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Famous chef Guy Savoy tries on my Google Glass in his restaurant in Paris.

Why? Because +Loic Le Meur wanted me to take them off (only jokingly). The point was made and I kept them on through dinner. :-)

LeWeb got kicked off in style! 
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At least he put them on correctly. xD
I've seen my classmate wore her Google glass on it was so..... Interesting.....
But anyways that looks cool! =o
Ken Liu
That's another potential market for Glass. Can see Gordon Ramsey decking out his brigades so he can swear at them through Hangouts :)
NO one looks cool in those. it's like people on segways. You can be James Franco and it would make you look like a dork
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Well when there's a dialectical unity of opposites and BOTH opinions exists robert, it's clearly a matter of taste. You are after all Robert Scoble / if you were an unknown rather ordinary looking older gentleman with no pull in the tech community, I am curious if they would say the same thing to you. This is beyond tech / this is a question of fashion... When you see teenagers and models emulating google glass chic (for more than a passing season) maybe you'll be right. I think it's like a Segway in every way (even I ran out to try one because the physics impressed me...).. Then you look up and catch sight of yourself in a reflection of a window and it hits you "wow. I look like a complete idiot". Does anyone actually like wearing glasses if they don't have to? No. 
Simultaneously Robert Scoble you can be flattered that people esteem your notoriety to such a degree that they will even compliment you on aesthetically unpleasing eye wear. It's like gaga and the meat dress ;o) 
+Robert Scoble what do you find your self doing with your Google Glass the most? Which features do you use? How do you deal with the battery life ? I got mine, and not really sure how to fit them into my life.
+Robert Scoble I agree with you - the amount of curiosity created by glass makes it cool. In fact I did an experiment at a well known bar in London and it was fascinating the number of women who came to chat, wanted to try on. Same in Delhi. 
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