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All the Android fans love charts like these. Why? It gives them bragging rights! 

I was talking with +Joshua Topolsky before the event and noted that the geeks and early adopters are gonna be disappointed by Apple's announcements today. That's true. I'm definitely bored. Even though I'm going to buy one of these iPhones and I'm not switching away from the Apple ecosystem, because of Airplay and because app developers continue building better and more mind-blowing apps for Apple (almost all the apps I was pitched this week at Techcrunch Disrupt were on iPhones). 

That said, everyone in line noted that their "normal" friends and family are looking forward to seeing this device and buying it. My brother-in-law, who has a cheap Android phone, has been saving up to get this iPhone. He's not alone.

That said, I'm not going to wait in line for this one. It's not revolutionary. It is worth the extra few hundred dollars for me to upgrade to, though.

Apple isn't pushing the industry the way it has at past events, though. That does open a hole for Google to jump through big time next year as it brings +Project Glass  and other innovative devices to market.

Android and Google has the bleeding edge bragging rights now. Apple, though, will clean up the profits again with this device. Which means Apple can invest in revolutionary stuff for the future.

The thing is, is Tim Cook the guy to lead a revolution?
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The only reason I use G+, to read Robert's posts here :D
are you getting a $1500 developers Project Glass +Robert Scoble ? how soon do you see things transition from cellphone to a project glass/HUD type system or will that ever go mainstream?
How can you be bored of an twice as fast A6 CPU, an even higher resolution display, 8 MP camera, LTE, longer battery life and all that much more exciting news???
Will it take an iPhone 6 for Apple to truly innovate - it looks that way now.

I am disappointed in this as are many other Apple fans I have seen on twitter.

Surprising how many still cant understand why Apple never live streams its events !
This is why Apple doesn't want to compete on specs. They don't have to be the first to each incremental feature (announcing panorama mode, LTE, and more functional maps felt like a rerun of the Galaxy Nexus/ICS announcement) but they wait for the littler guys to see what works and what doesn't. They did the same thing for the notification center, push notifications, all kinds of stuff. I'm sure the iOS experience will be a very good one, and I don't think it matters who got them first (at least, until it enters a courtroom in our broken IP system.)
I'm soooo disappointed with this Apple announcement ... 
So, another ho-hum phone that people will buy and the industry will cow-tow to just because it starts with "i". The phone industry would do good to move beyond Apple.
Really underwhelmed this time, early adopters though, some of these features have been out for at least 8 months and some are around 2 years old, I'm sorry but a year by todays standards especially in consumer technology isn't early adopting 
"That's true. I'm definitely bored. Even though I'm going to buy one of these iPhones and I'm not switching away from the Apple ecosystem" seems like you are the part of iSheep too.well I was an Apple fan..but now Im neutral :)  maybe i will get Android as my next device
Tim Cook's comment, "Now when you look at each of these, they are incredible industry leading innovation by themselves. But what sets them apart and what places us way ahead of the competition is how well they work together" is why Apple will have no problem maintaining the edge here.  I'm an Android guy but I can't knock Apple's near-perfect ability to nicely integrate all their products and features.
Apple: We don't need to innovate anymore, because we know you people would buy a turd if it had an Apple logo on it.
the iPhone 5 has a higher pixel density, which is not directly shown on this chart
Apple has moved from Drawing board to Courtrooms.
It's not necessarily about bragging rights. It's about real world use.

I like being able to add memory or even swap memory cards. I like being able to buy a second battery. I like being able to pick up a new adapter from anywhere and even lend it to people with different phones than what I have. It's about having a device that's already addressed multiple screen sizes and made it a core part of the development process.

These may not win races but they're important. Larger screen sizes, faster cpus, cheaper prices... those are worth bragging about. But for a real world use, I want to have options.

And adding a 5th row of icons for $399 isn't much of an added option.
It's not DOA +Henry Stern - Apple has cultivated a mass of loyal fans bought into their ecosystem.  They can probably pull the "evolution rather than revolution" trick at least one more year running without too much of a problem for their sales figures.
I think in the next couple iterations, android will be far past apple.
+Robert Scoble, more of what? A food replicator? The ability to beam me somewhere? Or boring NFC? Ah, I know! I built-in beamer? But that's boring, too, right? So can you give us an example of what you had expected?
I'm currently limping along with my Samsung Epic 4G, still running Gingerbread. Crashing, freezing up and generally annoying me. Was looking forward to seeing what Apple was going to come out with. Reluctant to invest in another Android because of the fragmentation and unreliability I've faced, but can't help but be unimpressed by the iPhone5 stats. I want an awesome cutting-edge phone, but more than that, I want one that works.
Regarding that comparison table... It's US-specific, isn't it? I think I recall seeing spec sheets for the S3, Razr, and Lumia saying they rock quad-core CPUs.

Wonder how, and if, that'll affect the perception of the iPhone 5 outside the States. I know it does for me at least.
Wow way to be subjective in your posts. Look at the specs. It's last year's numbers. The only reason people will buy it is because it's apple. They don't know any better. Of course it'll sell well. The Apple zombies will line up for it just like they did for the 4s.
I just find it odd that people are willing to save and pay for a phone that is already old news. 
Interested to see HTC's reaction to this - they said they would stop the iPhone5 if it used LTE.. bring on the next court case - or will Apple pay up royalties?
You're how old and running around calling people idiots because they have a different opinion? Real mature
Yes +Zeke Weeks when Apple wait to implement a feature it is just being clever and waiting to see if it is successful in other platforms, if they implement it first then it is revolutionary and how dare anyone copy that feature. Give me a break. There is absolutely nothing to be happy about this new iPhone. And only the fact that Apple has such a strong fan base can keep them as successful has they are.
Bragg all you want I am an android lover but Apple needs to get back in the game cause they are not!!! Mostly Apple needs to shut up and go back to business.

My friends here in the Netherlands are saving up for an Android device btw Robert they are just not standing in line for it They just want a device without some crap ass company to tell them how to do it :)
As we discussed before, +Robert Scoble, you buying into their platform-locked technologies early traps you with their now substandard products. 
Also, if hasn't been mentioned. The international s3 is a quad core.
I have to side with +Robert Scoble here, +Henry Stern. As terrible as the new iPhone is, there's a long way off before iSheep will actually stop buying. It won't be DOA by any stretch. Though I expect its sales to suffer a bit more than in the past.
+Karen Newman The choice is yours of course, but I wouldn't use android 2.anything as an indicator of the current OS.  4.1 and 2.3 are miles apart.  
Pretty poor calling someone an idiot for having an opinion, I don't think it will be best selling device in history, it has much more competition now especially with Galaxy S 3 and Lumia 920.
+Robert Scoble - it has nothing to do with a quality experience... It has to do with ease of use. Apple made a tablet and smartphone that chimpanzees could use. It sounds harsh, but that's the essence of why people like these devices.
+Joshua Kiley does the chart compar usability? User experience? That's THE strongest argument for me pro iOS and against Android!
I remember an article a while ago that said (and was damn right): hardware specs don't count anymore. It's more and more the usability and the eco system that counts. That's where Android fails IMHO.
I was hoping to see something new today, didn't happen.
+Robert Scoble Not everyone has 4G, or unlimited data to keep their things in the cloud. Also, you will never get the same quality in audio when you stream it compared to a local file. Some people actually care about these things.
Robert what is the best screen quality in the industry? and do you think their will be any decent alternatives to AirPlay soon?
Things I'm waiting for: 802.11ac, Coretex A7.  They are just on the horizon.   I still do want a phone between then and now.  But perhaps I'll hold onto my brick-like Samsung Epic 4G a bit longer.
I had lowish expectations for this phone simply because of the rumors, but it actually managed to underwhelm me.  It'll sell millions, but its just securing its place in my mind as the 4 door family sedan of phones.  There is a huge market, but its not even slightly exciting. 
First week sales aren't representative of how a device is perceived widely, just a measure of how many obsessive fanboys it currently has. ;)
Obviously, I'm biased... while the iPhone 5 has some nice features, like you mention, it's not ground-breaking. It's harder for Apple to stand out in the crowd, and I think that's a good thing. 

No question the app ecosystem (size and more importantly, quality) is still a big advantage for Apple. Personally, I've been really impressed with Jelly Bean, and I'm also interested to see what WP8 brings to the table... I'll probably either go with a Lumia 920 or the next Galaxy Nexus unlocked for my next phone.
fair enough DOA was a bullshit comment.  Lots of people are tied in to the apple ecosystem like you said and I can't see people who have spent 100s on songs, apps moving anytime soon.
I am sorry but I don't get it, I have had both a Droid X and an iPhone 4s, and as I have said numerous times - the Appstore just has this constipated feel to it, there seems to be no innovation in the apps like there is in Google Play. I suppose part of that is because of the limitations apple insists on with their device along with their walled garden approach. But I guess if that's what makes you feel comfortable when you turn off your lights at bedtime, so be it.
+Robert Scoble What's wrong with the screen quality? Tim said they were able to remove a layer, build the touch sensor into the screen, make it sharper & thinner and no one has such an innovative display today. All false?
I passed over the iPhone in January when I got my Samsung Galaxy Nexus for my Verizon renewal. I love my Nexus. When my next Verizon renewal comes up, I’m sure there’ll be an Android that’s better than whatever iPhone is out by then.
iPhone 4S was more revolutionary to the 4, than the 5 to the 4S
I think we've reached the point of diminishing returns like we did with PCs a few years ago.   The smartphone market is quickly getting commoditized.  Yeah, there will always be those willing to pay top dollar for the shiniest thing, but for everyday tasks, even the free smartphones (with contract) are pretty good now.
Yep, definitely unimpressed here.
Could this maybe be indicative that smartphones in general are starting to level out?  Even thought this is obviously an amazingly nice phone, its just not thrilling in the least.  There is no 'holy crap' feature, nothing revolutionary, etc.  There has to be a point at which your phone does everything you'd ever need.  Are we getting there? 
I'm a huge mac and MacBook pro retina fan but simply carrying around my galaxy s 3 gives me all the bragging rights I need , even when I don't need them , which would be today.
I agree with you +Robert Scoble that so far the best eco system is Apple's. I too am in agreement on quality of apps, yet I still choose Android. I prefer bigger display, customisation and google integration within the OS , notwithstanding the breadth of choice of devices.

As for next year I'm most worried by Apple's regained supremacy in the courts. I think they'll want to bring Google into the play by hook or crook.

As for Google, they are still to properly leverage their ecosystem to its full potential, especially Internationally. That is the real place where Apple is beating them.
Where's the 7" iPad ?
My Nexus 7 is $199 and now 3-4 months
ahead of Apple on the current state-of-the-art iPad announcement (7") ?

I'm a huge Apple fan ...
yet, you give me a "wifi only phone" on my Nexus 7, and I'll drop both Apple and AT&T. 
I was underwhelmed. It's nice and sort of addresses a big hole in requirements - a bigger screen... but that was just ONE of the things sorely needed. It's a step back in itself that Apple is filling holes this late in the game than planting new posts!
Not that I expected it - but I was hoping for someone... even Apple (given their history and the first few iPhones and iPads) to innovate in more automation... more intelligence in the way or assistant. A "Google Now" on steroids! For that matter...why are we not getting Google Now updates every couple of weeks from Google? WTH!?
Ouch... I just did the conversion, and an S3 in South Africa should cost about R850. In reality, it costs almost R8000! (almost $1000)!

The non-contract price is around $600, still a LOT cheaper!

Is +Samsung Mobile ripping us off? Or is there some other nefarious plot by the telecoms companies?
So the iPhone has smaller screen, lower resolution and worse battery for a higher price. :P
...after looking at this table if you still want to buy an iPhone5 .. there's something terrible wrong with you. :)
I agree that the iPhone 5 isn't a revolutionary device +Robert Scoble.  Beyond NFC I'm not sure how much more revolution we are going to see with phones.

The 5 delivered everything I hoped for with the exception of NFC and I assume we will see that next year in the 5S. I love that it is faster, has LTE, better battery life and I even love the new lightning connector. The whole reversible thing won me over. 

Now for the big I switch to +Sprint  or stay with AT&T? Where's the comparison chart for the big three carriers?
Im happy with my Samsung Galaxy S III. I wonder why no NFC on the iPhone 5.
+Joshua Kiley I feel the same way.  I accept that others love iOS, but I cannot for the life of me figure out why.  My google devices interact well, and I personally feel like much of iOS5 is me either using apps, or doing work arounds to do things android does well stock.  It would be hard to argue that the average joe doesn't find iOS more simple though. 
+Karen Newman I know many people who left he iPhone 4s for a Samsung gs3 even with the iPhone 5 looming and never been happier with the ICS experience. And with receiving jellybean on my nexus phone, its scrubbed the ginger bread experience from my mind.
Where is evidence of NFC adoption or demand?

I have an Android phone that is six months old and it won't run ICS yet. Less than 10% of Android users are using ICS. All the great innovations and advantages of ICS aren't even being acknowledged by the market. 
So pretty much Scoble is saying, "yes this phone sucks, BUT, lots of people are going to buy it so in the future they're going to do something revolutionary."   let me know when that happens
There is some mistake in the chart. RAZR is running Android 4.1.1 (Jelly Beans) and have a 2500mAh battery -> 16h TalkTime.
Also, It would have been fun to show that all device but iPhone is using NFC while iPhone use QRCode ><
Quote +Robert Scoble "+Henry Stern you are an idiot if you say this is DOA. Sorry. You just aren't worth listening to because you are so so so wrong it isn't even funny. If you can't handle the heat, stay out of the kitchen and stop spewing obvious bullshit on my comment threads." Way to get off of a circle... Fuckwad...
+Robert Scoble shall we make it just a euro or a buck just for argument sake. It is not that I am sacred to bet you a 100$ but I do not have that mutch cash around. That is on the +Jake Weisz bet. I I will promise U you will get it. Have the same bet with my dad.
" Apple, though, will clean up the profits again with this device. Which means Apple can invest in revolutionary stuff for the future."

Yes +Robert Scoble , with only about $75B (give or take) in the bank during the announcement of 4GS, they couldn't invest in revolutionary stuff for the iPhone 5. But now, thanks to the generosity of folks like you, who are "going to buy one of these iPhones" (though not "wait in line for this one"), this problem will soon be solved and we'll be back to revolutionary stuff soon. What's the threshold you think when this revolution stuff happens again: $200B? ;-)
+Sander Takens I didn't take Scoble's bet. The fanboys will win in first week sales, and I don't have $100 to lose.
It seems that Apple is happy to aim at the majority. That's not necessarily bad: the AAPL price has not really budged, and as +Robert Scoble says this will sell truckloads. 
There isn't much for the early adopter to look forward to. To my mind, haptic surfaces, google glass, and other exciting tech are the revolutionary step we need, but most of those technologies aren't ready for the main stage, so the early adopters will have to wait. 

Technology Adoption Curve:

[This comment applies to Android devices as well as iPhone: we're in a holding pattern.]
+Jake Weisz Thank you. I just said1 $ or euro it is just because this is a phone that is overrated. And really I do not have the cash. Just think this time will be different.

Edit but by saying that i will just lose out of spite from iphone users I guess ;)
The thing is I don't care how much money Apple makes. I want Apple to push the boundaries of tech and push other companies to innovate so me, myself, and I can have more cool stuff. Apple is not doing that anymore, they are suing and pushing products with different colors and different cables. They have done nothing recently that makes my day any more neato and that's too bad because you know there's a lot of people working there that have the ability to innovate. Instead they've got people in the boardroom that know that if you change the screen size and make something thinner you're going to make way more money than if you take some risk. 
It all comes down to the Apps in this race. If there where 'equality in Apps' I believe in terms of hardware maybe the best value would be in the Nokia 920.

I agree with Scoble on this one, Apple is doing tremendous stuff. The iPhone 5 is a masterpiece of engineering, but it's loosing the edge in front of the competitors. Just improving what is already great is not good enough. Competitors see their chance right now, I'm sure.

I do believe Scoble have a very valid point in questioning Mr. Cook as the leader to take Apple to the next level from an innovation perspective. From a pure business perspective Apple are in safe hands the next couple of years. No doubt about that. In terms of business logistics Apple is still light years ahead. 
As far as your brother in law, you get what you pay for.  Cheap phones have always been cheap and poor.  Regardless of what OS they run.  Cheap android phones of 2 years ago were probably worse than average. The 3GS is an old phone now, so not the best experience today. The iPhone has historically been a high end phone that people have to "save" for.  So you can't really compare the two.  High end phones running either OS are pretty equal spec and experience wise these days.  
+Robert Scoble Since you have a better tech/startup base of knowledge than I ever will is Apple in a difficult position now in terms of development. People want new things all the time but can Apple really afford to swing big and miss. I think that Google at their developers conference swung big on a couple things that might never be anything. Google Glass for sure being one and the bizarre and still developing Q. Both of which may fail but I think even in failure will spur future developments that will likely succeed.

But with the culture of fandom and hyper attention paid to any new Apple launch can they still afford to take those sorts of risks? Have they become a company that has to be risk averse in pushing the boundaries because of what they stand to lose if they miss?

Not to even get to the point of the mess that software patents are wreaking on innovation in the entire mobile industry.
Apple: We don't need to innovate anymore, because we know you people would buy a turd if it had an Apple logo on it.
Samsung: We are doomed.
I think the point that is being lost here is that of course the iPhone will sell incredibly well. The difference between now and before is that there is true choice and innovation for those of us who would prefer to not go iOS. Android is at least on parity, even better in some respects now and will continue to improve. And as a current Lumia 900 user, I can't wait to get the 920. 1, 2 years ago, it was the iPhone and nothing else. That's simply not the case anymore. Hooray for innovation and competition.
That ecosystem of yours is only going to get worse as developers shift their focus to the more bleeding edge platform! The increasing Android market share has already helped the two eco-systems reach parity. All of those statistics we used to hear about Android developers not making as much money have been dis-proven. Now, while it might be a little harder to get the screen layouts right on android, any developer worth their weight in salt can do it. Looks like the days of Android dominance have begun!
For 8 ounces more and a lot less money, the Samsung Galaxy SIII sure packs a lot more talk time and a lot more screen. Having said that, the iOS ecosystem is awfully nice.
I'm number 806 on the purchase list for Google Glasses. I waited for the line to go down ;)
Mobile computers are nice and the smaller size of the iPhone 5 is very user friendly. But will someone just invent a simple phone on an earpiece? When I don't want a computer in my pocket, the .5 ounce cell phone needs to be small enough to just slip into my ear when I want to take a call, just like the movie Minority Report.
+Robert Scoble in order to lead revolution, you need to know which direction you should go. Apple today, trying to put all bets on Airplay, is it something what we should consider future of our technology, time will show, but something tells me, iPhone is not the device ready for common use of Airplay.
I thought you'd be the last person to want to be locked inside a walled garden, +Robert Scoble . I have a Samsung TV, Sony TV, PCs and 3 android devices in the house, they all play nice with each other and I don't have to make excuses about why I'm going to buy a sub-standard product, I buy what ever I like. Oh an soon my smart camera will also connect up with all my other devices, seamlessly.
Hey +Robert Scoble - it would be interesting to hear your thoughts about the advancements in contextualisation, if any, of the new iPhone. Will Siri learn from our Facebook accounts in order to help us more? 
Buying into the Apple / Android Eco-system is like signing up with your personal ISP e-mail on every single place you can think of. It IS going to be really hard to change ISP because of that. Sure it might not cost you any money but a lot of time to sort it all. That's why I'm very careful with buying too much stuff with any ecosystem out there. I buy what I know I really need and for music and other stuff I use third-party solutions that work on both Apple and Android.

Personally I can see myself not buying an Apple product today. But I can't say the same for Android and especially Google's services in general that are just simply rock solid. Well yawn back to poke on my S3.
+Rajeev Sivaram I was thinking the same thing. Did Apple not have the money to innovate prior to this? I think people have quickly forgotten that the 4s was a filler until the real innovative i5 came out... and now the i5 is a filler between the now seemingly innovative i4s and i5s? At some point you just have to accept that apple makes a nice, safe, populous phone and android is the new innovator and risk taker. That's not a bad thing for either.
There’s a whole lot of innovation in Android, in a big part, because there’s a lot of competition between Android manufacturers. Samsung might be dominant right now, but there’s others, like Huawei, nipping at its heels.
i don't get it the nokia lumia is clearly better than the samsung specs wise.
+Robert Scoble I think we are at a point where the ecosystem is more important than the device. Having a Startup which is launching it solution in iOS, Android and Windows phone, I carry all 3 phones all the time. But finally when I have to use, it is always the Galaxy Nexus with Jelly Bean that I like. Of course I use the whole Google ecosystem with Drive and all. I think I will just replace my iPhone with the new iPod Touch as it could do pretty much the same for me as the new iPhone5 but sexier.
+Robert Scoble , i think people like you ( the ones with millions of followers and with influence in social media) should do something different, not just for you but for consumers and for competition! Rather than sticking with the same old thing cause you cant let go of certain aspects about an ecosystem, you should pick up new ecosystem, evangelize and inspire people as well as the industry.

Now I feel, I wish I were you (I mean with the ability to influence a change) !
The laws of physics are dictating the specifications of these phones - Apple could add a faster processor, more memory, NFC, etc... but then they would be reaching too far outside of the "sweet spot". It's a balancing game and they play it well, but with their war chest they could afford to be a little less conservative
Seems like everyone who owns a "cheap Android phone" chooses an iPhone next.  Then compare the experiences as oranges to oranges.  
I didn't read every comment (got bored 2/3 of the way through) but why doesn't anyone comment on the fit and finish of these phones from apple? I don't have one, and don't want one but don't think I don't die inside a little when I see how solidly designed it honestly have been since the 4... These android phones that I love feel like plastic toys compared to apples fare.
Is that what you're doing +David LaCivita ? :-) No one told you that you get what you paid for and to buy an Android phone that's expensive or directly from Google for less price?
+Sathya Vasudeva Oh God no.  I've had every Nexus since the N1 and including the N7.  It just drive me crazy when someone Like +Robert Scoble has a brother-in-law with a "cheap Android phone" but never tells them that the Android experience is  different on premium phones.  Dumping Android because your only experience is a cheap phone then comparing it to Apple's top of the line unfair.  An old point to make but it happens all too often.
I notice the chart is missing some specs like the A6 processor speed, the screen pixel density (which is the true indicator of screen resolution), battery life for 4G browsing and video playback, number of available apps...hmmm...what do these specs have in common?  Oh yeah, they are specifications in which the iPhone excels.
if anybody buys new iPhone, he/she is an apple fanboy (not that something is wrong with being a fanboy) .. just saying

It just fails to attract regular people. and Android users got no reason to switch
+David LaCivita I really expected +Robert Scoble to be more of an open minded and fair in a broader technological sense but he seems too much biased!(I know he's gonna say bias is good but I say experimental attitude and allowing ourselves to experience different is way better than just plain bias) :-( .... I have been buying +Android phone few years now (HTC Hero, N1, NS4G, N7) and use an iPhone for work purpose on a daily basis, the number of times I feel limiting on iPhone is just countless, especially if I'm reading an article and want to share here or share a pic quickly .... too many steps .... and its not like no app ever crashes on iPhone! But anyway I really hope people like Robert should take a 30 or 60 day challenge to familiarize themselves with Android and other ecosystem rather than just talking about the same boring thing!
Galaxy S3 has been ahead of Apple iphones for a while now...
Aren't those all iPhones? What if I accidentally bought one of those other ones? :)~
I think what is most important to the "average" user is price, and then if the device provides the few key features they are specifically looking for in an upgrade. I agree though, the average person isn't worried about detailed specs or benchmarks on who's processor is superior. However, I don't think the average user could tell you what types of apps iOS has that android doesn't either. It would take someone like +Robert Scoble to say they they want to stick with iOS for app differences.... Something like Highlight maybe?

You can't forget the power of brands either though, and Apple has won over the hearts of many.... Contrasting the differences in one's options doesn't cross the mind of someone who just assumes that Apple is the best way to go. I know a lot of people with this mindset.

BTW, besides Highlight... What are other cool/innovative apps that are currently iOS only and don't have an android counterpart that is similar?
Tim Cook is not the guy to lead a revolution, because he is the "how guy". Steve Jobs was the "why guy". (Simon Sinek: Start with why)
"I'm definitely bored. Even though I'm going to buy one of these iPhones and I'm not switching away from the Apple ecosystem" --> You are in a trap.
Samsung phone looks good, imagine how much more money Apple could make if it was say in violation of some patents.
These charts are silly because people don't buy on specs alone. Do you buy your car or stereo or kitchen appliance purely on specs? No of course not.
+John Brøndum is absolutly right. Most people seem to not see, that most buyers of "innovative" Apple products are people who usually can't handle technology. For them it's the best phone because it simply works - and they wait for the iPhone5 since 4S - so I think +Robert Scoble is right - it will be the best sold Phone ever.

It would be if it had no innovation at all, I guess (btw. that panorama view functionality is on the photo app of my galaxy 1 already).

One question about the prices in that chart: Can someone buy a S3 for me for that price? Or an iPhone 5 for 200$ ???
+Joshua Kiley Au contraire! The are LOADS of well known and widely accepted usability & user experience design paradigms, dos and donts, useful, reasonable ways of interacting with the user. That's only marginally a question of taste. IMHO.
+Joshua Kiley Au contraire! There are loads of user experience paradigms that are common sense. There's an endless number of books about user interface design and there's a great knowledge of things you do and don't do in usability.
I have a lot of Android devices here, too. Samsung, HTC, Asus/Google. Old ones (2.3) and latest ones (Nexus 7, 4.1.1). Android is getting better, granted. But it's still obvious that it was made by computer scientists. It's very technical. Small example: no one needs a numerical value of a volume that's in a range from 0 to 20something. What's the use of that for an end user? And it's inconsistent in so many ways. (iOS is, too, but less. ;-))
There are some things in Android I really like and where I wish iOS had that. But the way it's designed in terms of usability is almost always bad.
Well, at last, just my $0.02. ;-)
Sorry for double posting. My G+ client said it wasn't able to post the first one.
Hardware charts don't mean anything, the 4S runs faster than the Quad core S3 at most tasks.  Android doesn't have the same level of optimisation that iOS does for the hardware, with Apple it's the whole solution you have to look at not some chart that says it's better on paper, when in reality it a whole different story.

People say that Android let's them do whatever they want, when in reality it's limited because of the number of quality apps. I tried an S2 and found that there was a lot more I could do with my iPhone that,  couldn't be done on the S2.  No approval process for apps doesn't mean that it's better or worse.  It depends on what goes into the store.
What Apple does good, is deliver a world class SDK, development tools and phone.

They then leave to developers to really push the platform, we won't see what the new iPhone can do until a few months after launch.

There is a feature of iOS6 that I'll use when developing an app, but because of NDA can't discuss.  But it will be entertaining when launched, the feature is available on Android but it's not really something that's easily useable since it's hit and miss what devices support it.  On Android the hardware manufacturer has to implement support for the API, that's just asking for problems.
+John Brøndum That notion is silly. When you buy a new car or stereo or kitchen appliance do you just ignore the specs? Do you just buy the first one you see or something? Specs are important for evaluating an informed buying decision instead of getting something 'just because'
+Robert Kent - read my comment again - of course not :) But there is a lot more to buying than just specs :)
Rage Of Bahamut is pretty cool they changed trading a little bit but not bad.
If you do play enter mxx74852 after tutorial will get a starter pack
The main problem with Android is the competition from forked OS'. They have to compete against the very successful Kindle Fire and China's Aliyun OS. Android may start look as fragmented as Linux in a few years, which will help competitors like Microsoft.
+Anup Cowkur , watch the special event, it's extreme engineering pushing technology to the limits. so as the other devices listed above and they will do the same in their next lot. If you see only a 5th row of icons, you should be disappointed for something else.