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500 people you will want to watch at CES...

This is my Tech Journalist or Blogger circles. I've hand picked the best tech journalists on Google+. Most of these people are active. If you find anyone here who isn't active, let me know and I'll remove them.

Next week this feed will rock and roll -- many of these folks will be at CES looking for cool gadgets for you.
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500 tech bloggers!?! Just what my Google+ experience was lacking!!!!
i croes
Your too kind!! thanks for posting this :) it is highly appreciated!
nice to see my brother +Mathew Ingram at the top of the list!! way to go now all his hats won't fit anymore lol
Ron W
Thank you for posting this. 
very cool Robert. Can't wait to live stream our 'Fear and Loathing Tech Road Trip' this Sunday!!
Wow, and with that addition my stream just went ballistic. Thanks for the share!
Some of the people in this circle actually AREN'T going to be at CES, nor will they be covering it this year, just FYI. That said, I'm on the list and I certainly will be!
+Robert Scoble I think you just made Google+ THAT much more visiting for me.

Thanks for the circle. :]
Great circle....thanks for sharing! Nothing better than surrounding yourself with others doing positive things!!
Thanks! Is there a way to select all these people at once to add to my own circle?
+Eric Democko you just click on 'add circle' and in the popup you can select to either enter a new name for a circle or choose one of your own circles. :) It usually makes sense to just use a "Robert's tech blogger" circle for this for easy filtering. hth.
Thank you for sharing it! Very useful in the future.
Robert, thank you for pulling this together. Great resource!
Alright, my new goal is to make this list by the end of CES, here's hoping there's a few folks in it now that have given up on G+. :)
Well if you clear a spot on the list from someone being inactive...I'd love to earn a spot in such a incredible circle!
that has to be the most comprehensive list of tech journalists, evar! i added a bunch of new people to my circles. BTW, your feed must be insane to watch...
+Kenneth Mcdevitt i organize my circles for that specific reason. All Pages in "Pages", "Universe" contains celestial bodies, "Politics" is easy to understand, etc. (Edited because I said something wrong, please don't throw stones at me...)
I will indeed be at CES looking for cool gadgets. Thanks for including me.
I might be wrong but I don't see Josh topolski there and I think I missed tom merritt too.
Thank you!!. Great resource!
Great list. Thanks for putting this together.
+Robert Scoble sorry, my mistake, from the title of the post I thought this was suppose to a 500 people circle as in the top 500.
So many scientist were active but they are not now.So the science is rediscovered.
Very useful -- I think!
Thanks for the list. I'll be there and +'ing everything I find.
I willl be at CES as well and hope to post to Google+
Thanks +Robert Scoble - at last a trusted circle! The previous shared circles always had to be pruned and tuned and now you did it for us!
Thanks again!
I'm probably the only one but ... Where is the list?
Thanks, Robert, as always, for the circle share! I won't be at CES, but I am always on the lookout for emerging technology, especially as it relates to investments and the venture industry, which is what I cover. Cheers!
I can't wait for you to review the new Google TVs +Robert Scoble . Will you be testing one soon long term? It's becomes a different machine when you live with one and thanks for the include :]
Thanks for the shout-out! See you in Vegas...
Thanks for including me! (Even though, this time, I'll be sitting at home, not in Las Vegas. I hope that doesn't make me less cool.)
Thanks +Robert Scoble for including me in your circle of journos and bloggers. Much appreciated.
+Robert Scoble thank you! I'm far too lazy to have built a list like this, but have wanted one for a long time. Now I finally have a reason to like Google + more than Twitter--one click, follow 500 people in a curated fashion.
+Cynthia Schames To be fair you can do this on Twitter too. If you follow someone's public Twitter list, you see everything from the people in that list. And (unlike Google+, I think -- I hope I am wrong), the Twitter list is dynamic. So if you followed my IPG list (at!/estherschindler/internet-press-guild ) you'd see post from all those journalists; if I add another person to the list, your feed gets that new addition, too.

The difference is that the Twitter lists don't appear in your timeline; you have to look at them specifically. Which can be an advantage. I have a Tweetdeck column set up to follow one friend's Twitter list, so I can "pop in" and see what that gang is up to.
Well I would say those are differences, dear; not necessarily problems. :-)
+Robert Scoble Are you going to see Matchbox 20 while you're at CES? I'm curious about the invite/guest list. I know some people that are going and some that have been denied.
Whatever I said it doesn't mean anything to you. The science is rediscovered?.
+His Dudeness If you are viewing this from a mobile, you won't see the circles. You have to add it from a desktop browser.
Good stuff Robert! Will you be at Sundance? Happy New Year buddy.
Hi Robert..... I'm just getting started on Google+ (a bit late..... I know, but) what a fantastic resource for my first week in. Thanks
Tried adding the circle, but only 400 were added. Apparently I reached a "daily limit" for adding people to circles, apparently 400, even though circles can hold 500 and most of these people appear to be already in my circles anyway! Silly.
Outstanding! Blogger King Scoble, you are the ambassador of quan. Thanks for saving me a lot of work and I wish you a blessed year.
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