you keep taking it. When are you going to just say stop? 
If anyone else but you had posted this, I would think it was a joke.
wow so now Zuck dictates what is a meaningful post? your post while negative still made valid points.
I bet Facebook's algorithm blocked your comment because you mentioned Google+.
I can't see anything in there that would be a red flag... I can't believe Facebook would block it because of Google+, so let's get that conspiracy theory out of the way. :)
Wonder if this ought be an opt-in/out. Bit troubling having comments preemptively screened.
Someone was mentioning that on a post I was commenting on the other day, I just assumed it was a language filter, but reading yours, it must be something else. I'm not a big fan of censorship by third parties.
A perfect example of why either a "-1" or "dislike" option is needed. And yet another reason I do not use FB any longer, despite the loss of friends.
Maybe it was the reference to Google+. I have been unable to share anything on FB with a G+ link.
Wow, just wow. I wonder, how exactly they analyze, if comment's content contributes in negative way to post. I would understant, if they search comment's content for certain words, but this?
I don't see anything irrelevant or inappropriate in your comment...unless Facebook now considers any mention of "Google+" as offensive.

If they can stop people from posting "FML" status updates I'd be happy though ;-) That kind of negatively is next to useless.
I saw this for the first time yesterday... It looks like it has since changed because I had two options, one to keep the comment and post it as is, or to go back & change it.

At any rate, my comment was as benign as yours is... I'm undecided if I think the idea is good to keep people from being malicious, but then again, it's a form of censorship. If they're going to continue blocking comments as such, I think they need to tune whatever process / algorithm is scanning comments to be sure they're actually inappropriate.
One more reason for me to prefer Google+.

(Oh look! This comment can be posted, here!)
Geez, someone from FB is touchy today.
Whatever they are doing, they aren't doing a very good job of it. Certainly, your comment had more substance than typical unnecessary comment fluff.
I forward your comment to him, but it appears the same message. I think it might be because of the privacy.
Is this going to put an end to all the stupid "first" comments being that they are completely irrelevant?
Really not paying attention to facebook anymore... #zensur
So I read that as facebook making itself useless...
They are just trying to avoid any negative comments before releasing their IPO
It tried to post this exact comment on a testing post and it is working. This is weird.
Perfect timing - so we can post anything negatives about its IPO. Is that even legal ?
Hi Scoble,
I tried by posting your post and it allowed me on Facebook :)
I guess FB is spying on you :P
When companies get to big they become like military coo
The first time I get that message is the last time I use Facebook. What an incredibly asinine thing for them to do! I guess FB has decided they don't want people to have opinions or original thoughts. NICE. pffffft.
you need to insert "acceptable" words and phrases to get past the censor bot:
"i love you, justin bierber!"
"{insert any niece or nephew's FB status here}"
+Donald Farmer I would expect "NOT OKAY" button if I were you, I would expect "Bullsh*t" button instead :D
All I can think of is that perhaps it's some sort of new feature testing going on.
I copied and pasted your comment as a comment of my own over there and it gave me the exact same warning.

So it's not a Scoble effect... there's something about that message it doesn't like. My guess is mentioning too much of the competition.
They've been censoring for years. Try to post a link to the torrent site and see what doesn't happen (I think that particular site's been off facebook since 2008 or so, possibly earlier).
Facebook should rewrite the spell checker to "improve" your comments
+Robert Scoble I get a less stern warning ("Are you sure you want to post this?")about totally innocent comments, like "I'm a married man". These Facebook warnings are spawned by what seem to be deeply flawed algorithms.

Maybe FB should police the rogue apps if they want to clean up their site.

A few days ago I got this for no reason at all:

Commenting Temporarily Limited

We previously advised you that one or more of your comments was posted multiple times or marked as inappropriate. Because we received additional reports, you'll be unable to comment on the posts of people you're not friends with for the next 7 days. Once restored, please comment responsibly or you may face additional restrictions.

I understand that posting spam is prohibited and against the Facebook Community Standards.
It's Google+ - it makes Zuck sweat.
+Robert Scoble Just posted on my status for a second to check, it got accepted! No error there!
I'm guessing as you said, possibly the guy you replied to have removed a post of yours before, that made facebook to put you on somewhat more restrictive algorithm! If it is being used as a spam control for public notes, it might actually be a useful thing. But if it doesn't allow you to type it in your own status, its scary and stupid!
FB feels they have the userbase... now do whatever they need to do.. to make the most money which means delivering to advertisers what is needed... ya think?
This is not actually a free speech issue in the U.S. The Constitution only says the government cannot suppress protected speech. It says nothing about what a private-sector organization can do.
These warnings are often completely ridiculous. Your comment can be "happy" and innocent and nice and sweet -- and you may still get a stern warning message. This new Gestapo tactic is purely stupid.
facebook is looking for the criminals to spot them down
F bombs, racist, sexist, murderous comments are not getting these warnings, judging by how much of these things are all over Facebook.
I almost never say "fucking" but on one of the few comments i said it for comical emphasis, I got a warning message that asked me if i really wanted to post my comment — at risk of having my account being "permanently disabled." The warning message was also set up so that when i hit "cancel" (to cancel the message), the cancel action deleted my comment, which really pissed me off.

Doesn't it generally take more than just a few people reporting posts to attract special attention (i'd guess dozens, at least). I think +Donald Farmer may be correct when he says that Facebook is being especially guarded about criticism (i.e., too many mentions of Google+ in comments or posts) that could damage the potential of soon-to-be-billionaires to lose dozens of millions of dollars at IPO.
I now have people trying to trigger this message on my wall (and their own) - it's actually kind of funny. So far? It seems to be more a function of which wall you are posting to.
have to go read this thread over here though. Seems like a mild enough comment Robert.
It may be partly based on whose wall you are posting a comment to. Take note of the individual and either unfriend, block, or mentally mark them as being pussies you don't want to interact with.
I just posted the link to this and mentioned Google+ over on my Facebook, and it went through. So the Google+ thing is not it. Maybe they just don't like you. ;-)
I hate when a computer program/website 'play boss' by try to being smart ass to me
Who in their right mind cares what FaceBook does? FaceBook is the biggest distraction from REAL LIFE that has ever been perpetrated on mankind! People are rioting in the streets of 3rd world countries because they want FaceBook? This world is going straight to hell - sans handbasket!
+Erik Deckers One field experiment proves nothing. Keep praising GooglePlus on Facebook and see what starts to happen, if anything.
What happens if you take Google + out of it and then try to post?
Well copy/paste let me post your comment entirely on my own wall thread about this... So it must be a combination of content + poster + wall settings. Still, what a sad situation.
Ed jones Salvage check us out on facebook
Post on your own Facebook a series of posts exposing rogue apps, spammy game invites, malware and sites like Facecrooks, Naked Security, Hoax-Slayer, Snopes. Then you may be listed by FB as the very thing you are attacking.
I don't get what triggered it, is it discussion about competing social networks like G+, and meta news sites that have social communities? Howcome I can't share the dicussion that is ongoing n FB? is it just your personal settings? anyways, this is itneresting. I saw this post here because its "Hot on G+" now
Hot on G+, and I'd bet that if there is any kind of meaningful filter running in real time, it's kicking off because of the Google mention.
It's the special Scoblerithm they've developed. They know you'll post something about it as a result on other networks and hence drive traffic to Facebook. This is an interim state until they acquire a Search engine and can do SEO to drive more traffic there. ;)
I have gotten that very same error 2 times when commenting on someones post and it had nothing at all to do with any social networking sites
It is shocking how much control these companies are allowed to have over people's individual right to express themselves in any way they see fit. The internet is fast becoming a place where anonymity and unrestricted self-expression are a thing of the past; far too much like the material world imo.
I'm starting to think it is both an IPO readiness and a Conform to Chinese Totalitarianism agenda going on here. It is NOT about trolls or rogue apps.
It's pretty damn interesting on a lot of levels. I can't find a way to tell my account there to warn anyone based on content or language, so it's clearly out of the hands of the user. If it was user controlled, it might actually be nice. I am not a fan of censoring unless it's a case by case basis (personally) and I go in and delete a comment after the fact, and even that is rare. But, for example, I can put all kinds of controls on what can show up in comments on my blog, and there are certain words I don't allow. Having that kind of control on my FB page would be interesting. Having it decided for me? Not interested in that.
+Little Leigh I see your point, but a) facebook is a free service run by a for-profit corporation and b) usage is not compulsory. They don't have any control that you do not voluntarily surrender to them by using their service.
Nick R
i fully agree with L.L. we're fast becoming a world of censorship and monitored "freedom"
Aren't most ALL FB comments irrelevant or inappropriate?
It is probably just another glitch. I am sure somebody was playing again .
Woa that's crazy +Robert Scoble!! Uhm, could the word 'google+' be a trigger?! Hmmmm. I highly doubt someone reported you; more than likely it's just a tight algorithm that's off. Often, Facebook's algorithms are just totally wonk. For instance, every single day, Facebook hides bona fide posts on fan pages even with the moderation blocklist set to zero. It's bizarre and annoying... and gazillions of fan page owners are completely unaware that they have hidden posts behind the scenes... which, prior to Timeline, was just one click to moderate (Hidden Posts link below the Wall link) and is now five clicks to moderate (Admin Panel > Manage > Use Activity Log > All drop down menu > Spam). Grr. Anyway, I digress. But it's the same/simliar algorithms.
Just got this FB warning when I tried to post a comment on Max Wolf post on this issue:

As we notified you earlier, commenting on walls of users you are not friends with is temporarily suspended for you. Our systems noticed your comments were being marked as spam or posted multiple times.
way to stir it up .... You should ask them for a specific explanation.. You're noisy enough ... they may be compelled to answer.
It's happened to me a couple of times, and I was complimenting a friend on an achievement. I hate facebook, but since my friends are still there I have to cope with it. G+ rules +Robert Scoble and in here it feels like home.
First, let me thank you Scoble for being at the forefront of all this: you keep offering cases for what I look into. ;)
Second, I'm fairly sure Facebook will come up with a classic “we are testing, Scoble was randomly assigned to a group where that feature was being tested” which is most likely true. (Everybody here knows someone who like me, does this for a living.) However, I'm guessing, because monitoring comments is about relations, someone with many ties is more likely to be selected as the friend of someone in the sample—I'm guessing.

Let's summarize what we know:
* some people can post the exact same comment without warning,
* Scoble could post a differently worded comment without warning,
* others have noticed this, and another message that offered choice;
* those who saw those saw it several times;
* trigger words seem to be classic profanity, negative grammar (Scoble's case) and mentions to Google, all traces of a classic algorithm based on a combination of an individual and a semantic score.

Excluding Scoble's rather keen and thoughtful analysis of on-line media (I increasingly like what you've been up to lately), this filter seems like heading towards a good idea. I, for one, think that (after the extremely negative presidential race we had in France) filtering negative updates, or at least, signaling that they have a damaging yet invisible impact, could be useful and needed.
I keep being called ‘insulting’ because I point out to friends that their updates aren't the nicest: apart from the Godwin point that is now blown off the first comment, they keep comparing my friends to war criminals because they campaign for a political candidate or another. That it might not be the most delicate way to get a point across.

I guess people go after me so violently because I showed them a public and humiliating facet of themselves (comments are of course more offensive, but they seem to prevent some re-posting; private messages don't really save me much alacrity). Posting a warning, preferably specific and written by an approved party intended to curb adversarial violence, before the post is visible would go a long way to avoid the lock-in my friends seem to be stuck into once their posted something.
I've had posts and comments, and even a "private" message blocked or stripped out by fb when they contained the term "Google+". They reappeared later in the day. But seriously fb?
Do you know that the average user only sees about 17% of their friends update. And do you know that if you have a page as a friend Facebook can make sure you see more updates from that specific "friend". They control what you see and what you say, they control how much you see of whoever, this is a completely messed up system.
+Marc Dangeard - yeah, the EdgeRank system on Facebook has to be a constant frustration for businesses of all sizes. Facebook states the average user sees only 16% of posts in the news feed by pages they've liked; other studies show that number to be as low as 3-5%. It's a pay to play system for fan pages these days.

However, one consolation is the Subscribe option on personal profiles ... profiles get more 'juice' in the news feed. +Robert Scoble had his fan page merged into his profile as a public figure, which is a good way to go for some folks.

The beauty of +Google+ is the complete UNFILTERED stream where the user chooses his/her filtering via circles. Granted, there are friend lists and now interest lists on Facebook which do the same thing really; but probably 99.9% of Facebook users have no idea they exist or how to use. (And yeppers, I'm a raving evangelist of Facebook but, still, I have my grievances at times, too. LOL!!)
thats just stupid...
Over on FB, you said you'd asked FB PR for comment. If/when they reply, please update here too?
Facebook is just a sad platform. They decide what you see with fuzzy logic. Then again, Zuckerberg ain't too smart.
Always great to see when another company deems it ok to tell me what is ok and not ok.
Its a brave new world all right. Say what I deem is ok, do what I deem is acceptable, learn what I deem is good for you.
Nobody worried about the ramifications for freedom of speech? Now it is a comment, next thing facebook will be deciding on everything beforehand if it is "appropriate" or not. Before anything has been done it has already been decided by facebook for all of us if something is relevant or not. That is creepy.
I agree with facebook because everyoneknows the rule: "in you have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all"
it must have been a really bad comment caused ive seen some bad comments
It isn't censorship since Facebook owns the platform and we agree to their TOS to use it. It's clearly "Pay To Play" with Facebook using triggers such as "google+", etc... to mute competition. A quick search through our Facebook streams would demonstrate the filtering being applied to our "open" conversations.
I always love the "Are you sure you want to post this?" warning from Facebook just before my Comment(s) disappear.
Wow. Your comment wasn't very negative. Does it really look for words like "doesn't" as label your comment as negative?

I wouldn't mind if they blocked spammy or irrelevant comments (like a some of +Max Woolf's comments), but your comment follows conventional grammar and spelling.

If we keep this discussion going, Facebook will be forced to rescind the rule or respond to the issue.
+Brendan Thesingh Nobody worried about the ramifications for freedom of speech?

Nope, because I said before, this not a situation that centers around free speech, per se. This is a private corporation deciding what it does, and does not, find acceptable speech on the service it provides. That's the United States' approach, anyway, in other places YMMV.

This is a case where the free market will ultimately decide Facebook's fate: social networking is a space where market dominance can be lost very quickly ... it doesn't take too many missteps to do it, either.
Had the same thing happen to me, thing is my post was expressing how i was feeling that day nothing about anyone or negative in any way.But got blocked for expressing myself.
Wow! I've never seen this before, but I have been blocked from posting some links/videos to facebook, or even comments that mention particular web addresses. This kind of censorship is completely unacceptable, in my opinion, and I very nearly closed my facebook account when that happened to me!

The G+ 'flag' function seems to work better than pre-screening, in my view.
Luckily,I don't have Facebook or anything like that
Totalitarians and mind control cults love that command: "If you don't have something nice to say, shut the hell up." Our forefathers had a lot of bad things to say about King George and they said them.
apart from a social network FB plays a mind game with every1
+Steven Streight Actually, it's more like "if you don't have something nice to say about the ruling class, shut the hell up." They don't seem to mind much if the plebs insult the hell out of each other.
+James Karaganis That depends of course on the situation. I could imagine that other social networks will also start to practice this type of thing.

Also what does this mean when you do not get the chance to comment on a post to give a counterpoint? As you can see in Roberts' example the reason why it is deemed irrelevant is unclear.

In case of US law the first Amendment would apply because facebook is a public medium even though it is a private company. The First Amendment is there to guarantee that the truth is known through robust debate. So I think there is a real danger for free speech.

That said, I agree that users can choose to go elsewhere with their business. Although Fox News is a good example of an old media filterbubble for people who decide to stay with companies that define what is relevant.
Alan Ye
you also have to vertify your account. its so boring!
What happened to free speech?
+Brendan Thesingh censorship is a fact of life and if not they could move there servers to china then they would be able to censor to there hearts content
just do a quick experiment: type "Google+" only, and if your post is blocked, you'll have the answer.
=ZeroOneZero: which does mean or represent nothing else than numbers to me. If you think on what purpose it have been development with I do not find this issue at all surprising...
Glancee just sold to Facebook
Censored internet radio is next
Wow! So much for free speech. I find that pretty remarkable.
They don't like any posts where Google + is mentioned try again without mentioning G+
I posted the word Google+ to a post by my friend +Gary Engelberg on his Facebook page, and it worked. And so did the link. Like everything else on Facebook, its different for different people at different times.
Face Book has the hutzpah to become the content police now?
That's it im going to spam fb with loads of G+ links lol. Taking the piss springs to mind
i think that F.B became borring
irish d
what is +Max Woolf doing here? he's notoriously anti-google+.
+Eduardo Carrillo Fully agree except I would not run an experiment on +Robert Scoble´s account. As you can see it backfires immediately. Better to silently kick in on blogging house wives streams to test and develop.
The rest of your analysis makes sense in combination with +Robert Scoble´s own suggestion that it will be related to earlier comments on the same poster.
An algorithm could indeed be turned up when a poster flagged an earlier comment by Robert and be more aggressive. Mix that with the keywords you highlighted and it could well be yet another attempt to watch over a huge network without the need for moderators.
nice where did you get from facebook
I am going to link this to my facebook page and see what happens
So, will this have any consequences for the IPO if this glitch is true?
Facebook has always been boring. Facebook is MAC, Google+ is PC. Argument Done.
This filtering may only be happening if there are "loose" posting permissions such as (1) Fan pages, (2) Profiles that enabled the "Subscribe" feature and/or (3) Profiles with permissions lowered so that non-friends can post...

I think this because my Facebook followers have told me that they've gotten similar content warnings when responding to some of my post but so far all of them have been non-friends. So either people who follow me via the "Subscribe" feature (but aren't friended) or have somehow wandered into the conversation and wanted to post (I have my permissions set so anyone can read and post on my Timeline).
Google+ Is the only social network I feel I can really trust. I have my doubts in everything still, though I try to wax positive.. And denial of anything other than absolutely unfiltered vulgarity and profanity which can offend the experience of any listener, I am AGAINST all reprimanding resulting in the loss of FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION!
Censor the ugly, but let the idea stand. We all deserve a voice.
It can't be because you mentioned Google+ because your other comment there says that "Yeah, I posted my comment over on Google+" and even has the link to this Google+ post!
I think it could be Facebook beta-testing their Chinese censorship algorithm!
I changed my Facebook profile pic to say "302 to Gplus" and they have not removed or disabled my account yet. 
It's because you mentioned G+. That's why my Facebook account—something I had since November 2009—was disabled and all appeals rejected under the claim that I was posting "inappropriate or hateful content." Needless to say, that pissed me off beyond comprehension. Due to it, I lost hundreds of friends, since none of them are willing to try Google+ or use their e-mails.

I still don't know why people are on Facebook.
Wow. Censoring their members. Attempting to create a false world. I wonder if Facebook will turn off the internet if someone says something bad about them?
Besides the standard IE there's been a fair amount of "Bayesian Reasoning" used to create algorithms that have been applied to (among other things) email filtering. It does use an iterative process that takes some time (data accumulation) to build it's decision making process. I've only played with it a little and I know there's others out there that could take this comment up several notches above my level. Anybody care to take a shot at this - in regards to Facebook or other apps?
This is yet another example of FBs effort to restrict freedom of speech. I predict Youtube will surpass FB as the top social network, with Google+ taking second place in the not so distant future. Leaving FB in a strong 3rd place position indefinitely.
I totally believe what all u guys r saying.
+1 to FB !! this is some serious AI algorithms going on. ;) and btw. - the internet was free and not closely monitored by -- around the 90's.. probably. Today, even the content that's dispatched to you is "tailored" for you, and, of course, logged and analyzed. Do a google search ;)
Did anyone who got this warning split the message in two, to see which half gave the warning?

The half that gives the warning would be split in two again, until we find out which sentence/word triggered their censorship mechanism.

I tried pasting the comment onto my own test post but didn't get any warning.
Too funny Robert. I've had a few of these pop up, it's like they're tagging certain words so no matter if you're joking, serious or just responding, you get a little slap-on-the-wrist reminder.
"Facebook is not internet". No, it bloody isn't.
This sort of policing, while I totally understand it, never really works the way they want it to. Censorship in action, folks. Watch and learn.
I haven't seen this. I wonder if FB is just playing a practical joke on you.
Reza H
its the mind control of freemasonry, its the control of Media. it isn't Freedom.
Same thing happened to me on SodaHead. I felt it was so unfair for about 2 days.(I got 12 friend requests in about 2 hours) Free Speech as long as you agree.
███ ██ trust █ ██████ your ████ █ ██ ███ ████ ██████ ████ ███government███ ████ ██████ █████ ██████ ████ ██████████ █everything█████████ ███ ████ ███ ██████████ ████████ ██ is ██████████ ██████████ ███████ ███ █████ fine.

This comment has been found in violation of H.R. 3261, S.O.P.A and has been removed.
Geesh, what next? ...Or umm.. do I even dare ask? Between our government pushing towards censorship with the SOPA and other bills, the FBI demanding rights to invade our conversations, and now Facebook doing this? It is seeming like more and more there's an agenda in motion to push for censorship and control of the Internet from varying angles through different entities. :(
Wow.. is Facebook acting as speech police? Again, one more reason I prefer Google+. Nice going, FB.
This is simply an extension of the 'like' rule: you can like, but not hate, a post.
I wont let someone block me on the sidewalk, thier becoming nazis.
I was prompted with a captcha code when posting a photo to MY OWN profile.
With 900,000,000 accounts. they are now the "Biggest Brother"
I am as close to an absolutist on the First Amendment as you can get, but Facebook is a private company. The First Amendment does not apply, and cannot apply, because if it did every spammer would have carte blanche to spam everybody's wall 24/7. Having said that, I'm just finding that image interesting.
Just one more reason why I hate Facebook and love Google plus.
R Lamb
Must have accidently given us the chineese filter logic.
Facebook is social networking with training wheels. Hey Mark, suck my berg :)
it's because you mentioned Google+. ;-)
lol so true..... bit annoying actually. What happened to freedom of speech and freedom to express one's opinion? Everyone does it anyway!
So Facebook doesn't allow irrelevant or inappropriate comments any more? Looks like there are going to be no more comments on Facebook from now on! Haha! Ha.

Youtube should have this feature.
I got this message today , too. and I didn't mentioned any other social networks
lol... It's because they have no real algorithm for separating people....from other people aside from simply blocking them or filling out a long name-by-name form for who will see the post.... I'll stick with plus...
Wan Nan
Wow, keep us posted. Has their PR replied at all?
Is granting users the option to delete malicious comments not enough to prevent the posting of them?
There's never been a better time to not be on Facebook.
for ever great full to god for ever and ever
lol. How can FB decide whether it's appropriate or not?
No algorithms is THIS GOOD yet...
I remember when Google+ was invite only, and posts about Google+ appeared visible to me when I put them on my own wall, but were not visible to my friends looking at my wall, direct messages about Google+ magically disappeared.
Sometimes it lets me post G+ links, but other times it does not.
BUT pay day loans scams, MLM schemes, and virus messages seem to be posted freely by others on facebook?
...yet one more reason to defect. Where's the freedom of speech in that?
Hmm, seems a little Orwelian. Controling behaviour is the same as restricting freedom of speech. I seem to remember that being in the American constitution and something I believe Facebook is bound by. Perhaps we they need to be reminded of this.
+Robert Scoble That is a problem with all algorithms - even the best of them trigger false positives. In this case just a comment got blocked but more serious instances are when accounts get disabled completely or locked out. Horror stories of this sort abound - innocent users losing access to their accounts - with all of the big services - including Google, Paypal, Ebay. Aggressive false positive algorithms result in many innocent users becoming collateral damage. The problem is that the manual review process often does not result in resolution. You were lucky to get the required attention quickly because of being so well known - but the relatively unknown user is usually not so lucky.
google+ is the new facebook dude!!
I once saw a list of phrases allegedly banned on Facebook and I believe "hacker news" was on that list, +Robert Scoble It's probably just coincidence
you cant cut and paste the evil comment into fb!
Ah yes and there is also the blocking of Users Pages with no recourse to appeal, no warning and no proper investigation which includes the accused. Banned for life - no discussion, and the profile stays live you just can't access it to continue updating it. Orwellian or Draconian yep FB sucks
After providing proof of my true existence via phone bill to establish a "place" on Facebook, they (later) somehow got the impression my profile was fake and blocked it without recourse. I can't do business with people like that. >>>
Wow! What a sad, bitter world it is that we all continue to trust and do business with people that don't show us the same trust and respect.
I hate FB. It's inherently shallow; it has destroyed all the serious forums out there, and it's difficult to track any forums going on and actually carry on a discussion with multiple people about anything of any importance.
LOL facebook is just trolling on you
So, they can find a comment of yours +Robert Scoble as irrelevant or inappropriate, but they can't match NoOr MaSr Inventor 's comment on my fb status with a different language, and completely irrelevant as spam? =/ I do believe the content of your comment, maybe a specific word (google+) was the spam. The comment I'm referring with a different language, quite lengthy, and completely irrelevant by NoOr MaSr Inventor who's not my friend, never seen him before, and a public post ( )
Like I posted on TechCrunch, false positives on a social network are a problem. Also, there is plenty of ways I can determine spam on Facebook, and your comment had none of these factors.

If you use @ links, one crucial part of Facebook, then it is silly that it is marked as spam.
+Robert Scoble I don't know about you, but I have to go through and approve several comments for every post. I get about 80% false-positives... meaning 8/10 comments that were marked as spam are actually good comments.
That's crap. FB is just doing what FB wants. It's a business like any other and wants to put it's best business face forward. This is why they stalk the people who use it and sell the information they collect for marketing purposes. I don't see the benefit of it and the universal sharing of information has led to people being judged and fired by their employers. G+ is totally where it's at.
Agree G+ leaves Farcebook in it's dust
Hello folks! I've been sent here by Mark Zuckerberg.Whats with all the negative commentary about FB? What's the deal?
when u think about FB and g+ r the same
Not at all. But at FB, we can view your comments on G+.
We use bots to collect Intel on our competitors, their membership-base, and use these to learn how those in social networks think about FB. And how such people compare us to our competitors.
Did you know that bots can rewrite an algorithm. Sort of like reprogramming. And pertains to how a specific algorithm that screens a specific person. Tracking cookies, and doing things in cyberspace with bots.
My guess is that it was looking at the large number of negatives in proportion to the other words in that comment. (didn't, tough, avoid, drama, forget, no longer, etc). If i was writing an algorithm to proactively torpedo comments that might be blocked after posting, I'd look for that, and of course swear words. Oh, and... that REALLY sucks, Robert. So much for freedom of speech on fB. Yet another reason to dump them, immediately.
facebook is just a peice of crap that everybody uses to make the people who invented it happy. isnt that true?
All social networks track users through cookies, and that information is sold for marketing purposes. Its not just FB, but G+ does this too. All social networks an algorithm and bots. That's the real world of cyberspace. Twitter and MySpace do all these things too.
These are just "industry trends". Any questions?
I was not aware that anyone had any spelling problems on this post. That's "piece" not "peice". Dayna Herman's spelling is crap, FB isn't.
Hi +Shannon Adelson
I know you know all this, but just making my rounds to check up on you!

Just wanted to drop you a note and welcome you to the Scavenger Hunt! Did you see the item list? The rules all make sense? Are you out shooting yet?! grin
I am here if you ever have any questions or need help with ideas.
So happy to have you aboard this round!
+John Wolfe Yep, pirated content and free speech are two different things (if you don't ask one of the die-hard piracy peeps, but they're no fun anyway).
Problem is: Facebook doesn't really care.

A couple of years ago you couldn't make a fanpage containing the word "Palestinian", no matter what other words you combined it with. That ban was lifted (with no explanation as to why it was put in place, nor why it was revoked) only after Jillian C Yorke (among others) put some focus on it.
So the banned content list is kind of arbitrary and probably with a heavy lean towards obeying oppressive regimes (at least until someone influential makes a fuss about it).
Hi +Shane N. Just wanted to drop you a note and welcome you to the Scavenger Hunt! Did you see the item list? The rules all make sense? Are you out shooting yet?! grin
I am here if you ever have any questions or need help with ideas.
So happy to have you aboard this round!
Sounds like facebook needs akismet.
Yes, your "Periodic Table of Woo" has no place on FB, or G+. People are supposed to be using positive content.
Facebook Cares. And FB does have spam-filtering.
Just downloaded and installed google+. Thank you Facebook for helping me switch. +***** join the party.
I have had that happen to me, not sure why as I was responding to a post on the subject it was about, and wasn't posting anything bad. FB is messed up! That is why I came over to Google+ more. They don't like it when you attempt to network with others. But to be honest, there are things about both social networks I like and dislike!
Don B
Just another reason why I will never again go back on facebook.
Do you remember of the wall street protest? Facebook was hiding the posts about it of the friends. So, it doesn't surprise me.
Administrating some FB pages myself...I have set content filters to prevent arseholes wasting their valuable opinions on stuff they obviously are far too good for anyway. God bless em and all that sail in them
little mistakes like this can and will cause pop culture to shift interest in what is trending. time is the most important variable in anything we do. what's myspace up to now or days?
You know, you can make the switch from G+ to FB. Facebook is where all your friends are. Why leave friends in the dust?
And if you really think about it, don't we all get sick and tired of Facebook and it's changing ways sooner or later. #yay (she says sarcastically)
Hey bud I read your post and the issue is your tone. Facebook has program that will skim your posts and if it is NEGATIVE in nature it will deny it. I am not saying what you said was wrong but if you start off your sentences with negative phrases or words it will block it.
It is a very basic and generic program. Try rewording it and you will be able to post.
Hope I helped a little.
Yes, Facebook is protecting users as much as possible.
+Pablo Almeida Of course FB would hide the occupy wallstreet posts. Zucks himself is a CEO, making money off selling other people's privacy. Ironic that his G+ page is private, isn't it? +Mark Zuckerberg
Dang, China and Iran doesn't need to police their social media sites when Facebook is doing it for free and this all started in a so called democracy...spfff
G+ makes money selling other people's information too. Why do you think Google calls all their stuff products.
I've got to go. Just got a notification of someone posting negative stuff on FB, and have to focus on my job there. So I've got to set a specific algorithm, and monitor it. Thanks for your cooperation.
I am on a 24-hour +Facebook+ kindergarten time out for posting this on +TMZ FB page
referiring to this
I wrote (very cleverly I think) Who knew Ted Nugent likes to suck dick - & now his wife knows
As if I knew that is inappropriate on FB when they allow gay bashing violence inciting blood money begging tyrannical theocRAT cults to spew all kinds of crap. Hey if +Mark Zuckerberg does not care that gay bashed blood soaks in billions why would they censor me because I linked that comment here
Drama. I detect drama.
I suspect the Facebook spam detection system uses a milliscoble-based system to calculate the follow cost of the commenter. ;)
they watching u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
pathetic fb
bet u they read all the comments
undoing the privacy part of the social networks
google + is better
Facebook has a boring interface and isn't fun to use, just need more people here!
lol! This is one of the reasons why I left FB as soon as G+ became live.
I wonder if it was because it had business, capitol, and other related words that are often included in spam bot messages? If you think about automated spam messages and the language they use, then read this through that sort of filter mentally, it has a lot of word that might be triggering a spam filter into thinking it's an advertisement...
Too bad Facebook couldn't stop people from posting meaningless status updates like, "Look what I'm eating," or "Fake people are lame," or "I'm so bored." Guess that's why I don't have a Facebook account anymore.
This would auto censor most children.
Sean G
They do block google+ & look for it. Ive tested. Just to laugh... & shortly deleted my account (even though its still there, never truly deletes)
FB is shady... Over bloated. & worried about G+
Google dosent need G+, they understand the great value. Even more than this...(one cloud)
FB is Nothing without FB. So...
Let them fade away like MS is. Seems that way... They should buy blackberry next :D
+Charles Quad That's why we use "Do Not Track Plus". It's free, informs you of who is tracking you and attempting to share your info. It lets you decide. #TheFutureHasArrived #FBisFinished
+Sean G , you can actually delete your facebook account. You have to google it, ironically, it will take you to a delete page. They keep your account deactivated for 2 weeks. As long as you don't log back in for 2 weeks, your account will be completely deleted, not just deactivated
mohmmed rafi i hope rangers do well you like one in the million in the nation
we are proud to be brittish asians scottish are wonderful people
i am sound and classy m.rafi for girls love sending them flowers
that's exactly y i don't have a facebook :/
Yes I had the same message a while ago, got even pictures refused
I don't use Facebook either too much bullshit goes on and I get to sit here and watch them destroy eachother
We could do with a bit of censorship on some of these comments. Or pretty much the comments on any post that makes it into the what's hot stream...
I created a Facebook account purely for the purpose of administering a volunteer organization's Facebook Page. The account didn't have any friends ('cause it's not about me, it's about the org). After posting several answers to questions by including a link to the organization's website (as listed in the Page info), the account was suspended on suspicion of being spam.

I figure I was providing a service to Facebook's users by posting on Facebook's system, rather than directing traffic to an independent mailing list, bulletin board, and blog. But Facebook's systems seem to be trained on a particular proscriptive user interaction model, so I was banned from the site for being helpful. I'll stick to media where the initial assumption is that I'm saying something worthwhile, thanks.
I got one of those on a post that I couldn't imagine anyone being bothered by. Maybe that's just like a mom yelling out "HEY, WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING?" when the little beasts have been quiet for a long time.
I am free to be censored. Thats what all those millions of people died for. Geeeze.
I like your selection of news sources, follow most of those myself.
Noah G.
really?! that has never happened to me or anybody i know. it really dosent make any sense. that message may have been " inappropriate or irrelevant" to facebook, but not by my standards.
Yeah, this has happened to me several times in many forms. Some that were obviously spam filters and others, such as warning me from continuing attacking Mitt Romney EVENTHOUGH HE HIMSELF DID NOT BLOCK ME... were aimed personally at me (I'm a Ron Paul supporter... the other guy in the primary who went from covered over by the media, to sudden boost, to election fruad... and back to covered up. sigh!). Anyways, one of the biggest problems of Oligarchies is the problem of credibility in accusing them of restricting free speech. Who gets to decide what is appropriate to say for the mind set and situation involved? An intern?
i add people facebook and when comment on the post this show up this made face suck big time
What's next? Facebook blocking posts that are "harmful to the company"?
some people r juss so damn stupid thats y dhey blockin so many motherfucken....coments u motherfucken hoez
nd if u hve something to sai txt me back nd i will solve ur problem
Piss on facebook and take a dump with it. I don't usually use profanity in my comments but those ''see you next tuesday''s deserve it
but fb fights are the best part of fb.....
if fb wants to follow china's weibo it still has a long way to go... no free talk on earth let's go to the mars in 2030!
You guys should send me a friend request?:)
This is the Internet that we all deserve. Suffocating.
That's fine. FB is not a right, its a choice. A choice for you to be on there and a choice for them for letting you be on there. Please should stop complaining that some big injustices are being done to them for having their stupid comments suppressed. Trust me, they're saving you some embarrassment. 
all facebook does is start drama people just need to learn how to keep their mouths shut and stay out of people's buisness!!!!!!!!!
..this error handling scheme of FB could be even harder to make and less effective 'cuz users is kind of a wise in their postings...
You were flagged because the comment contained the word "Hacker" the bot that picked it up did not see anything but that's on the red flag list....thank you Sabu.....
+Steven streight wow, lighten up... You clearly misunderstood my comment. I simply meant hoorah for Scoble creating a stir about whatever content analyzing FB is doing. He has the influence to call BS on whatever they're doing, and to get their attention ... "Chinese gastapo?, me?" yeah, you missed my point. 
NO FUN! NO FUN at all, boring!boring in meatspace and even in cyberspace?tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk, so boringggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg!
Facebook as a company owns everything you put on there. Nothing is yours. They can do whatever they want with their site. If you don't like it, don't use their service. That simple.
Rob Go
It's Facebook, who gives a ...
i thinks its smart that they did that. its not good to be mean any way.
If you want to say Google+ on Facebook, now you have to say 900913 p1u55
Vi T
wow not posted yeah?
saya suka berbagi berita di google....semoga anda semua juga menyukainya...!
good thing...what about in Malay Language? people keep assaulting people in malay language...should the FB do something..that is why, myself migrate to Google+
Surprised why didn't you get a response from the Facebook Comments product mgr- is there one? Comment spam filters work on heuristics, therefore that response you received appears shallow & not very telling. 
Dav Bob
All i can say is that at least fb are attempting to clean up comments on subscribed walls. Look at the four comments directly before this one. All too often g+ is full of inane comments like those.
I tried to post a URL to the story about Obama signing a directive that allowed security to declare a "no free speech zone" to keep protesters away from presidential appearances. It lasted for a minute or so while I was viewing it but checked something else on FB and when I came back it had disappeared, no explanation given. Figured it was part of the NSA censoring the spread of information. The same URL is still here on G+.
Don B
Facebook is a complete joke, so is zucker and his thinking that facebook is forever going to be mainstream...look how many people have left already and continue to do so every day. I say let them try and bar one of amendment right and see how far it gets them.
f/b is a free enterprise business, they can do as they choose within legal's not the government imposing this.
You're welcome at Google+ , +Robert Scoble :)
I don't see any reason not to allow your comment. I can't discover something wrong. Maybe because you mentioned other social networks :) If that triggers the spam alert, I don't know. And the reason mentioned is irritating at least.
I agree with +Dav Bob in that we need a -1 button to go with the +1 button, along with the option to filter comments accordingly.
Policing a 1 billion person platform can't be easy and I am yet to see any form of censorship or policing on the google + platform. I would like to ask Google what form of net they have for illegal activity on this platform. Do they have a policy in place for contacting the authorities as the main platforms do and are taking this responsibility seriously?

I am aware that +Robert Scoble would never make inflammatory comments or post anything of an illegal nature, so just facebook being overzealous where they've been pulled up by the agencies in the past for a lack of notification on posts containing illegal content (google should note this as it's coming believe me).

I have seen gifs with child abuse in it's content posted on this platform and I am still waiting for arrests to be made and to get my screenshots back to contact the authorities myself, as I had assumed that google would contact the police.... I'm afraid they didn't.

There's a freedom of speech and there is also protecting the human rights of the people that cannot speak out for themselves and are being abused, this is a balancing act and must be done. And platforms have a responsibility to find and counteract this behaviour. This platform is far smaller than Twitter or facebook yet seem to have a difficult time policing or flagging up inappropriate content.... or protecting the rights of others....
Comments are supposed to contribute in a positive way!? They've just alienated 75% of the Internet in one blow.
Cheese and ducks are often relevant. If not elephant.
(lets see...)
+Robert Scoble Back around a month ago I got this exact error a number of times. Most of the times where when I was commenting on a public post that I made on my own personal account. There were no tags or URL's in the comments, just very basic comments with all family friendly language. Within a few days the error was gone, but I got it in total about a dozen times. It made no sense that I got this error primarily on comments I made on my own posts and I concluded it was a bug.

After a month of being free of this message, yesterday I commented on a post by +Mari Smith on facebook (This was a post on Mari's personal page which I am a subscriber of.) and saw this same message again. My comment was just a couple lines of text with no tags or links.
+Trey Ratcliff I agree this is very common for me as well. The vast majority of hidden comments are not Spam in my experience. I have to un-hide a couple of them or more a day.
I'm rather curious about your own filter. Why do you automatically exclude all blogs?
+Robert Scoble , The only time I have ever encountered a similar type of message when attempting to leave a comment on Facebook was just recently when a good friend's brother had passed away and I wrote to offer my condolences. When I hit enter, to my surprise, a fb message popped up and said something along the lines of, you are about to post a comment, please make sure it is appropriate, you may be banned from making any comments on facebook in the future if your comment is found to be inappropriate, do wish to continue? I just though that perhaps it was something new they were doing and maybe it was because it was thread regarding a death, however, because my comment was simply saying, I'm deeply sorry for your loss, I clicked to proceed and the comment immediately posted. I had never seen that before or since and it was the first pop up message or message of any kind I had received from FB.
You don't have to ask how hard they monitor their users...
I bet parts of the algorithms the FB PR are not going to expand on are:

-naming g+
-naming twitter
-the word business in the first sentence.
Removing spam before it happens is pretty close to censorship, and that is a slippery road downhill...
I guess algorithms are a strange beast. While I don't use profanity in my posts, I see plenty of it come through on my FB feed (not to mention on G+). Moreover, I can think of one recent example on FB where one of my friends made a negative which was wishing ill on someone else and sounded pretty ominous. It was written in such a way that the people who know the situation were aware of the person to whom the post was addressed (even though he was not mentioned by name). And yet, this post is still available.

I have also mentioned G+ in a few of my FB posts, including links without any issue. My brother has also done the same. I wonder how the algorithms work in other languages. What if you had posted the same comment in French (or some language you know)? Just curious.

Speaking of spam controls, I was recently watching a Hangout On Air on Youtube and was posting some comments. I noticed one that was flagged as spam. The person who made the comment would not normally be associated with spam so I clicked on the "show comment" and it was something like "Hello, how is everyone"? I think this could have occurred because the "reply" and "report" buttons are so close together.

I have been part of discussions on G+ where it was suggested the G+ was censoring certain content so that it may not show up under What's Hot, but who knows. Of course, who can forget about MG Sigler. Just had to check and he has another attention-getting profile picture. He must be trying to make a statement. Oh well, to each his own.

No system is perfect, but hopefully the issue can be resolved without being repeated much further.
Welcome to Gplus! Where you have community not subscriptions 
The unfortunate result of this post, is to inadvertently give Max Woolf the promotion he so covets to seek.
I think G+ has too friendly of a community to ever need to do this :-)
Always found it ironic that @link comments get blocked (even if long unique word comments are unlikely to be pure spam) ... but 1-2 word Useless Garbage comments (the Bread & Butter of facebook) never gets blocked!
fb is all fuck nothing else.........
It's blocked me posting links to Google+ several times.
The post has seems to have a high ratio of buzz words, geek talk, company names, etc. I imagine that might have triggered the filter.
why is this even in the what's hot section?
Good thing to learn. But how to let Facebook know the false positive?
So many little time Robert.
As the managing editor of a website, I understand the battle against spam and know that even with automated filters it can be daunting. What really set my alarms bells ringing however was the "irrelevant" in the error message. How exactly does a bot determine relevancy?
+Mena Grazie FB will not post anything with Google or G+ in it. That is the "irrelevant" and "inappropriate" they refer to! Then check out +Mark Zuckerberg as his page is not only verified, but also private. Ironic since he himself had to come to G+ to get the privacy he can't have on FB!
I can mention Facebook here without being blocked!
if ($user == 'scoble') {
FB::Alert('This comment seems irrelevant...'); //hehe
} else {
WOW, Facebook actually spoke with you :) Can you ask them what happened to "related posts" on community pages...first you see them, now you don't?
yup i am going to come here and back to Myspace at least they aren't sell outs!
My favorite fishing spot is in Half Moon Bay. I grew up in Los Altos, CA.
Fb doesn't start drama. People do. Just as Google + doesn't start drama. People do. I think it is so funny that they fb is the #1 cause in divorce. Really? People make their own choices. Wouldn't you agree?
Hahaha, +Philip Murphy, Robert just spent a month "liking" things on Facebook (as i believe i heard him say on the Gillmor Gang) so Facebook can better serve Robert's interests. I don't think Robert's going to give up that investment of time over clashing algorithms or whatever Facebook's PR department comes up with as an excuse to eliminating posts with too many Google+ mentions (hahahaha).
As someone who has been battling with Facebook for months over the collateral damage to breastfeeding created by their attempts to curb sexually explicit material, nudity, (and especially child porn) on their network, I have sympathy. I'm currently on a 30-day ban on Facebook. Many of their actions have unintentional but very HARMFUL results. Telling a new mother that her breastfeeding photo si sexually explicit, removing the photo, issuing a 3 day ban on her account, and telling her she could lose her account if she posts again has a predictable result - she won't post anymore breastfeeding photos. Even though Facebook welcomes them, even though Facebook apologizes and invites mothers to re-upload them, Facebook can't keep their staff and 'bots from taking them down and issuing arbitrary and escalating punishments. And that means women are censuring themselves and their breastfeeding images. That means Facebook becomes a place where we only see breasts in a sexualized way. We don't see them sued for their primary purpose. And that really messes up society. We have been calling for a Facebook Team to be assigned to breastfeeding to make sure their policies, their procedures, and Facebook itself is truly breastfeeding friendly. That team a would also move to fix accounts that are sanctioned in error.To learn more please visit my blog - I have been keeping an update of our efforts to get Facebook to solve the problem since January 2012.
my mom loves facebook. jodine, do you like facebook? and y are u on a 30 day ban? facebook is awesome. brad, who is robert and does he like facebook?becasue my sister, mom, dad,and i all love facebook.
You actually TALKED to a Facebook official???? Wow, and here I thought their customer support was just an urban myth!
Wow you are very lucky.
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