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Hiring re-imagined: the company killing resumes

One of my favorite presentations this year so far is Mary Meeker's "2012 Internet Trends" which she gave at All Things D. Those slides are here: Skip through and she talks about companies that are re-imagining things. Great stuff. 

That brings me to Unrabble. This company took the hiring process and re-imagined it. If you are a hiring manager you should consider using this. I'm passing it around at Rackspace, since we continue to hire lots of people every week and this would help us get better candidates through the process. Take a look with Chris Rickborn, co-founder, and why resumes are dead if this company has its way.
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i have to say i totally dig it. still prefer the hiring process i went through last time though. i sat down with one of the senior engineers on a whiteboard and he evaluated my chops instead of the 'managers' lol. 
Video log seems like a great idea, Carried forward, it is very useful in this format.
I'm probably going to pull the plug on LinkedIn this week because after several years there, I've gotten no value out of it. Resumes are even less interesting. Definitely fascinated by the shakeup in this space.
Does my employer need to know I was onstage with David Guetta,Skrillex or check-in to the Santa Monica Pier? My boss might want to be my follower on twitter. Ha
We tried video interviews last year and as an employer I love them. However many candidates were scared off by it. Maybe the ones we didn't want but I'll never know...
It would be nice to see them incorporate some kind of benchmark testing, a la elance to get an objective view of candidate's skills.  You could see this incorporating background checks, pre-employment testing, drug screening, etc in the future for a real turn-key service.
+Kris Tuttle  The problem with video interviews really has more to do with the uncomfortable position it can put the candidate in.

You can do it from home, that is not a good position because you are opening up your personal life to a potential employer.  What would you as an employer think if my child decides to start running and screaming through the house right in the middle of the interview.  Would you want to open up your personal life/home life to someone who a) you don't know on a personal level b) could potentially be your boss

You could rent space/time on a computer some place, but then how does that look to an employer?  Does that say, hey I'm trying to hide something?

As much as Video Interviews can make it easy in the way of time for both, it adds an extra layer of stress that going into an office for a face to face interview never had/has.  

Love the candidate profile, engagement and feedback features of Unrabble. Resumes are so yesterday. It would be cool if they had an iOS app. I wish them luck.
+Abhishek Iyer 
Job seekers can only use Unrabble when applying directly to a job posted by an employer. Rather than being asked to submit a resume, candidates are directed to build their profile and apply specifically for that job. Additionally, as we are not a job board, job seekers can not look for employers using our site.
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