Very happy to present $10,000 to +Sean McCracken who did this demo as part of +Rackspace's wearable developer contest at Techcrunch Disrupt today: 

He had the best Google Glass demo of the day, with working code that not only worked but looked very professional. 

What is it? It's a game where you can shoot things (in this case, aliens) flying down from over your head. 

It's early days, apps like this are hard to make because Google doesn't give us access to the sensors in an easy way. Hopefully soon!

+Vic Gundotra and +Steve Lee you ever imagine that we'd be shooting aliens with Google Glass? Can't wait to see what else we'll be able to do.

We'll get all the videos up onto YouTube and then do another post where you'll see the others. Many great ideas from a much better Siri to a golf guide.

Why did Rackspace do this? We need to see where wearables are going and how fast the market will get here. Why? Well, the data that will be collected by new sensors in things on our face, on our wrists, or even inside our smartphones (Apple, yesterday, announced a new motion sensor that Nike has already committed to using) will overwhelm the world's cloud computing resources if it happens too fast -- datacenters cost billions now and need time to be planned and built out.

I talked with dozens of wearable developers at Techcrunch Disrupt. Sure looks like this market will start to arrive in late 2014 (although for many of us it's already here).

Thanks to our two judges +Dave McClure of 500 Startups and +Elias Bizannes who runs the StartupBus, among other things.
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