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Hello Doctor helps you keep track of your medical records on your iPad

Why do you need Hello Doctor? Well, if you have a complex medical case, you'll need to keep track of tons of different test results, along with details from lots of specialists. Guess what? The medical system won't do that for you! Here you hear about why Hellodoctor works so well. Get it at
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Would have been a rather simple task to build a Web-based companion to this iPad app... not sure why they missed such a crucial feature.

But the service looks promising.
Actually as we all age we'll become more and more dependent on healthcare system. It's in our own interest, as well as the interest of governments and insurance companies that we collect more data to reduce risks and costs.
Missed opportunity. This really should've been called "Hellooooooo Nurse!" #animaniacs  
+Adam Sweet In order to protect your medical records you will have to provide a password each time you access the application. 
+Steven Mautone Thanks Steven for the feedback, it is indeed on our roadmap. 
+Todd Carpenter If I understand you correctly, you are referring to downloading medical records from a specific provider. One of our main advantages is that we enable you to manage and access all your medical records from multiple sources. And other useful feature that help you understand your medical condition and control you health. 
+Linden Darling Thank you for your note, indeed research shows that the more patients are engaged, the better decisions they make and less money is spent. 
+Dan Pawlak :-)
Yael Beeri, VP Marketing Hello Doctor
+Yael Beeri I thought downloading records had become universal? I can see how many would view the app as beneficial.
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